After Josh Leyevo grabbed the ball on the Penguin Blue Line from lolgavip's blog

After Josh Leyevo grabbed the ball on the Penguin Blue Line, the big shot bar rebounded to the floor and Moganellie picked up the right boundary wall. After the ball swept behind the door, Ryevo rushed to the homeopathy to return. Buzak, who had ambushed in front of the door, was not greedy. He quickly passed to the back and Kapani was less than a meter away from the goal. After receiving the ball, he easily evacuated the door. Kessel and Brassal, both guarded by the Penguins, watched the game two meters away, and the Maple Leafs took a 1-0 lead. After the first quarter game, Maple Leaf regained a good opportunity. Cardigan first scored off the back wall from behind Ludell, then he forced the ball out of the three Penguin players, followed by Leo-Comalo. The ball returned the blue line. The chaotic line of penguin defenses all rushed to the blue line to grab the ball and missed a clean one in front of the door. Riley sent the ball back to the door quickly and the ball hit Cardy’s club and rebounded into the net. Maple Leaf leads 2-0 in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Maple Leaf's current best two star players, Marner and Kidley, began to make a comeback. 11 minutes and 35 seconds, Maple Leaf took advantage of the strong chance, Riley passed to the ball in a wide range after the blue line intercepted the ball, the latter was blocked by the penguin goalkeeper Jarry, and the ball went badly to Cadiel's pole. Next, Cardy scored the ball quickly. Maple Leaf 3-0 lead. In 17 minutes and 56 seconds Duoulin of the Penguins scored a goal, but he also received a small penalty of two minutes because of a foul. Maple Leaf added one more point with the strong play. Riley hit the penguin line with the ball and hit the post. The ball bounced back to Marna's pole. Pony kicked the ball and drew two shots. After a shot, the ball rebounded after hitting the post and landed on the body of Jarry. The Maple Leafs made a 4-0 lead.

In the third quarter, the Penguins replaced Jerry with De Smith, and the defense gained some improvement. The penguin then launched a fierce attack in front of the Maple Leafs. The Maple goalkeeper continuously blocked the goals of Jorris and Brassal. When everyone thought that Anderson would reap NHL Coins a finish, the penguin still did not give up at the last minute. Crosby played a solitary hero 3 minutes 36 seconds before the end of the game. He first forced the ball from the floor to get rid of Cardy's defense and sent the ball back to the blue line, after which Luvedel returned the ball to the king. At the bottom of the line, the King of Kings faced three players in the Maple Leaf. He first told the sideslip to get rid of Cardrey's entanglement, and then he just turned to make up for the defending Buzac. With the side facing the goal and his body being crushed by Kardrie, and with Marlon's poles interfering with extreme awkwardness, Crosby was able to complete a very high shot and hit the ball into a corner. The Penguins 1-4 are still behind. The captain stepped forward and inspired the Penguin team. One minute later Hornback was re-entered and the penguin seemed to see a hope of reversal. Sullivan removed the goalkeeper and hoped to give it a go, but the old Marlowe seized the opportunity to kill the game. In the end, Maple Leaf beat Penguins 5-2 at home to end their four-game losing streak and ended the opponent's three-game winning streak.

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