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1. The lighting design is scientific and reasonable, not blind pursuit

Some cities have mistakes in public lighting(CLASSIC) and lamp type design, ignoring the function of lamps, lamp types, blind pursuit of decoration, novelty, uniqueness, blindness, higher poles, increased power, street lights, causing huge impact on money and energy. Increase daily maintenance and repairs. It is recommended to consider the following four aspects in the design: First, to ensure safety: the installation of the luminaire is firm, electrical safety, mechanical strength is substantial; Second, to meet the function: meet the requirements of public lighting standards, provide sufficient lighting to ensure traffic safety and Visual effect; Third, environmental coordination: the integration of styling and road environment to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere; Fourth, the overall benefits: the purchase, installation, operation and maintenance of the pole and lighting to achieve the best benefits.

2. Professional technical training in the public lighting industry is key

After more than 20 years of rapid development of public lighting, it has formed a mature industry, but currently lacks sufficient professional services. According to the author's understanding, the technical staff of the management unit is the most confused around the street construction, and has not received professional training. This has not been comprehensively reformed in the current street industry (except for a few cities), and most urban street construction projects have no market roads. Under the circumstances, the impact on the development of the public lighting industry seems unlikely, but once comprehensive reforms, comprehensive listing, obviously will not adapt to the needs of market competition, directly endangering the survival of public lighting companies. In this regard, we need to train and public lighting professionals as a strategic task to capture and seize.

3. Theft of public lighting

Stolen city lights are now reaching epidemic proportions. The public lighting facilities stolen in Yangzhou last year were worth 500,000 yuan, accounting for 10% of the annual maintenance fee. On the one hand, it is caused by unemployed immigrants in rural areas. On the other hand, we did not consider safety measures at the time of design. For example, there are no safety measures for streetlight pole electrical doors, some garden lighting design, etc., which bring opportunities for thieves. Therefore, we take the following measures: First, the design fully considers the safety measures of the pole electric door lock, can not open the door with some common tools, the garden lighting design is as integrated as possible, the direct buried cable is used remotely, no wiring is good, and the second is with the public security department. Cooperation, focusing on patrols, ambushes, and destruction.

4. Maintenance management needs improvement

In the rapid development of public lighting, the common "heavy construction and light management", especially in the duration of the new public lighting project, easy routine maintenance work. The internal management of the lighting unit does not have a true management system. Although most cities have adopted “remote control” systems, the lights on the switches are largely controlled and do not fully play their role in scientific management. It is recommended to firmly establish the concept of "three constructions, seven managements". Under no circumstances should it be stable and guarantee a certain assault power. Linked with “City 110” to coordinate monitoring of public lighting for the maintenance and management of street lighting facilities.

5. About the marketization reform of the public lighting industry

With the deepening of institutional reform, the market-oriented reform of the public lighting industry is imminent. At present, we should pay attention to the following points: First, enter the market ahead of time and participate in market competition. In order to give full play to the current advantages of the lighting units, most of them have been qualified to actively participate in the public lighting project bidding, in order to adapt to the market as soon as possible, while exercising our construction team. The second is to improve the qualifications and prepare for the next step of market-oriented talent placement reform. Third, improve the internal management system, divide the work in the unit function, and improve the management system according to the three parts of management, maintenance and construction.

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Now know that the lights are no longer incandescent lamps in the past, and now as metal halide lamps, and promise lights, energy-saving lamps, HID lamps, LEDs, etc., different lamps have different comparisons. What is the general difference between the current development trend of public lighting(CLASSIC) and the lighting fixtures? Why is public lighting on the market so popular now?

LED public lighting is the biggest difference from traditional public lighting. It is an all-electronic product. Traditional public lighting is just an electrical product. LED public lighting fixtures can be easily associated with various types of sensors for lighting control, infrared control and other control functions. LED street light automatic switch with light sensor, can easily realize nighttime community sidewalk and courtyard lighting, use infrared sensors to collect human activity information, and automatically turn lights on and off.

General public lighting has a high level of mercury vapor that can evaporate into the atmosphere if it breaks. LED public lighting basically uses mercury and LED lighting products to not cause the environment to function, maintaining traditional lamps to generate a lot of heat, and LED lighting is electricity, all converted into light, without causing energy waste. And documents, clothes and no fading; LED lighting does not produce noise, and is the best choice for places where precision electronic equipment is used. Applicable to libraries, offices, etc.; traditional fluorescent lamps use alternating current, which produces 100-120 strobes per second.

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Since the first creation a few years ago, public lighting has provided us with many advantages. So far, it is still used in almost every country in the world. Although parts and systems have made considerable progress since their first development, the concept and main objectives of their application are basically the same. Streets are actually safer because crime is much less likely to occur in an effective lighting area. The avenue accident associated with driving is reduced due to its use. We are very grateful to the use of public lighting(CLASSIC) today because it has provided us with many benefits over a long period of time. Once the performance and effectiveness of the luminaires begin to commercialize, they will continue to increase substantially. Different companies strive to create a wide variety of streetlight installations to meet the different needs of the public.

The latest public lighting is more energy efficient than before. The lights produced today are completely different, such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lights and LEDs. Energy consumption is now reduced due to the use of modern systems. The materials used to make these products are also more natural. The standards are set high to ensure that people get high quality lighting products in terms of functionality and durability. When choosing a lighting fixture that can be used outdoors as a street light, people now have more choices. It comes in different sizes and shapes, so people actively find a product that suits his or her needs. Different manufacturers can be found, so quality and price can also be easily compared.

Even though public lighting introduces these new advantages, it basically does not mean that they are now more expensive than ever. Due to trade competition and the availability of materials used to make them, they are relatively inexpensive many lighting products. A completely different system may have a completely different installer, but almost all systems are created to reduce the total cost. Modern technology is expensive, but they last a long time. Given all of these advantages, it may be of great help to local city officials as it may be an amazing solution to the street lighting dilemma. Individuals may also benefit because they are versatile and can be used at home.

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Not everyone is affected by bright lights. Although some people find that Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) is too bright, others like the nighttime sunlight, while others don't notice it. But brightness is more than just an aesthetic problem; poorly designed streetlights can affect some people's sleep ability, because they may inhibit melatonin, a natural hormone that is produced in our body to promote sleep. This is one of the reasons why the American Medical Association issued a report criticizing LEDs, referring to the glare factor and the health effects of illuminating lights on circadian rhythms.

The report details, “Inappropriate luminaire design can cause glare and cause road hazards.” “The early design of many white LED lighting produced a chromatogram with excessive blue wavelengths. This feature further leads to disability glare, which is caused by stray light. Visual impairment, because blue wavelengths are associated with more scattering in the human eye, and a sufficiently strong blue spectrum damages the retina. Excessive blue spectrum is also environmentally destructive to many nocturnal species."

As more and more cities launch LED public lighting on the streets, they can learn from the mistakes of early adopters and get the economic benefits of LEDs minus sleepless nights.

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Chicago is about to become one of the world's largest cities, transforming its street lighting system into more energy-efficient Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) in partnership with LED public lighting manufacturers. Local authorities have announced that approximately 85% of street lighting will be replaced by more energy-efficient LED public lighting in the next four years.

According to the plan, approximately 270,000 high-pressure sodium lamps emit a distinct orange light that will translate into a more energy-efficient and longer-lasting alternative to LED public lighting manufacturers. More importantly, the program will provide the Chicago authorities with most of the energy costs.

As a major solution provider, LED public lighting manufacturers to point out that new LED public lighting will save about 60% to 80% of energy, and investment costs will return in two years or less.

The new street lighting system will be equipped with a smart grid management system, and authoritative personnel will be able to obtain broken information without manual reporting. The new LED system will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of the Green Earth program. The new project will improve the quality of each Chicago through modern, high quality and reliable lighting systems.

With the decline in high-priced LED products in the past, it has become a trend to work with global LED public lighting manufacturers to switch to LED alternatives. It has been observed that more and more city management agencies around the world are turning to LEDs to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

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By reducing the demand for electricity from public lighting(CLASSIC), especially during peak loads, public lighting projects will help meet the power needs of the economy and increase the capacity in Vietnam to more effectively allocate national resources to public lighting systems. Better design, implementation and operation of public lighting will provide free funding for additional public lighting investments, especially in rural areas. Technology transfer activities will support the expansion of the Vietnamese lighting industry to meet these new markets, eventually replacing imports and creating new jobs. Improving the quality of lighting equipment, design and installation will provide better and more consistent lighting standards for roads and public facilities.

The project will also make a significant contribution to the national government's international commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What are the main results of the project?

1. Existing public lighting system policies and related regulations have been strengthened and new policies have been developed.

2. Established the potential and requirements for the application of public lighting systems, as well as support provisions for such initiatives.

3. The government, finance/banking and the private sector are providing financial assistance for the development and implementation of the EE public lighting system project.

4. Continue to develop and support the development and application of EE public lighting systems.

5. Appropriate, economical, accessible and up-to-date information services to continue education and raise awareness of the application of EE public lighting systems.

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Smart use of energy can bring many environmental benefits as well as social and economic benefits. Lighting is one of the easiest options. The fast statistical analysis of traditional lighting and Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) provided below demonstrates why cities should no longer wait to cover the entire urban landscape with LEDs.

This problem may be noticed by many people. Although LEDs can be energy efficient, how do they reduce the urban heat island effect? In the end, the Australian Intelligent Lighting Summit will address these issues during the panel discussion.

However, here are some facts that you can easily understand. We know that LEDs are a great way to reduce climate change. In addition, if these LEDs are embedded in the sensor and connected wirelessly, they can do much more than we think - intelligent lighting systems can track air pollution and air quality. Therefore, they can serve as potential solutions to climate adaptation and urban heat island effects.

In fact, a simple LED bulb is known to reduce air pollution and allow the air to breathe healthily. It creates a healthy environment for everyone, including children and people with asthma, heart disease and other respiratory diseases.

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From 2016 to 2026, global investment in Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) is expected to reach $57 billion.

There are currently 315 million street lights in the world. By 2026, this number will increase to 359 million street lights. The public outdoor lighting market is currently in a period of change, with traditional street lights being replaced by new, more efficient LED or solid-state lighting technologies. Taking this new technology a step further, these LED public lights are also networked with communications to become smart street lights. The study analyzed and predicted the global market for LED public lighting in 2026.

In the next decade, LED public lighting will change the world's cities. Compared to traditional street lighting technology, LEDs have a longer life, lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs. In most developed countries, despite the high upfront costs, LEDs have been an economically beneficial alternative to existing streetlights during the life of streetlights, taking into account energy savings.

But in the next few years, LED public lighting is expected to be comparable to the cost of traditional technology (and in some cases already owned), making its cost-effectiveness immediately positive. At this point, they will be economically useful as substitutes in almost all countries. In addition, many emerging market countries are rapidly urbanizing and need to improve urban infrastructure, creating further impetus for this market.

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The Raffran Hydropower Department installs and maintains all public lighting(CLASSIC) within the city.

Every year, water and electricity evaluate many streetlight requests. Budget and demand are the main factors in streetlight assessment and placement. The accident rate determined by the police station is high, and the intersection with high crime rate is given priority attention. Other considerations for determining public lighting placement include:

Public lighting must be easy to install.

Streetlight placement must provide useful lighting for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Lights must not disturb other neighbors.

Requests for public lighting are prioritized and installed on a budget basis. If all funds are used, the high priority request will be transferred to the next budget year.

Please report the streetlights that flashed, burned, turned on or made loud buzzing during the day. These signs indicate that the street lights need to be repaired.

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Cities have added smart city capabilities, including acoustic sensing and noise monitoring, designed to help improve public services. Evolving public lighting(CLASSIC) applications help cities optimize their investment in lighting infrastructure to achieve value beyond lighting.

“The continued development of connected lighting systems is revolutionizing the way cities operate, turning them into information channels, the ability to collect and share data, and providing new insights to enable smart cities and truly drive smart city development,” Susanne Seitinger, manager of Philips Lighting Professional Systems, a global sub-segment. “Los Angeles is at the forefront of smart city innovation, and its vision is how technology can adapt to the way people interact with the city and the city.”

Last year, the Los Angeles Street Lighting Bureau began launching Philips CityTouch, a connected street lighting management system that uses existing mobile networks and cloud-based technologies to control street lights, monitor status, and accurately analyze the energy consumed by each lamp. . . The new pilot program will extend these capabilities by including additional sensor nodes and testing new applications so that cities can maximize their infrastructure investments.

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