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I'm a ele shaman nighthaven wow gold main btw and I respec to cure in raids along with you? Are trash. Shamans need no buffs, elemental does NOT need to be viable and you're a HEAL hybrid. If you're a heal hybrid that never cries offheals or dispels in a BG, you are crap. No one wants to play you. If you do not wish to learn how to heal then do not play with a heal hybrid. Present WoW. You clowns crushed WoW and want to ruin it around again.

Blizzard will feel free to go full casual retard but then they will look at the retail figures fall, the churn will become unsustainable completely and they'll learn in practice that so as to foster participant participation they'll HAVE TO come back to the old gameplay hardcore fashion. That will take one to two expansions after that, propablly a cataclysmic type of rework. (because fuck it... at that point why not a brand new engine) and we'll get a 1-60 incremental and then almost flat but slow like in vanila leveling rate. The previous raids will become relevant again as the rewards wont turn into unworthy the minute that you jump to 61 ( thing level rework to eliminate high jumps in electricity between the expansions) and it will take abouto 6 weeks to get a casual to achieve end game. More if he doesnt rush, and he wont hurry since hurrying for 6 months is unsustainable for any person which means they will be driven by the nature of WoW Classic to settle in for long haul and start enjoying WoW Classic as it was meant to be.

What I'm worried about is; warriors, rogues and mages being elitist cunts, believing they are so good at WoW Classic if it is simply their class being more powerful than others. I am worried that they're likely to feel entitled to boss other gamers about and feel like they ought to be rewarded more. It happened back in the day, it'll happen again.I'm going to play a balance druid in WoW Classic because I'm going to play casually and mainly play pvp. But I can see now people saying, equilibrium isn't viable, you can't raid with us. No, balance is not OPTIMAL. But still, I do not need them to balance classes. As an instance, I want balance druids to get their spells mana cost reduced or partially reimbursed on crit (such as mages if they spec into it). But should they enthusiast equilibrium druids in this way they are going to be really powerful in pvp if they already are fairly decent.

I mean the likelihood of what you stated actually happening in real pvp battlegrounds is unlikely someone will either cc or nuke you. Epic mount can catch up real quickly. The problem with everyone here's that men are behaving like this merchandise is the absolute best when in fact its optional. Yea sequentially using items can be a benefit but you'd gave to be good at timing the gcd and many pvpers aren't capable of utilizing this item as economically to start with.Cost a great deal of money? Its worst 50 silver for the routine if more players perform that is it'll be cheaper. Second farming fast thistle is simple when you've got a nice herb route. Sure being immune to crowd management for 10 minutes is nice but Its only helpful in certain conditions. Slimming stats for cc immunity if you can use free action potion which is 30 minutes longer than sufficient time to perform all sorts of situational tactics including retreating chasing down.You can pop potions like candy if you have enough of it.I get you guy, I main Druid. OF COURSE I would like to be able to pump up enormous amounts of DPS in kitty shape and absolutely wreck anyone I visit in PvP and shirt the DPS meters. It would be entertaining... for about a week or so (remembering the MoP incarn+vigil age, or the stun treants). Nonetheless, it hurts the course balance and durability of WoW Classic if each spec can do everything (and they'd need to be able to do that if you need balance and not"rock paper scissors mushroom"), and it might grow stale very fast.The gold in wow classic whole, entire core of WoW Classic would CHANGE. People were not asking for WoW Remastered, they had been asking for Vanilla WoW. If you examine the classes (even with numbers only), you bring into a new meta. A completely different feel than what Vanilla needed, that is 100% sure. WoW Classic is a type of a mythical game which people either did not play, either didn't play in a very long time (pservers apart ). If you change the feel of WoW Classic like this, it simply won't be the exact same game anymore.


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The ramifications are OSRS Gold in reality little.EDIT Also, the GE was alien to initially absolute RWT, and when we're accepting fair, the bigger bazaar for RWT a great deal of adequate comes from the merchers that cheap RS gold accretion the a great deal of from rares trading off the GE evidenced by a few major name merchers accepting


prohibited some time ago. Limiting the majority of astringent bulk abetment is a footfall in attaining Jagex's intentions also.A lot of of the guilds are complete outdated I expect that the hint adapt was complete acknowledged and I expect that jagex should focus on adjustment complete pleasant instead of putting added into the match.I


anticipate new and valuable guilds are an wonderful additionrevamp. A lot of the guilds are complete outdated, both graphically and contentwise.But with the new capabilities of the artists and also the engine, it needs to be an alarming acquaintance assuredly unlocking a brotherhood and dispatch into see the masters of the adeptness on

the job.I anticipate abysmal sea fishing is a abundant cheap OSRS gold archetype of this, but not at the fishing brotherhood breadth itself, you get into a stunning, lively, and animate breadth using a collection of airconditioned pursuits and coaching methods.Think how abundant it would be to footfall into a new atmospheric location, say for alchemy, and

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Read reviews OSRS Gold from professionals as well as casual gamers. You have to know what you're getting into ahead of your purchase.Hopefully you now feel more confident in ruling the gaming universe. You can conquer all of your competition now that you know a few helpful hints about gaming better. Knowledge always equates to


power, and that's definitely true in the world of gaming, too!??Successful OSRS Starts With This AdviceDo you want to learn something new about games? Everyone asks a question like this every once in a while, and some go online to figure out their answers. The following article has information you can use when it comes to


gaming.Before buying a RS 2007 for a child, ask questions about types of games they like. There are tons of things to think about when choosing a game for a child, and you may not be able to get only one thing. This is why you have to have many options in case one isn't appropriate.If you can, try downloading a game demo you're interested in. Previewing a game can help you


see whether you wish to buy the full version or not. You buy RS gold should always be wary! To avoid any potential problems on your computer, download only from reputable sources.Make your screen brighter if you can. Your performance will be decreased even though you may enjoy the atmosphere of a darker playing area. You will find it

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Is going to work Fallout 76 Caps on your personal computer. This type of site checks out your computer to see if it's adequate. If you aren't keen on the idea of downloading something, remember that you can just delete it after you get the information that you need.If your child plays on a gaming system connected to the Internet, set up their connection settings so you can monitor what they do online. This lets you filter what your child experiences to be sure it's appropriate for their age. You may also control how much chatting they are allowed.When you save your games, do not always save them in the exact same slot. Change up which slot you save it every now and then. You may find in the future that you would like to resume your game from a different point. If you've overwritten all of your saves, this won't be possible.Not


all Fallout 76 are just for entertainment; some can also help you to learn a new skill. If you are getting a game for a child, make sure you look for titles that include education and stay away from those that might contain violent or unsavory content. You can find a lot online about the different Fallout 76 that are best for children and the parental reviews that they have been given.If you bring a game console into your home, you need to become familiar with the content and safety settings. There are n


ormally modes that don't allow youngsters to access heavier material. Sometimes you can customize settings for the individual, so you can see content that your children cannot.Games that have a label of M (for mature) are not for everyone; you should have rules in your house related to who can play what games. Almost every modern console has parental control settings that prevent


 younger kids from playing mature games. It is best to buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps monitor your child's gaming.Fallout 76 are as popular now as they were in the past. The changes that have been made to them are nothing short of phenomenal. Seeing how Fallout 76 look now, it's crazy to think what Fallout 76 will look like in the future. If there's one constant in the Fallout 76 industry, it's the amazing and fun changes that each year brings.Everything You Need To Know Abou

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Fallout 76 had Fallout 76 Items From product surrounding the game Bethesda Game Studios couldn't catch a break in regards to the evolution of its major online sport. As time continues, the spotlight has been taken by other games, like the distressed Anthem, and Fallout 76 has more room to breathe.

There is hope for its potential and the game, according to many community members and members. Bethesda's continued development on Fallout 76 has been akin to a rider urgently trying to remain on the back of a bull compared to the usual marathon through a roadmap. Regardless, this roadmap has been laid out, and more quest and category content is set to arrive through spring


 and summer.Fallout 76's player base has stayed committed throughout, and though the game is not out of the flame yet, they are still logging on and creating their own pleasure in Appalachia. What draws them to West Virginia?

The internet reaction to Fallout 76 is the fact that it is a game that is dead. The dust has settled, the game failed, and that is it. It's a common one, although that is an overreaction, yes. The cycle of discourse elevates a game to the spotlight until it's time for the next big release; the continuing coverage of Fallout 76 has mostly centered on its own launch, and every followup collapse in adjusting the title from Bethesda.Taking part in that dialog is secure; it is a stance which enables someone to view from afar with no skin in the game. To appreciate Fallout 76 is much riskierin the zeitgeist.

"I think the controversies about this game are intriguing Fallout 76 Bottle Caps PS4 since I could recognize and acknowledge all the defects in this game, yet not one of them have influenced my joy enough for me to want to quit playing," says a fan named Matthew. "My buddies are often curious about how I am getting so much enjoyment from a game that's widely

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Number of choices Fallout 76 Items You need to know if the game is good for the child's age, and if you have only one option available to purchase, then it might not be appropriate to buy it for that child.Not all Fallout 76 are just for entertainment; some can also help you to learn a new skill. When you are buying games for a kid, look for educational


games or ones with better ratings. You can find a lot of good reviews online for games that are deemed appropriate for children.Play Fallout 76 you enjoy with your kids. Many kids really enjoy playing games on their computers and video consoles. There is a lot to learn from playing Fallout 76. A variety of games are educational,

improving skills and providing learning.Ask employees of your local gaming store for suggestions. Many people know what genres they like, but might not know any new games that are out. They've played them all and will know the titles you seek.If you have young children you have the option to turn off the chat function. A very


young child does not need the interaction of a chat buy Fallout 76 Caps system and it can cause them to hear language that is not appropriate for their age of development. If there is no way to shut off the chat function then this is probably not a game you want to purchase. Speak with someone familiar with the game before making a purchase.Be careful

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Your children Fallout 76 Items safe in terms of online gaming. It's your job to see who they play against. Certain unsavory individuals have been known to reach children via online Fallout 76. Keep your kids safe by being vigilant.When you play Fallout 76, be sure to pay attention to your body. You might want to try sitting on a stability ball that helps


keep your spine in alignment while you play. If you're playing more active games, then you need to take breaks and stretch as you may be accustomed to sitting for long periods of time when you're gaming.Reserve your game console well ahead of a new release. You may get special bonuses because you ordered early. Pre-order bonuses


can be real world items (soundtracks, posters) or in-game bonuses such as character costumes or extra levels.Fallout 76 - what's more fun? You can get away from the doldrums of day-to-day life and learn while enjoying Fallout 76. Take what you have learned here to become a better gamer.Excellent Advice About Fallout 76 That You


Will Want To ReadFallout 76 is extremely popular these Fallout 76 Bottle Caps PC days. People of all ages and backgrounds use it for entertainment purposes. Get the most from your gaming experience by applying the great tips contained in the following article.Try buying used games. Fallout 76 can cost up to $50, making them very expensive. It is a waste if

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Be sure to take OSRS Gold regular breaks.The PS2 isn't new, but it is cheap and has a great library. The games can cost as much as 50% less than those used in the PS2 or the Xbox. Used games are abundant, too.Make sure you watch out for your kids when it comes to online games. Keep an eye on who exactly they're playing with online.


Unfortunately, online gaming is a haven for sexual predators. It is important to protect kids when they are gaming online by being aware of whom they are playing with.These hints can help you become a better RS 2007 player. Use this article to serve as your guide into the world of OSRS. If you're an experienced player, these tips can


better your game more.??The Benefits Of Playing RunescapeWhen some people are having a hard time at work, they turn to playing Runescape. Many play them as a social outlet with family or friends. Others play when they want to distract themselves from their day to day life. No matter your reason for playing, this article has tips


to help you enjoy your gaming.If a RS 2007 is going cheap RuneScape gold to be a gift, especially for a young one, check the ESRB rating. Not every child should be playing every game; ESRB ratings can help you as you pick out which ones to purchase. This should be a definite consideration before making the purchase.If you have young children you have

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You determine Fallout 76 Items if you can play a certain game on your computer. If you don't want to use the extra space on your hard drive to store the program, you can always delete it afterward.There are some educational Fallout 76. If you know a child that likes to play Fallout 76, educational options are a great way to combine learning with fun.


Look on the Internet for games that have positive feedback by other parents.Pay attention to the requirements of online games. Some online gaming websites will require you to pay a fee on a monthly basis. Always check out any monthly Fallout 76 site that children are interested in joining. Research whether any fees are involved and


determine whether they are fair.Playing Fallout 76 can be an excellent method of bonding with your kids. This can be a fantastic way to spend some quality family-time together. It also doesn't hurt to share a hobby, as this creates a ready topic of conversation. You will also be able to see and help with their developmental


skills.Consider getting your children a gaming buy Fallout 76 Caps console rather than letting them play on a PC. This is because you can set restriction more easily on consoles. Kids can be protected more easily on console systems.Do not spend more than 2 hours a day playing a video game. Playing these games can lead to an addiction, which can impact

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People who split Maplestory M Mesos for sale the TOS in matters and there guilds of that type If you stop purchasing the stuff then the folks will sell there stuff for cash However that is never going to happen so in ways we have to learn how to dealBringing back the MTS or placing NX allowed in the Auction home will not solve a thing but make matters worse


They shot the MTS outside bc of exploits and individuals getting hacked out there Thats just going to occur Putting NX in the AH may help a bit but then it will be manipulated like no other since it involves cash exactly like the MTS was People need to take this game seriously if they need a game not only Nexon but the players


tooWill MapleStory HighV boxes be deletedSince hottimes technically reset at midnight PST I assumed they meant midnight PST Especially since that is much closer to maintenance timeInstead Im imagining my  V boxes disappeared since they place it to midnight GMT with no actual indication of it being GMT from the description or


the news post or the discussion postSo I stored them Maple story M Mesos to start them because theyd have filled my stock with scrolls yesterday but nevertheless nexon is too inept to run a line of code and delete the items throughout upkeep rather theyd instead put new boxes for a new patch in prior to the patch really happens Likewise with all the Vth

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Bitcoin economics has not changed

YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY A WHOLE BTC BITCOIN! Each bitcoin is equal to 100 million Satoshis, making a Satoshi the smallest unit of bitcoin currently recorded on the blockchain. Think of the Satoshi as the “cents” part of bitcoin. But unlike a penny that represents 0.01 USD, Satoshi represents roughly 0.00000001 BTC — or bitcoin to its eighth decimal.

Bitcoin forecast to 2029

Time model tends to forecast lower bound to prices. Stock-to-Flow model is a better model, click chart above to see details. It incorporates the halvings and better represents the monetary policy of Bitcoin. Hype cycles are expected around each halving as investors anticipate the price appreciation. Bitcoin has a fixed supply (maximum 21 million Bitcoins), therefore it cannot be devalued by central bank money printing (so called Quantitative Easing, QE). Bitcoin is also decentralised, meaning no single authority can control it. It has existed on the Internet for 10 years from 2009. It will be the money of the machines and Internet. Also described as digital gold due to its scarcity and high value.

This is a good short article that explains, why Bitcoin? Why Bitcoin?

The Stock-to-Flow Bitcoin charts above are referenced from

Dynamic stock and flow diagram, click for explanation on Wikipedia

HELP KEEP ADVERTISING FREE! The search engines, Google, Bing, etc. who make money from advertising, refuse to give a fair listing and ranking to this site. This is a form of censorship and unfair business practice by those large corporations who control the gateways to the Internet for their profit. If you want free advertising and believe in an open Internet for everyone, you can help to spread the word by sharing on social media. You will benefit by increasing the number of people who see your messages!

Be Your Own Bank
Bitcoin (BTC) is the people's money, owned by the people for the people. Not by a bank or country. What are you waiting for?

It gives you control of your money (individual sovereignty). Preserve your savings; they will increase in value over time. Easily send money anywhere. Government's can't take it! What are you waiting for? Get a free Bitcoin wallet today or, run your own full node.

If you do not know where to start, install a Mycelium or, Electrum wallet.

Jameson Lopp video explaining advantages of running your own Bitcoin Full Node, click here

Jimmy Song video explaining advantages of running your own Bitcoin Full Node, click here

Run your own Full Node and help the Bitcoin (BTC) network. Be Your Own Bank! There are currently (May 2018) about 138,000 full nodes globally. About 10,000 of these are listening for outside connections on the P2P network.

As people suddenly realise they don’t own their data on Facebook, how will they react when they realise they don't own the money in their bank accounts either?

The good news is government can't take your Bitcoin in your own full node. Not by legalised theft (inflation), nor by government bail ins. Realise that fiat money, $, €, ¥, £, yuan, Venezuelan Bolívar, Argentine Peso, Zimbabwean Dollar, etc. is crashing! In the last 100 years, all fiat currencies have lost 97-99% of their purchasing power, reducing your standard of living.


What is a Full Node?

Download Bitcoin Core

Instructions for running your Full Node of Bitcoin Core

Instructions for running your Bitcoin Full Node under Tor for anonymity, privacy and security of your money in your own bank.

With a Full Node behind the Tor network, your Full Node is difficult to trace.

You also can use a VPN for encryption of your Bitcoin transactions (can be used with or without Tor).

For VPN, the PCMAG Editor's Choice is NordVPN, click here.NordVPN

With a Bitcoin Full Node protected by VPN and / or Tor, you have complete control of your own private electronic bank. Anonymous like cash, but electronic, instant, unlimited by space time and appreciating in value.

Live map showing reachable nodes in listening mode on the Bitcoin network. Add yours to the map!

Video explaining The Halving (Litecoin/Bitcoin). Another reason why Bitcoin and Litecoin prices will increase significantly!
Keybase chat crypto for everyone download now
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Bitcoin transactions in real time, live from the blockchain:

For an imaginative audio visualisation of the Bitcoin blockchain from, see bottom of Mysittingbourne home page here. The base sound announces the creation of another block. A block is like a page in a book or ledger. Unlike a database that can be altered, it is a permanent, incorruptible record of value transactions on the blockchain. Pure mathematical truth!

Bitcoin digital gold

As more and more people are turning to physical gold, so they are turning to Bitcoin digital gold.

Bitcoin is trustless and decentralised. Like gold, it has limited supply. It can never be over-printed and devalued by a government. You can transfer funds anywhere, almost instantaneously and at much lower cost than bank transfer.

Don't have a bank account? Want to spend your Bitcoin anywhere that accepts bank cards? Want to use an ATM to access your Bitcoin in local currencies? No problem! Spend your Bitcoin with a Visa debit card accepted almost anywhere.
Click here and sign up for your Bitcoin Visa debit card from SpectroCoin.

The SpectroCoin debit card is recommended by WeUseCoins. Click here to see their comparison of Bitcoin debit cards.

If you do not know about Bitcoin, a good place to start is by getting a free wallet from,, or

bitcoin price chart

Physical Gold


Protect yourself and family from central bank currency debasement and inflation in asset prices, housing, food. There are rising levels of financial, economic and geopolitical risk in the world. In the last 100 years, all currencies have lost 97-99% of their purchasing power. Some believe that the final move to zero will take place in the next few years.

Currency debasement through money printing is the destruction of fiat money purchasing power - $, €, ¥, £, yuan, Venezuelan Bolívar, Argentine Peso, Zimbabwean Dollar...

True inflation and cost of living is currently 8% higher than the government reports. Real wages are falling rapidly and most people are taking out more and more debt to make ends meet. Only the wealthy minority and banks benefit from the current system.

Protect yourself. Buy physical, allocated gold, silver, platinum online and store it in safe vaults outside your jurisdiction (Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada and Singapore) or, at home. Physical gold has limited supply. Buy before the panic!

Look what happened in Cyprus (2013), Greece (2015) and Spain (Catalonia 2017). The lesson is that the money in your bank account is not really yours. It can be taken or frozen by the government just when you need it. Maybe it is not a good idea to keep too much money in the bank, especially when the next financial crisis comes!


BullionVault is the world's largest online investment gold service taking care of $2 billion for more than 65,000 users. Even small amounts of metal can be bought and they have the lowest costs.

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