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aliciahuang Aug 12 '17

 and there was welcome news as four players returned from injury to practice with the team. Starting linebacker Benardrick McKinney,[url=]Authentic David Sharpe Jersey[/url],Texans training camp resumed today, move tight end Stephen Anderson and rookie defensive back Treston Decoud all missed Wednesday’s preseason loss to Carolina with unspecified injuries but recovered to practice today alongside the rest of the roster.

Recent signee Marcus Gilchrist has been recovering from a torn patellar tendon suffered in December,[url=]Womens Marshawn Lynch  Jersey[/url], but made his first appearance at training camp today. The safety figures to be thrust straight into the battle to start next to Andre Hal in the secondary.

As of yet, provide an update on Braxton Miller, however, there is no specific update on injuries suffered during the opening preseason game to Dres Anderson or Kurtis Drummond. Head Coach Bill O’Brien did, saying “I think he’s fine.” He added a general thought on the injury front,

“I would say it was better than in years past but there’s still some bumps and bruises.”

Houston Texans preseason: rookie report card

 fans did a glimpse of the 2017 NFL Draft class in their first professional outing. From first round pick Deshaun Watson to potential undrafted star Dylan Cole,Even though the Houston Texans were unable to pull out a victory against the Carolina Panthers, the rookies were in full swing as they were able to get a taste of NFL action.

 several other rookies were able to show their worth early on as well. From solid tackling by second round pick Zach Cunningham to a long run from third round pick D’Onta Foreman,While Waston’s overall performance will be the talk of the town, GM Rick Smith should be happy with his overhaul this season after several players seem to be adjusting to NFL speed fine.

 Houston’s rookie class put on a show tonight and several truly impressed. As the local NFL Draft analyst for both the Texans Wire and the wire staff,Overall, here are my Texans rookie report cards after the first preseason game.

QB Deshaun Watson

 3 carries,Final Stats: 15/25, 24 yards, 179 yards, 1 TD

 collective and poised each snap as he led the Texans to two scoring drives,[url=]Authentic Gareon Conley Jersey[/url],Overview: Watson looked the part of the team’s starting quarterback Wednesday night and did not disappoint Texans fans. While he did have several accuracy issues, including a 15-yard rushing touchdown near the end of the third quarter. He’ll need to go back and work on some mishaps next week before New England comes to town,[url=]Womens Obi Melifonwu Jersey[/url], the first round gun-slinger looked calm, but his first outing was one to remember.

LB Zach Cunningham

Final Stats: 7 total tackles,[url=]Authentic Eddie Vanderdoes Jersey[/url], 4 solo tackles

Overview: Cunningham didn’t see any first team reps,[url=]Womens David Sharpe Jersey[/url], Cunnigham looked calm and easy transitioning into his new 3-4 defensive role. A high tempo and great closing speed, but that didn’t stop him from leading the team in tackles. Excellent from the “MIKE” linebacker position, even when the Vandy standout did an excellent job slowing down the runner and allowing his teammates to deliver the final blow minutes later. He’ll need to work on his wrap up tackling but his overall first game can be considered a win.

Final Grade: A-

RB D’Onta Foreman

Final Stats: nine carries, 76 yards

 strength,Overview: After finding himself in a bit of trouble this past offseason, and agility in the open field against the Panthers. His night concluded on an excellent breakaway 41-yard run to set the Texans up in Panther territory late into the fourth quarter. He may not be the starting running back this year, Foreman showed the Texans why they believe he could be the future running back long-term down on NRG Drive. The Doak Walker winner showed off a great combination of speed, but the future backfield in Houston could be bright with an outing like this one.

Final Grade: A

OT Julie’n Davenport

 Davenport showed promise a potential left tackle of the future with the second team offense. Drawing zero penalties and only allowing one quarterback hurry,Overview: In minimal snaps, the rookie from Bucknell showed decent footwork and excellent hand movement in both run and pass coverage. He may need time to become a full-time starter but the day 3 pickup is already looking like a big win for the future.

Final Grade: B

DL Carlos Watkins

Final Stats: 3 total tackles, one solo tackle

 Watkins impressed early on a strong rotational player to DJ Reader. Decent footwork but a nice job closing up the middle,Overview: Much like his former Clemson roommate did last year, the former fifth round pick seems to have transitioned smoothly from a base three to a nose tackle. There’s very little to complain about his overall performance.

Final Grade: B

LB Dylan Cole

Final Stats: 3 total tackles, 2 solo tackles

Overview: Even though the Texans didn’t draft him, his ability to slow down the returner allowed his teammates to catch ground and eventually make the stop. No play was more impressive from Cole than his fumble recovery returned 34 yards for a touchdown. While the touchdown was overturned,[url=]Authentic Obi Melifonwu Jersey[/url], Cole’s presence was certainly felt on the field tonight.[url=]Womens Eddie Vanderdoes Jersey[/url], The former Missouri State standout was excellent against the run with the second team defense and was able to put pressure on Joe Webb three times in pass coverage. As a special team player, Cole is certainly becoming a household name and a fan favorite moving forward.

Final Grade: A-

TE Evan Baylis

Final Stats: 3 receptions, 24 yards

Overview: Baylis saw playing time with both the first and second team offense. A flex tight end with strong hands,[url=]Womens Gareon Conley Jersey[/url], Baylis showed enough to put him in contention with Stephen Anderson for a final roster spot at tight end. His lost fumble was a big red mark.

Final Grade: C

WR Riley McCarron

Final Stats: 1 reception, 18 yards

 McCarron was only targeted twice tonight and did drop one of those passes. While he’s been a popular name to potentially make the roster with Will Fuller’s broken collarbone,[url=]Authentic Marshawn Lynch Jersey[/url],Overview: A hot name rising in the mountains of West Virginia, the opener was certainly not his best outing.

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