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"While our goal was to release RocketID before the end of 2018, we’ve made the difficult decision to Rocket League Items push its release into early 2019," the studio wrote in the Fall 2018 Roadmap update. "The good news is that with Sony's recent announcements regarding full cross-platform functionality, we can now make additional changes to prepare RocketID for ALL platforms should we receive permission to do so!" 

Sony has previously taken a hard line against allowing cross-platform play on the PlayStation 4 console, an attitude that we said in a September analysis "harms the games industry and players as a whole." Later that same month, however, Sony reversed course by allowing Fortnite cross-play between the PS4 and other platforms. No other games benefited from the turnaround, but it's not unreasonable to expect that if the Fortnite experiment doesn't end in flames—and there's no reason to think it will—then cross-platform support will eventually be broadened. 

"We’re working incredibly hard to ensure that it’s as intuitive, stable, and polished as possible, before releasing it to the world. We know the wait has been frustrating for many of you who are eager for this feature, and we thank you for your patience as we continue to work on cross-platform party support." 

Psyonix also said that Rocket League's launch in China is approaching, although there's still no solid date, confirmed that a new Rocket Pass and more "licensed premium DLC" will be released in December, and provided a quick rundown of Frost Fest 2018, which will also start mid-December and award players "Snowflakes" that can be redeemed for holiday-themed items including a "Golden Gift." Frosty Fest dates will be announced later in the fall. 

Cars-meets-soccer hit Rocket League is getting new items and play modes in December, according to developer Psyonix.The Rocket League "Winter Games" will launch on Dec. 14, offering seasonal themed extras such as a "Snow Day" mode which takes its inspiration from ice hockey, offering a slippery playing surface and a large, flat puck. "Snow Day" will replace the current "Mutator Mashup" mode.

Players will also be able to unlock Holiday-themed garage items which will stay unlockable through to Jan. 4 and keep-able thereafter. These include vehicle toppers for Blitzen, Santa, candy cane and a Christmas tree. They can be unlocked just by playing Rocket League, win or lose.

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The Salty Shore amend has brought a lot of colour and '80s appearance to Rocket League Items Rocket Alliance and players accept been able to frolick about on the bank like they're arena volleyball all bashed up on the new map. Sounds like the absolute way to absorb a nice summer's day, right?

Rocket Alliance will be abacus a massive new affection approach after this month—in-game tournaments.To yield allotment in the beta, PC players will charge to own a archetype of Rocket Alliance on Steam and be autonomous in for beta programs on their Steam account.

Rocket Alliance has been one of the a lot of agitative esports in the Gfinity Elite alternation and this season's admirable final will be one of the best yet. Aggregation Envy and Vitality accept apparent their banal acceleration with able performances in both the Elite Alternation and Rocket Alliance Championship Alternation (RLCS) and this should be an important alternation to see which aggregation will accomplish stronger at the RLCS Division 5 finals, aswell demography abode in London.

When a abecedarian unlocks the item, they will accept the advantage to barter them beeline away. So if you get something you didn't want, arch on over to the Rocket Alliance Reddit page to barter with added players.

With the success that Rocket Alliance has had in the esports sector, Psyonix was by itself traveling to accompany aback the Rocket Alliance Championship Alternation for a fifth season.

The Rocket Alliance Championship Alternation Division 5 was arise on Thursday morning. Psyonix will absorb a ages demography sign-ups, with North American and European qualifiers demography abode over the ages afterwards. The approved division will bang off in North America on March 17 and in Europe the next day.

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"After the aboriginal tournament, we asked, 'What went wrong?'" Opichka said. "I anticipate this 'Rocket League' clash has absolutely apparent that there is a bazaar for eSports [at UNL], we just accept to Rocket League Items accomplish abiding we ability not alone the appropriate humans but aswell action the appropriate amateur the acceptance want."

A analysis was beatific out to all civil participants and a ample amount of apprentice organizations allurement what video abecedarian acceptance would wish to play as an civil at UNL. The top four abecedarian acceptance chose were "Rocket League," "Madden," "NBA 2K" and "FIFA," with Civil Sports absorption it down to the top two of "Rocket League" and "Madden" for this semester.

However, there were two accepted abecedarian that exhausted out "Rocket League" — "Super Smash Bros." and "Mario Kart." Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, Civil Sports were clumsy to activity those abecedarian this year.

The "Rocket League" tournament, Opichka said, is agnate to some of the abate civil sports Campus Recreation offers. Participants accretion a team, assurance up, get put into a bracket and play. This accurate clash is individual elimination, with acceptable players and teams bound advancing and bad ones falling out of the tournament.

"For Rocket League, we knew the bold and admirers were special, but it has been a ample adventure to accretion the appropriate aggregation to represent EG," Phillip Aram, COO of Evil Geniuses, said in the announcement. "Chrome, CorruptedG, and Klassux are just that team, and they're already able to drain dejected all division for EG admirers old and new."

Alongside the aggregation acquisition, Evil Geniuses will aswell be demography over eQuinox's atom in the Rocket Alliance Championship Series.Evil Geniuses has clearly abutting Rocket Alliance afterwards accepting the North American aggregation eQuinox.

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Rocket League is chargeless to play on Steam from now until this Sunday, April 24. Steam users accept until 1 p.m. PT to Rocket League Items analysis out the car-infused soccer bold on Windows PC.

For new players who wish to break in the bold afterwards the chargeless weekend is over, Rocket League is discounted 40 percent until 10 a.m. PT on April 25. That brings the amount down to $11.99. A array including the three ahead appear amplification packs for the bold is aswell on sale; it's $35.99 through Monday.

The auction ends just afore the absolution of Rocket League's new basketball mode. Hoops Admission will be accessible to players on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One as a chargeless amend on April 26.

Earlier this week, developer Psyonix acclaimed Rocket League accidental 14 actor players. Below, acquisition out why we admired Rocket League endure year afore amphitheatre it for yourself on Steam.

If you were a animal with anatomic Internet admission endure week, you apparently heard about the big Counter-Strike bank scandal. Despite a accessory market's abeyant to advice accompany in big bucks, Rocket League's developers don't wish a allotment of that added attenuated pie.

They aswell emphasized that crate items will be alone cosmetic. "We accept a austere 'Don't Advertise Advantage' action for Rocket League," they said, "and we're afraid with that."

The arrangement will be acclimated to advice armamentarium Rocket League's eSports amount pools and events. It will aswell be actually optional, to the point that you'll be able to adumbrate it by beat a checkbox.

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As appear during tonight's Inside Xbox Livestream, Rocket League on Xbox One will be accessible chargeless to all Xbox Bold Canyon subscribers, and the game's all-encompassing library of Rocket League Items DLC will be offered at a abatement price.

Psyonix aswell took a moment to admonish admirers that Rocket League's new cross-platform Accompany and Parties affection is advancing this summer, enabling Xbox One, PC, and About-face players to add ceremony added to an in-game accompany account application a new claimed ID. It'll aswell be accessible to anatomy parties amid accurate platforms and play online.

Rocket League, meanwhile, has just started its third ceremony altogether event, bringing the celebratory brand of balloons, hats, a new arena, and added to the game.

As air-conditioned as amphitheatre a bold of soccer (football to the blow of the world) with cars in a admiring undersea amphitheatre is, sometimes you wish to go about even the development aggregation couldn't dream up. Acceptable account then, because Steam Workshop abutment is en avenue for Rocket League.

Uploading custom creations sounds simple abundant for anyone accustomed with Workshop, but developer Psyonix stresses that examination images should be "sharp, accurate" representations of what you've designed. A Workshop area is getting added to the game's Steam Association Hub, and any levels you "subscribe" to will automatically abide the Extras area of the capital menu.

If you've had the absolute amphitheater in apperception for awhile and capital to appearance it off for the bigger admirers possible, this accessible amend could be your adventitious to shine.

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Rocket League is rolling out a new progression amend this ceremony that eliminates the akin cap and flattens the bulk of acquaintance bare for players to accretion levels. It's the aboriginal big amend for the appellation during the administration of afresh appointed bold administrator Scott Rudi. I batten with Rudi at E3 about what it's like bottomward into an accustomed esport in the third year and authoritative changes, and how that compares to the way acceptable sports assume abhor to Rocket League Items change annihilation too substantially.

Another advantageous breach for Rudi that makes changes a bit simpler to accord with is that clashing so abounding games, Rocket League has no achievement progression. All the levels and acquaintance credibility do is appearance others how abundant anyone has played the bold and advice alleviate customization parts.

A changeless amount acquaintance is somewhat axiological for acceptable sports, but it's not absolutely a affairs point for games-as-a-service these days, which advance on their adeptness to reinvent themselves for players over the advance of months and years. With that in mind, we asked Rudi about whether he considers Rocket League added of an esport or a game-as-a-service.

"It's both," he said. "The things we do that accomplish it a bigger game-as-a-service aswell allowances it as an esport. That's rare. I've been in situations with added amateur in added places area you had to accomplish a choice: Is this acceptable for spectating or is it acceptable for the amount gameplay? 

The amount gameplay for Rocket League lends itself actual able-bodied to esports, so the alone decisions we're absolutely authoritative are what we wish to add to the spectating experience, or the shoutcasting experience, or how we accumulate the bold beginning for players, which we would accept to do anyway. I just feel advantageous I don't accept to authoritative Sophie's Choices about benefitting this or that, because it's usually both."

Electronauts got its aboriginal amend yesterday, alleged the Monstercat Update, which includes four new tunes from the characterization that denticulate super-popular multiplayer sports game, Rocket League. You can attending for Disarray by Bad Computer, Memory by Haywyre, Deep in the Night by Snails & Pegboard Nerds and Inject by Droptek now. The bold now appearance able-bodied over 40 tracks. The amend is accessible above Rift, Vive and PSVR.

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Rocket League’s Tournaments approach launches on April 3, so get your oddest creations accessible advanced of Rocket League Items  time. One chat of advice: don’t play Hoops with a behemothic cube ball. It won’t end well.

Rocket League has just appear their latest paid DLC, a Jurassic Park themed agreeable backpack which includes a new "hard hat" topper, a Jurassic Park banderole and decals, a T-Rex ambition explosion, and the archetypal Jurassic Park Jeep. This DLC is the latest of the clearly accountant content, and with the newest 'Jurassic' blur in theaters soon, the iconic Jeep is an simple best to add to the Rocket League lineup.

Fans of the Jurassic Park authorization are rejoicing, and I was too until I saw this Cheep from Psyonix. The cheep confirms that the new Jurassic Park car will accept the aforementioned hitbox as Octane, Rocket League's a lot of accepted car by far. For those unaware, back Patch 1.35, ceremony Rocket League car is based on one of 5 connected car physique types, the solid 3D models of the car that the brawl in fact bounces off of. 

For example, the Merc (a van) uses the aforementioned hitbox as Octane, admitting searching abundant altered visually. In practice, even admitting the foreground end of the Merc appears to be abundant taller than on Octane, the brawl bounces off of the two the exact aforementioned way. 

These changes in appearance accomplish a huge appulse during gameplay, back even the aboriginal aberration in how the brawl bounces off of a player's car can accomplish or breach a goal.In a bold area customization is about as abundant fun as the bold itself, it's adverse that players who don't use Octane or Dominus-type cars are bound to so few choices of cars. 

The customization options in Rocket League are incredible, and the amateur abject has appear up with some absolutely absurd creations. In the future, I'd like to see a above assortment in anew appear cars so that the all-inclusive customization options aren't bound to just one or two physique types.

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During its almost abbreviate time in the game, the Jetpack was hotly contested and some humans even capital it to become permanent. No agnosticism it was fun to use but it was appropriately unfun to Buy Fortnite Items play against. While sniping gliding opponents is hard, hitting jetpacking players was even harder.

When the bifold pump was nerfed in Season Four, the Drum Gun took its abode as the a lot of accidentally OP weapon in the game. For months through the end of Season Four and throughout Season Five, the Drum Gun gave players headaches with its adeptness to breach through structures and bloom alike.

With a blow of 50 and a DPS over 200 for both the aberrant and attenuate variants, the Drum Gun was absolutely OP. Many humans still agitation for the gun to appear aback but with its top bead amount and versatility, the bold is bigger counterbalanced with it gone.

For amount two, we are branch all the way aback to Season Two. The Boogie Bomb is still accessible in the bold but has been nerfed so far it is about useless. Players who began in 2018 won't bethink the activity of helplessness if getting hit by a Boogie Bomb in its aboriginal form.

The Boogie Bomb was declared to be a fun and absurd admittance in the bold but was awfully OP. Epic bound nerfed the time to 5 abnormal but even that was way too continued to go after getting able to body or shoot and they put the breach aloft accident modification in. That fabricated the account absolutely unusable. This is a abundant archetype of the accomplished band Epic has to airing amid OP and unusable, amid fun and competitive.

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Sometimes it's an baffled weapon and sometimes it's a torn mechanic, but Epic has in fact fabricated some missteps forth the way with the things it adds to the game.Usually, they are alveolate appealing bound afterwards the association speaks up Buy Fortnite Items but there is usually something in the bold that a lot of humans accede shouldn't be there.

Usually, they are alveolate appealing bound afterwards the association speaks up but there is usually something in the bold that a lot of humans accede shouldn't be there.

Of course, this is all my assessment and I acceptable your suggestions in the comments below, but I don't anticipate the aboriginal weapon on this account will be actual controversial:

The Turret is what acquired Tfue to alpha cerebration about the affliction things added to the bold over the years. "The turret is in fact one of the dumbest things they've added in the game, no joke," the FaZe brilliant said. "What do you guys think  I anticipate the turret is the affliction affair they've added to this game. Easily."

To Epic's credit, they were quick to nerf, but changes to the turret's bloom and availability weren't enough. As I wrote this, Epic Design Lead Eric Williamson took to Twitter to advertise added nerfs advancing in v6.31. Ultimately, no nerfs may be abundant and the turret will arch to the abundant basement in the sky.

Speaking of the abundant basement in the sky, the Jetpack is an account a lot of humans are blessed is no best in the game. The Jetpack was advised as a bound time item, allegedly Epic knew just how able it would end up being.

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Week 3's challenges are now available in Fortnite, giving players across PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices another opportunity to Buy Fortnite Items earn Battle Stars and unlock some more Season 6 rewards. 

As usual, if you manage to complete all of the challenges from a given week, you'll in turn complete a Hunting Party challenge, which will reward you with a special loading screen pointing to the location of a free item hidden somewhere around the map.

Typically, the item in question is a free Battle Star, which levels your Battle Pass up by one tier when collected. However, toward the end of Season 5, Epic began offering free battle banners--items that players can use as their profile icon--as a reward as well. 

It seems this season, Epic will alternate between the two; Week 2's Hunting Party challenge led to a battle banner, but this week, players will once again be able to collect another free Battle Star--provided you're able to complete all of the requisite steps.

If you've kept up with all of the challenges thus far, including Week 3's, you'll unlock the loading screen pictured below. This one shows off a character dressed in the new Red Riding Hood-inspired Fable Outfit shooting at werewolves outside of a log cabin. Look at the screen closely enough, however, and you'll be able to spot the silhouette of a Battle Star etched on the cabin's chimney.

The cabin depicted in the loading screen is located in a northeastern clearing in Wailing Woods. The easiest way to collect the Battle Star is to glide to the area at the beginning of a match, find the cabin, and the item will appear on the chimney as teased. Collect it to level your Battle Pass up and come one step closer to unlocking the new Season 6 rewards.

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