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A feasible method to prevent the speed of aging of the GI steel coil in advance.

GI steel coil with spangles made in China used for a long time or not used for a long time may occur aging, why to say it, long-term construction or storage will be exposed to the sun. Aging occurs after a long time of exposure to light, which we cannot avoid. However, we can prevent and reduce the aging rate in advance in ordinary times. So what should we do?

The first necessary condition for aging or photochemical reaction of PPGI corrugated roofing sheet is that the surface composition of PPGI sheet can absorb radiation energy. Secondly, the absorption of molecular radiation energy is greater than the molecular bond energy, the color coating can occur degradation. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy.

According to the above theory, the aging of the high quality PPGI corrugated roofing sheet in the atmospheric environment is that the coating molecules absorb the energy of the ultraviolet band in the sunlight which is higher than its molecular bond energy, leading to the degradation of the coating molecules. With the aging of the coating, the base material body is gradually lost, and the coating surface gradually becomes rough and lose light. This loss of base material eventually leaves relatively stable pigment particles in the form of an unbonded powder on the coated surface, a process known as pulverization.

To sum up, there is a big difference in the aging resistance of polyester color coating board with different coating thickness, the aging resistance of thin coating color coating board is poor, the aging resistance of normal thickness coating is relatively good.

Therefore, it is not feasible to reduce the production cost of PPGI corrugated roofing sheet by reducing the thin coating, which will inevitably bring serious quality problems.

One, the product quality of low cost PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil is decided not only by the basic property of base material and coating, still depend on production craft and operation control technology. The operation control technology has great influence on the physical properties and surface quality of the PPGI corrugated roofing sheet products. The production control technology analysis from the production process should focus on cleaning treatment, chemical coating treatment, coating (including initial coating, fine coating), curing 4 links.

Two, PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil production using two coating two drying production process. In order to ensure the coating quality of PPGI corrugated roofing products, it is necessary to remove oil, dust, rust and other pre-treatment work on the surface of the substrate before coating, which is the first step to ensure the coating process, but also to ensure the quality of PPGI corrugated roofing sheet products. Caitu processing purpose is to remove adhered on the surface of the base material of anti-rust oil, rusty spot, dust, etc, on the surface of the base material that cleaning chemical coating processing, form and Cr3, Cr6, + + as the basic skeleton network of chemical conversion coating, in order to increase the adhesion between substrate and coating, the durability of the base material of corrosion and coating.

Three, the quality of the work determines the quality of the coating, and directly affect the coating flexibility, impact resistance, and other physical indicators. Determines the PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil, PPGI steel sheet product coating adhesion. The purpose of initial coating, fine coating and curing is to apply the coating to the surface of the substrate and use the heating method to make the organic solvent volatilize the coating, making the organic coating closely combine with the substrate.

Precautions for the use of galvalume steel coating steel coil:

1. If water leakage occurs in the storage and loading and unloading of the wholesale galvalume steel coating steel coil, it may lead to rust. Please pay close attention to the loading and unloading, dampness and condensation in rainy days. In addition, high humidity, an acidic environment is not conducive to storage, storage in dry, clean indoor.

2. If the use of organic solvents to wipe the surface of the galvalume steel coil, the surface may cause the loss of galvanized coating or peeling, please pay full attention.

3. If the attachment of oil and other foreign bodies, may affect the performance of the galvalume steel coil, please pay full attention.

4. If the processing degree is high, the zinc layer may be damaged, please confirm before use.

5. With the passage of time, the galvalume steel coil may be reduced processing performance, tensile deformation and other conditions, in order to prevent this situation, it is recommended to use as soon as possible.

China PPGI corrugated roofing sheet factory found that with the continuous development of the market because the market is lack of standardization, PPGI roofing sheet exposed some problems, so also led to the emergence of some hidden dangers. Therefore, we occasionally see some negative news about PPGI roofing sheet in the news. And such a reason is mainly due to the uneven quality of PPGI roofing sheet, as well as the operation of the non-standard, so the current relevant local also issued a lot of PPGI roofing sheet regulations, such as PPGI roofing sheet in the construction of the use of the flame retardant effect of materials. Do not use flammable materials, etc. At present, such regulations have been established in several cities.

But also with the development of PPGI roofing sheet, PPGI corrugated roofing sheet also developed a lot of good materials, with excellent performance of PPGI roofing sheet, such as polyurethane PPGI roofing sheet, glass wool PPGI roofing sheet, rock wool PPGI roofing sheet. And with the continuous improvement of market standardization, PPGI roofing sheet market will have a new breakthrough. After all, such products are irreplaceable at present.

Known as Asia's largest movie city, Wanda MAO project with a total investment of nearly 5 billion yuan has started construction in lingshan bay film and television culture zone, and it is expected to be capped within this year. The roof system of this project is an all-steel structure system, which adopts steel structure frame and enclosure material. The roof board is mainly low price color corrugated steel sheet and aluminum magnesium manganese color coated board.

The color corrugated steel sheet manufacturer learned in Huangdao new area, the project as an important part of Qingdao Oriental movie city, Wanda MAO including large indoor theme park, indoor water park, movie park, international movie city, including Asia's largest 30 halls, 5000 huge cinema. Referred to as the influence of Qingdao Oriental movie capital after the building.

According to the person in charge of the project, Wanda MAO is an extremely large cultural tourism commercial complex created by Wanda group headed by the richest Chinese in Asia, with a total construction area of 360,000 square meters for a single project. The project has a positive impact on the performance support and scale effect of Wanda pictures, a subsidiary of Wanda Group, and also has a certain significance for the further promotion of domestic steel structure engineering in commercial projects.

In the era of the industrial economy, the competitive advantages of China aluminum zinc steel coil enterprises are mainly reflected in the production process, internal performance, brand image, and marketing strategy of specific products. Enterprises with competitive advantages usually show the characteristics of strong product performance, good brand image, high pass rate, timely supply, developed distribution network and good after-sales service.

The increasing speed of technological change and the explosive growth of information make the relationship between various environmental factors more complicated. In this case, China aluminum zinc steel coil factory only will the manpower, material resources, and the resulting technology, production management and market development ability to integrate into the unique management ability, and make the enterprise have quickly captured market opportunities, increase the marketing channels, combined with the actual market situation on the width of the channel to search for and development of new channels, thereby the ability of long-term product advantages. This ability is a long-term, dynamic product advantage, is the comprehensive embodiment of the enterprise's overall competitiveness.

In the era of network economy, enterprises in product strategy innovation should be based on the characteristics of personalized demand of consumers in the era of network economy, combined with network technology, through two-way interaction to collect consumer demand information, tailored to consumer demand for China aluminum zinc steel coil products.

Implement brand marketing strategy
Brand strategy is the combination of wholesale galvalume steel coating steel coil and high intensity of advertising, committed to building up the image of enterprise brand products. The future marketing is brand marketing, aluminum and zinc plate enterprises to have their own market, must have a dominant brand, a brand is the embodiment of the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, but also the cornerstone of enterprises in the galvalume steel coating steel coil market.

The enterprise creates the brand, must make the guarantee with the galvalume steel coating steel coil, must let the user approval, must satisfy the consumer preference, the guidance and the cultivation consumer's idea, sets up the brand gradually in the consumer's idea, only then satisfies the consumer to the product demand maximally.

In addition, in the marketing work, to increase the advertising efforts with a larger investment, galvalume steel coating steel coil for accurate brand positioning, all-around publicity, establish a valuable position in the customer, so that the rapid appreciation of the enterprise's intangible assets, bring great brand benefits.

Hot dip galvanized steel coil for sale is always in short supply in China. Since the mid-1990s, it has imported about 800,000 to 1 million tons from abroad every year. As the development of the domestic economy, especially the development of the car, home appliance and BLDG. In recent 20 years has built a batch of annual production capacity of 100000 tons production line, but from the process flow, equipment composition to the varieties of products belong to a low level of the traditional technology of hot galvanizing units, on the varieties of quality quantity cannot meet the demand of the development of economy in China, still need to build new hot galvanizing line to meet the needs of the market.

Since the 1990s, China's galvanized steel coil production has made great progress, domestic and under construction aluminum zinc steel coil processing capacity reached nearly 3 million t. In recent years, the market share of domestic galvanized aluminum coil increased rapidly, from about 27% in 1996 to about 59% in 1998. 

The main difference between China's existing hot galvanizing units and foreign advanced level lies in that most units do not have pre-cleaning equipment, which is difficult to guarantee the quality of the galvanized surface. The existing finishing machine is a relatively simple two-roll finishing machine, can not better improve the mechanical properties of the coil, especially deep drawing performance; Existing varieties are single aluminum zinc steel coil in stock, only a small amount of alloying volume, far from meeting the market needs.

The hot dip galvanized steel coil produced by our manufacturers are mainly used in building materials, light industry, agriculture, transportation, and other industries. Due to the limitation of the existing hot-dip galvanizing equipment, process technology and the performance of the original coil, the actual production of the galvanized aluminum coil for the automobile manufacturing industry is very few.

Galvanized steel coil features: galvanized steel can effectively prevent corrosion, extend the service life. Galvanized sheet steel coil (thickness of 0.4 ~ 1.2mm), also known as a galvanized iron sheet, commonly known as a galvanized iron sheet. The galvanized steel coil is widely used in construction, vehicles, home appliances, daily necessities, and other industries.

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, hot sale galvanized steel coil with excellent performance has been widely used, the following to take you to understand in detail how to apply galvanized steel coil.

1. Although the current use of the largest amount of building materials for hot-dip galvanized substrate production capacity is very large, but the lack of zinc flat hot dip galvanized steel coil and zinc alloy coating steel coil and another good substrate;

2. Domestic coating varieties, quality can not fully meet the demand, the high price of imported coating reduced the competitiveness, the film color board needed plastic film still need to rely on imports, the lack of coating thickness, functionality, high strength, rich color galvanized steel coil;

3. The product is not standard enough, resulting in a serious waste of resources. There are too many low-capacity units with an annual production capacity of fewer than 40,000 tons, which have problems in product quality and environmental resource protection.

Fire prevention issues that should be paid attention to when using color corrugated steel sheet:

1. Color corrugated steel sheet products continue to progress, want to thoroughly fire, the use of safety, it is necessary to choose good fire performance high-quality color corrugated steel sheet, such as rock wool color steel plate, such color steel plate is almost non-combustible.

2. In the process of using color corrugated steel sheet products must be away from the fire, if the choice of color steel plate is the general color foam steel plate, it is best not to set up a kitchen in the color steel plate room, so far from the fire will not bring fire.

3. In the color corrugated steel sheet products do not use power and violations of electrical appliances, so as to avoid the occurrence of fire caused by leakage of electricity, wire, and cable best not from the color steel plate core through.

4. There must be a fire extinguisher and other fire-fighting equipment in the color steel mobile room, which is convenient for timely extinguishing the fire. If conditions are good, they can be equipped with a fire alarm, which is convenient for people inside to quickly escape the fire and avoid casualties.

5. High-quality color corrugated steel sheet spacing must be maintained at least 6 meters, this is also very important, generally responsible for the manufacturers will pay attention to this point, the user is not allowed to disassemble color steel plate, must inform the manufacturers of professionals.

The use of color corrugated steel sheet products as long as good attention to these attention points, can reduce the possibility of fire, must not ignore some details, fire is likely because of the details, I believe we pay attention to these problems, the use of color steel plate products, will be very safe, will not lead to the occurrence of fire.

The zinc flower of GI steel coil with spangles made in China uses: because have zinc flower now, the material productivity is opposite character is very little, can you use the galvanizing steel coil that does not have zinc flower to replace the GI steel coil that has zinc flower? Of hot galvanizing material have zinc flower to have what distinction to have after all? What are their USES?

There are two kinds of hot-dip galvanized zinc flowers: one is normal zinc flowers, and one is zinc-free flowers. Because the lead in the zinc solution could not be purified, there were always some zinc flowers on the surface of the hot galvanizing products before, so our old idea of hot galvanizing was zinc flowers. With the development of the automobile industry, if the hot-dip galvanized automobile plate is required to be coated, the zinc bloom will have an impact on the coating. Later, by reducing the lead content in zinc ingots and zinc solution to dozens of PPM, we can produce GI steel coil with no or very little zinc bloom.

The zinc flower that normal zinc spends is GI steel coil galvanization hind the zinc layer condensation that gets under normal condition gets zinc flower, it is to do general purpose namely. The old-fashioned household bucket of the last century? It's covered with zinc flower shapes. Now the steel coil products with normal zinc flowers are mainly used in the construction and other occasions with less direct contact with the human body.

Zinc-free bloom products mainly refer to the special production process, which is generally to control the lead in the zinc pot at a certain level, or after the zinc strip out of the pot after special treatment, such as small zinc bloom treatment or zinc powder spraying, to control the zinc bloom is less than a certain degree can get zinc-free GI steel coil made in china.

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