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panxing18 Dec 6 '18

e Seattle Seahawks The pass protection of the Chicago Bears has been solid this season. The numbers don’t necessarily reflect that , but if you step back and dissect the sacks allowed you’d see where the problems are coming from. Last week the Bears allowed four sacks and an argument could be made that the pass pro that was schemed up didn’t allow a single one of them. My Sackwatch was a bit more nit-picky, so I gave 1.5 of the sacks to the offensive linemen. This week they allowed 2 sacks, and I’ll break those down after I thank WCG member, WhiskeyRanger, for my new Sackwatch logos! Here’s where we stand so far...Sackwatch after 2 games2010 Sacks - 5 (Martz)2011 Sacks - 11 (Martz)2012 Sacks - 9 (Tice)2013 Sacks - 1 (Trestman)2014 Sacks - 3 (Trestman)2015 Sacks - 4 (Gase)2016 Sacks - 8 (Loggains)2017 Sacks - 5 (Loggains)2018 Sacks - 6 (Nagy)Now let’s get into these two sacks. Sack 5 - Third Quarter 12:23 - Mychal KendricksThe newly signed Kendricks got home on a beautifully designed and timed blitz. He shot through the B-Gap between right guard Kyle Long and right tackle Bobby Massie. Seattle occupied Long and Massie with a couple of down linemen, leaving Kendricks a free rushing lane from the second level. When the Seattle defensive tackle slants inside (to the A-Gap) he entices Long to take him. Massie had the defensive end taking an outside rush, so he had to take him. If Kendricks shows blitz a split second sooner Roquan Smith Jersey , then maybe Long is able to hold his ground and pick him up, but with Seattle also showing a blitzer in center Cody Whitehairs’ face, the Bears had to play it the way they did. Which leads me to Trubisky. A quarterback is responsible for the free rusher, and the Seahawks actually had two coming from his right. Trubisky cocks his arm to throw to Tarik Cohen (the correct read), but decides to play it safe and take the sack. Throwing a dart to Cohen would have likely been tipped by one of the two blitzers, and lobbing the ball to Cohen would have been too risky with a Seahawk defender dropping behind Cohen.Sometimes a defense just makes a good play and sometimes sacks just happen. Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty ImagesSack 6 - Third Quarter 8:13 - Frank ClarkWhen I saw this live, I thought Clark timed the snap perfectly and that gave right tackle Massie zero chance to kick out and block him. After watching the replay Authentic Allen Robinson Jersey , he sure looks offsides to me. There isn’t a right tackle in the league that would have been able to cleanly make the block with the head-start Clark had. I agree with Adam. Individual Sackwatch after week 2:Mitchell Trubisky - 2.5Sacks Happen - 2Dion Sims - .5Erik Kush - .5Charles Leno - .5 For the second consecutive week, the Chicago Bears sit alone atop the NFC North. The national analysts are starting to come around on the ferociousness of Chicago’s defense, and now after the offense broke out last week, could we finally see some praise getting heaped on the team?Let’s take our weekly tour around some NFL Power Rankings to see where the Bears stand. First up is the Mothership, SB Nation, and they have the Bears just outside the top ten at 11, up three spots from last week. After praising the Green Bay Packers , who are ranked tenth, SB Nation had this to say about Chicago. “The Bears also looked great last week with not only the defense impressing, but Mitchell Trubisky throwing SIX touchdown passes (and zero interceptions) in the win over the Buccaneers.”You just know something is serious when it’s in all-caps. Check out SB Nations’s Mile High Report. I wonder if their misspelling of Trubisky is just some of their jilted-lover-syndrome still seeping out.ESPN has it like this while spotlighting one rookie from each team.Here’s how SI’s MMQB has has the Bears flying up their power rankings, up 9 spots to number 8. The Sporting News has it like this. Yahoo Sports has them taking a big jump too. I think winning the AFC East is a possibility for the Bears this year. Check out how the USA Today has it. The Washington Post is a believer too. What do you guys think about the Power Rankers this week?


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