The right way to Pack Toughened Cup? from ahwhglass's blog

There are many toughened cup manufacturers, because professional toughened magnifying glaas supplier The far east, we wish to introduce easy methods to pack toughed magnifying glaas?
Toughened goblet transport appearance should focus on what issues? Check the idea out!
Loaded with in containers or timber boxes. Each bit of glass is usually packaged in the plastic case or pieces of paper, and the actual glass and also package are containing light and soft supplies that will not easily trigger visual defects just like scratches for the glass. Precise requirements need to meet the particular relevant country wide standards.
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 The the labels marks shall conform to the provisions of the relevant country wide standards. Each taking box will likely to be marked together with words including "upward, light-handed, carefully broken, goblet thickness, level, factory brand, or trademark".
 All sorts of transport vehicles employed in products, coping with rules, and so forth. shall adhere to relevant assert regulations.
Whenever transporting, the actual wooden package shall certainly not be put flat or maybe inclined, and your length direction should be like the path of movement from the conveying car, and measures just like rain prevention will be taken.
 The product need to be stored vertically in the dry place.
How to find out If People Bought Toughened Goblet?
As the most effective toughened cup manufacturers, we will tell you the right way to judge toughened glass. This should be analyzed through the principle involving tempered glass manufacturing. Normally annealed glass is cut towards required size, then heated to some near softening point, in addition to rapidly plus uniformly cooled. After the tempered goblet, uniform compressive strain is formed for the surface belonging to the glass, and tensile anxiety is formed on the inside of the a glass, which greatly improves the performance with the glass. The tensile durability is over three instances that with the latter as well as the impact level of resistance is more than five occasions that on the latter.
It is also this element that pressure characteristics are becoming an significant indicator belonging to the identification regarding true along with false tempered goblet, that is definitely, tempered glass could see colored stripes to the edge on the glass in the polarizing registration, and sometimes appears in the particular surface layer belonging to the glass. Bright spots. The polarizer come in the camcorder lens or glasses. Observe the particular adjustment from the light supply during observation making sure that it is definitely easier to see. There are many toughened magnifying glaas factory around China, we're reliable just one.
Weihao Goblet - China's major supplier associated with energy-saving door and eye-port curtain divider glass! More than 20 years to make a cup brand to construct curtain wall structure glass, specializing while in the production involving insulating glass, tempered magnifying glaas, Laminated Glass, fire-resistant magnifying glaas, low-e glass, glass drape wall, bent steel glass, strict control of the production process to guarantee glass excellent!

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