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    The Best Android Store to Get Amazing APK Apps and Games!
    There are many great apps and addictive mobile games that you can get from our Android store. Let’s check some of the in the article below!Cli...
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    The best offline horror games for Android users


    Check out awesome horror games down below which you can play in offline mode. Believe us they have a lot of scary elements, but at the same time exciting. Don’t faint!


    In Octave, you will play the "unlucky" guy who is lost in a horrible place, you must try to find a way to help the character survive, solving puzzles to remove the mysterious veil in Octave's story is very appealing and creepy. It is one of the best horror games but few people know about it. Give it a try!

    If you are interested in Android games, have a look at The best guide you can find to learn about apk installing

    The Fear: Creepy Scream House

    Something happened to Marta, and she acted strangely. A few months later, the doctor diagnosed that she had been mentally disabled. She started to appear scary and hurt herself. The family's only choice at this time was to take her to a mental hospital. Download this game and explore all the mysteries.

    The Walking Dead: Season 1

    The Walking Dead: Season 1 is a very successful game adapted from Rick Grimes's series. You will have to play in an entirely new parallel story: the player will play a criminal accused of a murder that ends with taking care of an orphaned child. Get into a zombie world of  Bloodthirst, where morality of humanity are challenged.

    Although the game's graphics are comic-style, the set still contains a lot of thrilling, creepy and bloody scenes, and is even more frightening when you use headphones.

    And you can find more Android apps like this by clicking http://lesko.com/...-games-you-must-play

    White Day

    Reportedly, the original version of White Day was released on PC since 2001 has caused horrifying obsession for any gamer who experienced and became one of the most famous horror series of the time. With its inherent reputation, it is understandable that White Day's returned on the mobile platform.

    The name White Day refers to the March 14 "White Valentine's Day" day, the day the son will give a gift to his daughter in return for his "red" Valentine's Day gift. It is also the starting point for the horror story in this mobile game.

    White Day takes the player into the role of a new schoolboy who has an unrequited love with a schoolmate. The White Valentine arrives, he comes up with a rather bold idea to confess: Sneak into the school at night to put Chocolate in the girl's desk drawer.

    From the romantic beginnings, White Day's movements quickly changed to "bad trends" when the student began to encounter ghosts in the school. There are rumors that the school he attended in the past was a concentration camp during the war, a place of detention and torture of brutal prisoners. Because of this, the souls that cannot escape are often wandering around the corridors at night.

    Finally, you can click here to discover more and more Android apps Apk download sites

    Wrapping it up!

    If you love playing against on your beloved Android device and at the same time you are a horror lover, than our suggested games is what you need! Visit our store, download and begin your mysterious adventures! 
    The best offline horror games for Android users


    Check out awesome horror games down below which you can play in offline mode. Believe us they have a lot of scary elements, but at the same time exciting. Don’t faint!


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