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Electronic devices designed for public lighting(Classic) are very strong when they are not damaged under extreme operating conditions. Therefore, it is important to prevent lightning and overvoltage protection, thermal protection to prevent overheating in abnormal operation, or improper installation or moisture resistance of the device, and to mount the printed circuit board on the electronic components.

Rugged design and the right topology The electronics designed for public lighting are very rugged without being damaged under extreme operating conditions. Therefore, it is important to prevent lightning and overvoltage protection, thermal protection to prevent overheating in abnormal operation, or improper installation or moisture resistance of the device, and to mount the printed circuit board on the electronic components. From the beginning of development, reliability electronic equipment has good electronic design and correct component selection, and ends with the manufacturing process.

The reliability of electronic equipment begins with research and development, with good electronic design and correct component selection, and ends with a manufacturing process that uses high quality control. A good failure rate of 0.2% failure per 1000 hours of operation can be considered.

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Are you looking to improve the energy efficiency of lighting systems in commercial buildings, public areas of residential buildings, industrial buildings or public places? If the lighting upgrade is part of a retrofit or rebuild project, is it only necessary to waive the development license or development license project due to lighting upgrades? Can you provide evidence that any replaced lighting has been disposed of to ensure that it cannot be reused?

If your answer to all of these questions is yes, then public lighting(classicledlight) may be right for your business.

Public lighting methods include projects that improve the energy performance of lighting systems in commercial, industrial, and public buildings, as well as in public areas such as sidewalks, streets, and traffic lights. It can also include upgrades to public areas of certain types of residential buildings. By improving existing lighting systems, it consumes less power and reduces emissions associated with power generation.

Public lighting methods support a wide range of activities that can modify, replace or supplement lighting systems. These include modifying or replacing lighting equipment (such as lights and ballasts), installing lighting control systems (such as motion sensors, sensor lights, programmable and manual dimmers) and installing power generation equipment for direct use by lighting systems (eg integrated photovoltaics) Lamp unit).

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The results of public lighting(classicledlight) projects have an impact on New York City and beyond. Unlike many jurisdictions across the country, New York has shown that it can reduce crime while reducing its prison population. The success of the City of New York in this area is due in large part to the recent innovations in police in the New York Police Department.

The results show that environmental design can not only affect crime, but investment in physical environment changes such as public lighting can enhance New York City's efforts to promote public safety and help reduce inequalities in crime-reduction rates across the city without assistance. Establish new imprisonment or imprison more people. There is evidence that residents appreciate the new resources introduced into the community during the lighting project: the survey results show that all two-thirds of residents are satisfied with the new public lighting.

Although there have been a few previous studies on the impact of public lighting on crime, this effort marks the first use of rigorous randomized controlled trials, the gold standard for scientific research, to measure the impact of public lighting on crime.

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1. Garage public lighting(classicledlight) coverage

First of all, the light should have good performance in terms of illumination. It should distribute the light properly. It should completely cover the drive and doorway. There must be symmetry. It has bright lighting features that highlight many of the missing areas in the garage. Lighting quality is always an advantage. It should be placed correctly to cover most areas. Lighting should be fixed every 4 feet instead of 8 feet. Because it provides better lighting. The best results can be obtained by fixing at appropriate intervals. The ambient light should be balanced. Must be consistent.

2. Garage energy saving lighting

Second, the public lighting of the garage must save money. It should not consume more energy and burn at low wattages. Garage lighting should also reduce maintenance costs. Maintenance costs should not bother you. Many choices are LCD, LED, etc. It should be easy to install and remove. The lighting can be wet and suitable for external use. One thing is that it should be durable. There are many options for this. One is porcelain enamel which is a great choice because it never fades, but it always keeps luster. It should be adjusted for daylight and darkness at night.

3. The size of the bulb

The size of the light should be perfect. In fact, it ranges from small to large. Depending on your requirements for the area, you can choose. The design is the theme of garage lighting. It must be attractive, stylish or color contrast. Yes, there must be special guards on the lights. Fluorescent lighting is also a good choice. Due to its compact size and design. Therefore, you can also use it for other areas. It should have the function of being placed in wood, pillars or ceilings. Installation should be simple and not complicated. You should not need any professionals. High-quality hard wire is a necessary condition to avoid any breakage or problem. Always it should be worth the money. It should have a good life. Because there is a big investment. It must be free of debris, dust or any type of moisture. Therefore, it should be clean, free of moisture and free of dirt before fixing the lighting in the garage.

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Different categories of residential streets and traffic lanes require different levels of lighting suitable for location needs. Australia's public lighting(classicledlight) design standards can guide engineers on how to design the minimum illumination required. Projecting more light on the street than necessary is not necessarily safer for road users and certainly not more comfortable for pedestrians or residents. Unfortunately, all the streets in Brisbane's 17 public lighting test streets are much brighter than the adjacent streets.

If this is deliberate and exceeds Australia's minimum standards, it raises concerns that the widespread over-brightness of public lighting in Brisbane may have a significant impact on the quality of life of residents. More light is not necessarily better.


The extent to which the public lighting is properly guided and the light is included in the target area. Being a public road and a sidewalk is low-pressure next issue to consider. Public lighting can be better than older lighting techniques because they can be designed to project a precisely oriented light pattern onto a target area.

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The first edition of the International public lighting(classicledlight) conference (August 14-15, 2018) achieved great success.

Since public lighting is an important source of energy consumption for Latin American and Caribbean countries, and according to the International Energy Agency (50-54% growth by 2030), the future will be even more important, so solutions need to be found. This means that city leaders need to be evaluated from the perspective of cost and operational efficiency, with luminaires and communication network technologies best supporting their energy-efficient and smart city plans.

About activities

The 1st International Conference on Public Lighting and Smart Cities is dedicated to accelerating the smart city agenda, identifying business opportunities, building partnerships, optimizing public lighting potential, improving regulations and fostering better knowledge among government agencies and policy makers, lighting operations Business solution provider. In the first edition, more than 400 participants gathered with all major Colombian participants.

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