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Generally, the present invention contemplates the use in an electrolytic grinding abrasive of a water-resistant, non-conductive backing, preferably in the form of woven textile fibres, to which backing, in any manner well known in the coated abrasive art is firmly anchored a plurality of non-conductive abrasive grains. The adhesive or adhesives used in anchoring the grains to the backing are non-conducting electrically and are designed to give maximum anchorage between the abrasive grains and the backing during wet grinding operations. Laminated or bonded to the abrasive coated face of the non-conductive backing is a layer of conductive material through which the tips of the abrasive grains protrude.

Fast grinding wheel for stainless steel are mainly used here.


There are many types of grinding wheels, such as fast grinding wheel for stainless steel, diamond grinding wheels, and resin grinding wheels. Compare diamond grinding wheel and resin grinding wheel today.

The diamond grinding wheel is super tough and has no elasticity at all. Its heat resistance is very good, but the production is complicated and the process cycle is long. Therefore, in the industry, the two kinds of grinding wheels are very different. The widely used fast grinding wheel for stainless steel is in the concrete cutting operation, and the resin grinding wheel is very suitable for the grinding of some metal products.

Diamond resin grinding wheel, which is a kind of grinding wheel combined with resin and diamond. It is mainly mixed together, so that mixed cutting can increase its strength when cutting, and can effectively control in cutting and grinding some materials. Cutting effect, etc., is more suitable for the grinding and cutting of some metal products.

The so-called resin is also a resin binder, and the fast grinding wheel for stainless steel manufactured by the resin is very high in strength, has certain elasticity, and has low heat resistance, so it cannot be used in some industries.


There are many quality problems in the production process of resin fast grinding wheel for stainless steel. Since the manufacture of resin grinding wheels is a multi-disciplinary synthesis of composite materials, the causes are complicated and numerous.

Raw material problem

Resin fast grinding wheel for stainless steel is a complex system composed of a variety of main and auxiliary raw materials. As long as the material is an abrasive and bonding agent, the auxiliary material includes a filler, reinforcing material, coloring agent and the like. 

Problems that should be paid attention to in the abrasive aspect of the grinding wheel. At present, the quality of abrasives on the market is uneven, mainly as follows:

A. The chemical composition of the abrasive of the diamond grinding wheel is often qualified, but the physical properties are poor; mainly manifested in the gap between the bulk density of the abrasive and foreign countries.

B. The grain size composition of the abrasive wheel of the fast grinding wheel for stainless steel is chaotic, which is quite different from the standard specification; the main performance is that the basic particle content of the same grain size abrasive has a gap with foreign countries.


Talking about the use of the fast grinding wheel for stainless steel: high-speed resin cutting wheel is widely used in many industries because of its high efficiency, convenience, economy, and other unique properties. However, many people ignore the reasonable choice of grinding wheel according to their own occasions. Firstly, it is selected according to the occasions used by the grinding wheel. The fast grinding wheel for stainless steel can be divided into cutting type and grinding type according to the way of use. Most of the cutting machine is fixed mobile type, and the power of the machine has high power (>5.5KW) and small. Power (<3KW) points.


The cutting speed of the grinding wheel is also high-speed cutting (>80m/s) and ordinary cutting. In addition, the cutting materials are various, such as the fast grinding wheel for stainless steel, high carbon steel grinding wheel, non-metal grinding wheel, etc. The performance requirements of the grinding wheel are different, so it is very important to choose a reasonable grinding wheel. We should choose the grinding wheel made in China according to the occasion of our own use, which can increase the safety factor, improve the working efficiency and reduce the cost of our use.


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Analysis on the grinding characteristics of ultra-thin cutting wheels and points for attention in use


What are the grinding characteristics of ultra-thin cutting wheels? What are the points for attention in the use of ultra-thin cutting wheels?


The ultra thin cutting wheel is mainly used for precise grooving and cutting, and the deep and slow feed grinding method is adopted. It has the characteristics of large grinding depth, small feed speed, large contact area between fast grinding wheel for stainless steel and workpiece, narrow slit, high metal removal rate, high grinding accuracy, good surface quality and high material utilization.


The general laws are as follows:

1). The monolithic cutting blade grinding wheel is thin in thickness (mostly less than 0.5mm), small in diameter (20-100mm), fine in size, high in shape and position accuracy, light in weight, and generally used at high speed. The general speed is 5000-40000rpm.


2). Most of the matrix cutting grinding wheels are thick (0.5-2 mm), large diameter (100-200 mm), coarse grain size and low precision, which are generally used in the condition of low rotational speed and large cutting depth. The general speed is 3000-10000rpm.


3).fast 9'' grinding wheel uses fine grain size, and generally the thinner the thickness of the abrasive grain size will be correspondingly fine, good surface quality. However, the finer the abrasive particle size, the lower the cutting sharpness, the lower the feed speed, so as to adapt to the machinability of abrasive particle size.


4). 230*6*22mm grinding wheel for stainless steel cutting depth is generally determined by the user according to the cutting parts, its cutting mostly adopts slow-feed grinding process, the depth of one cut to. In this way, because the cutting wheel is thin and the cutting conditions are poor (mostly 3 contact workpieces), it is difficult to heat dissipation, so it is necessary to increase (flow, pressure) on the cutting zone cooling.


5). It is suggested to increase cutting speed or decrease feed rate when cutting grinding wheel is immovable or workpiece breaks when it is used on the machine at the user's place. When high quality 9'' grinding wheel is immovable or breaks after a certain period of use, it is suggested to cut the surface of grinding wheel with appropriate grain size of oil stone to adjust its sharpness.


6). The surface quality and cutting performance of workpiece are mainly related to the abrasive grain size of ultra-thin cutting grinding wheel. The finer the grain size, the better the surface finish. At the same time, it also has something to do with the factors such as workpiece material, hardness, cutting amount, machine condition, processing requirement and so on.


7) the ultra thin cutting wheel has been trimming and sharpening before the factory is ready, so the user can use it directly. If the user needs further shaping, it is recommended to use green silicon carbide or white corundum oil, the particle size of the grinding wheel is 1-2 larger than that of the cutting wheel; if the user needs to further cut or use a section after cutting, it is recommended to use green silicon carbide or white corundum oil, the particle size of the cutting wheel is 1-2 smaller than that of the same size.


8) Cutting parameters are also generally related to the material to be processed, hardness, accuracy, processing requirements and so on. It is recommended that the best initial use in the user's original conditions to use, do not easily change the cutting parameters.


9) User's operating conditions are also the main factors affecting cutting performance, especially axial series, radial runout of machine tool spindle, flange parallelism, dynamic balance accuracy and so on, which directly affect the cutting accuracy of cutting grinding wheel.


High-speed cutting of all kinds of tool steel, ceramics, cemented carbide, thickness from 0.1 mm, its precision and thickness tolerance is very high. This series of products have the characteristics of high cutting precision, quick work efficiency and low material consumption, especially suitable for cutting high hardness steel, analyzing material cutting, sample cutting or precious metal, lithofacies, various crystal and ceramic slices, glass and alloy, semiconductor, integrated circuit board PCB, etc., widely used in mold manufacturing industry and steel Wood factory.


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Dynamic stock and flow diagram, click for explanation on Wikipedia

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