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The surface of rough-machined fast working grinding wheel, such as rough grinding, rough planing, cutting and other diamond grinding wheel surfaces, diamond grinding wheel surfaces processed with rough boring tools and coarse grinding wheels are rarely used. 

Surface condition of diamond fast working grinding wheel = obvious visible tool marks, surface of diamond grinding wheel after rough machining, weld seam before welding, rough bore wall, etc., generally non-bonded diamond wheel surface, such as shaft end face, chamfer, gear and pulley The surface of the non-working diamond wheel on the side and keyway, the surface of the diamond wheel of the weight reduction hole, the surface of the diamond wheel that is not important, such as the end face of the pillar, bracket, casing, bushing, shaft, cover, etc. 

The free fast working grinding wheel surface of the fastener, the diamond grinding wheel surface of the fastener through hole, the non-centering diamond grinding wheel surface of the inner and outer splines, the gear top ring round diamond grinding wheel surface not used as the measurement reference, etc., and other parts The surface of the diamond wheel that does not form a fit, such as the end faces of the parts such as the box body, the outer casing, and the end cover. Fixed bearing surfaces with centering and mating characteristics are required, such as centering shafts, key and keyway working diamond wheel surfaces.

In 2016, we applied for a patent for a high quality metal grinding disc.


The invention belongs to the field of coated abrasives, and discloses a surface-polished diamond grinding disc, wherein the polishing abrasive layer is bonded to a substrate, wherein the polishing abrasive layer comprises 20 to 50 parts by weight of diamond powder, 20 to 40 parts by weight of a binder, and 10~30 parts by weight of filler is prepared. The invention also discloses a preparation method of the diamond grinding disc.


The invention uses the diamond micro powder as the polishing abrasive, the inherent high hardness, wear resistance and high thermal conductivity of the diamond, greatly improving the sharpness and the service life of the grinding tool; and the electric driving tool such as the electric angle grinder can be installed for polishing and grinding. The working environment is highly adaptable, and the processing efficiency is higher, and the precision is significantly improved compared with the flocking grinding disc and is suitable for polishing and polishing various non-metal materials.


Sovereign item: a surface-polished diamond grinding disc comprising a substrate and a polishing layer, wherein the polishing layer is bonded to a substrate, the polishing layer consisting of 20 to 50 parts by weight of diamond powder, 20 It is prepared by using 40 parts by weight of a binder and 10 to 30 parts by weight of a filler.

It is quite dangerous to use the high efficient metal abrasive disc to break, I think it is necessary to talk to you, so that you can avoid this situation in the process of using it later, waste unnecessary time and avoid some safety hazards. 

The main reasons for the fracture of the cutting piece are as follows:

1. The cutting piece itself has quality problems, such as poor flatness of the cutting piece, uneven structure of the cutting piece, high hardness of the cutting piece, and lack of toughness of the cutting piece resin.

2. The operation method is not correct. For example, the wire speed of the cutting piece is only 72m/s, and the operator installs the cutting piece on the cutting machine with the line speed of 80m/s.

3. Carelessness, the cutting piece is installed to be idling (that is, there is no workpiece to run) for one minute. In this process, the quality of the cutting piece and the hole diameter of the cutting piece and the cutting table shaft can be detected.

4. Before use, the cutting piece has undergone a more serious collision. Although it is relatively complete on the surface, its internal structure has been destroyed, and such a cutting piece is relatively easy to break during work.


Therefore, we must choose a good quality cutting piece when selecting the cutting piece. The inferior cutting piece is more likely to cause safety hazards, and the cutting piece is recommended to be purchased nearby.

The diamond grinding disc with China cheap grinding disc price is made of high-quality diamond micro-powder and resin binder material, with exquisite technology and advanced production technology. The grinding blade has fast cutting edge, good sharpness, stable quality, long service life, high work efficiency and fast surface. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-fading. It has been widely used in stone processing, floor renovation, ceramic tile production and other industries.

The grinding disc has a uniform specification of granular color and good flexibility. It is widely used in the processing of granite, marble, artificial stone and other lines, chamfers, countertops, curved plates and special-shaped stone. It has various shapes and specifications. Selection, various granularity numbers are distinguished by different colors, and can be flexibly matched with various hand grinders, ground stone refurbished machines, and ceramic polishing machines according to user needs and habits.

The diamond grinding disc with China cheap grinding disc price can efficiently finish polishing and grinding materials such as stone, glass and ceramics under the condition of adding water. The spiral type grinding disc has good sharpness, heat resistance and pressure resistance, and has the advantages of fast glazing, high brightness and fading without changing the color of the stone itself.

The diamond long life grinding wheel structure generally consists of a working layer, a base bodyand a transition layer.

The working layer, also known as the diamond layer, consists of abrasives, binders and fillers and is the working part of the grinding wheel. The transition layer, also called a non-diamond layer, consists of a binder, a metal powder, and a filler, and is a portion that firmly bonds the diamond layer to the substrate.

The base body is used to receive the abrasive layer and is firmly clamped to the grinding machine spindle by a flange during use. Generally, the metal bond product is selected from steel and alloy steel powder as the matrix; the resin bond is selected from aluminum alloy and bakelite as the matrix. It is made of aluminum, steel or bakelite and functions as a supporting working layer and a chucking tool. The quality of the long life grinding wheel and the accuracy of its use are closely related to the substrate.

The depressed grinding disc in stock is one of the widely used grinding tools. There are many kinds of grinding wheels. Different grinding wheels play different roles. Below we will introduce the grinding and grinding application of resin grinding wheels. Let's take a look!


1. Grinding cylindrical, conical and shoulder faces of shafts, sleeves and other types of parts on a cylindrical or universal grinding machine with a resin grinding wheel.

2. Use the outer circumferential surface of the resin grinding wheel or the end surface of the grinding wheel, such as a bolt-fastened grinding wheel, an atmospheric hole grinding wheel, a slotted grinding wheel, a porous grinding wheel and a porous grooved grinding wheel, and a multi-purpose cup-shaped grinding wheel and a cylindrical grinding wheel end face, etc. The various straightness of the mechanical parts is subjected to surface grinding to meet the requirements of flatness, surface roughness and mutual positional accuracy between the planes.

3. Using the outer circular surface of the resin grinding wheel or the resin grinding head, the inner circular grinding machine, the universal grinding machine or the special grinding machine, the through hole, the blind hole, the stepped hole, the tapered hole and the inner channel of the bearing, which have high surface quality requirements, etc. The parts are subjected to internal grinding.

The working layer of the resin diamond cup type fast 9'' grinding wheel is composed of a diamond and a resin binder. The main component of the resin binder is a resin and an auxiliary material, which is mixed with the diamond powder, and is heated and solidified by pressure to form a resin diamond grinding wheel which is firmly combined with the substrate.


Diamond grinding wheels are superhard abrasives, which are generally used to process high hardness and high brittle materials such as hard alloys, ceramics, glass, semiconductor materials and stone.


The advantages of the diamond cup type grinding wheel produced by our company are as follows:

a. Strong grinding ability, good wear resistance, high durability, easy to control the processing size and automatic processing.

b. Small grinding force, low grinding temperature, good surface quality, no burns, cracks and tissue changes. When the diamond wheel grinds the cemented carbide, the grinding force is only 1/4~1/5 of the green silicon carbide grinding wheel.

c. High grinding efficiency. When machining hard alloys and non-metallic hard and brittle materials, the metal removal rate of diamond grinding wheels is better than cubic boron nitride grinding wheels; but when processing heat-resistant steel, titanium balance, mold steel, etc., cubic boron nitride grinding wheels are far higher For diamond grinding wheels.

d. Low processing costs. Diamond grinding wheels and cubic boron nitride grinding wheels are relatively expensive, but because of their long life and high processing efficiency, the overall cost is low.

The depressed grinding disc in stock and grinding wheels are one type of tools. Diamond tools are tool products that use a bonding agent to consolidate diamond (generally referred to as synthetic diamond) into a certain shape, structure, size, and for processing. Broadly speaking, diamond abrasive pastes, rolling saw blades, cold-set diamond wire drawing dies, cold-set diamond knives, brazed diamond composite knives, etc., are also diamond tools.


In terms of product types, China's diamond tool companies mainly produce: diamond saw blades, diamond drill bits, diamond bowl mills and diamond cutters, diamonds, diamond resin grinding blocks and other products. Among them, the diamond saw blade is a large variety of diamond tool enterprises in China.


1. According to the bonding agent, there are three categories: resin, metal and ceramic bond diamond tools. Compared with the metal bond carcass, the resin and ceramic bond carcass have low strength and are not suitable for sawing, drilling and dressing tools, and generally only abrasive products.

2. According to the metal bond process is divided into: sintering, electroplating and brazing and other categories.

3. According to the structure of use, there are:

a. Abrasives - grinding wheels, rollers, rollers, grinding wheels, grinding discs, bowl grinding, soft grinding discs, etc.;

b. Sawing tools - circular saw blades, row saws, wire saws, band saws, band saws, chain saws, wire saws;

c. Drilling tools - geological metallurgical drill bits, oil (gas) well drill bits, engineering thin-wall drill bits, stone drill bits, glass drill bits, etc.;

d. Other tools - dressing tools, knives, wire drawing dies, etc.


Diamond is hard, so the tool is especially suitable for processing hard and brittle materials, especially non-metallic materials, such as stone, wall tiles, glass, ceramics, concrete, refractory materials, magnetic materials, semiconductors, precious stones, etc.; can also be used for processing colored Metal, alloy, wood, such as copper, aluminum, hard alloy, hardened steel, cast iron, composite wear-resistant wood. At present, diamond tools have been widely used in construction, building materials, petroleum, geology, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, ceramics, wood, automotive and other industries.

Diamond fast 9'' grinding wheel must be carefully inspected and identified before installation. The steps to check the authentication are:

1. Check if the grade of the grinding wheel is correct and meet the performance, shape and size of all selected diamond grinding wheels.

2. Inspect and identify the internal crack of the grinding wheel. With a hand-held grinding wheel, tap the grinding wheel with a wooden hammer to hear the sound. The crack-free grinding wheel makes a crisp sound, and the cracked fast 9'' grinding wheel is hoarse, which cannot be used.

3. Check and identify the appearance of the grinding wheel. Use your eyes to see if the wheel is damaged (or has cracks). A grinding wheel with a damaged appearance (or a crack) cannot be used. In addition, it is required that the ends of the grinding wheel are flat and there must be no obvious skew.

Washing method:

Diamond fast 9'' grinding wheels are used to polish the belt during the production process. Generally, the grinding wheel should be unloaded for 5-7 days.

(The above-mentioned rubber crumbs are polished and adhered to the surface of the corundum after high temperature friction, which is difficult to clean)


Now we soak it in acetone for 2 hours and then clean it with an imported cleaning agent. The effect is very good, but it is not environmentally friendly.

Cleaning requirements:

1. Can not damage the diamond wheel

2. To be environmentally friendly, free of ketones, not halogenated hydrocarbons

Due to various reasons in the manufacture and installation of diamond depressed grinding disc in stock, the center of gravity of the diamond grinding disc often does not fit with its center of rotation. This will cause the grinding disc to vibrate at high speeds, which will affect the processing and will cause the diamond cutting piece to break when it is severe. And the machine tool is damaged, so the diamond cutting disc must be statically balanced after it is mounted on the flange. After the diamond grinding disc is mounted on the flange, the flange is placed on the mandrel and placed on the gimbal rail.


If it is unbalanced, the heavier part of the cutting piece will always turn to the bottom, move the balance block position inside the ring tip of the flange, balance the center of the cutting piece, and repeat until the disc is on the rail. Can be stationary, at this time the cutting piece reaches a static balance. When installing a new cutting piece, the depressed grinding disc in stock should be statically balanced twice. After a static balance, install the grinder and trim the shape of the cutting piece with a diamond pen, then remove the grinding disc and perform a static balance before installation.

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