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A growing number of mobile games are coming out at app stores now. Everyone can definitely find a game they would love. You could choose from the different game categories like puzzle games, war games, and more. A few games even have android and ios versions. You can play casual games and very challenging games. Several players find a game uninteresting when it becomes too difficult.


For individuals who do not like to pay for game coins and currencies, Score Hero Hack is for you. You could find various types of hack tools. Some can hasten your progress in the game while others help you generate a great deal of coins and gold.


Upon your search for the best Score Hero Hack, you may encounter the terms rooted hacks and unrooted hacks. Rooted hack normally involves code modification in the device’s operating-system. This is called jailbreaking in iOS devices. The process begins by downloading and installing a software or apk. An unrooted hack follows the same procedure except no alterations on the codes are required. The hack will commence right after installing its app.


People find hacking complex because it needs them to follow directions carefully. In order for a hack to work, you have to follow its directions. The key here is to follow the instructions properly and know the device’s settings. Follow these suggestions to know which hack is best for you.



There are gaming chat rooms as well as forums where gamers can freely discuss different games along with other relevant things. Since Score Hero unlimited energy hack is associated with gaming, these online platforms would be fantastic areas to find out which hack is well-known. What matters now is your effort in finding posts as well as reviews that discuss particular hacks.


Make sure the site is safe


Begin searching for a secure source of the Score Hero Hack right after knowing which hack you need. Before clicking on any site, make sure you have checked whether it is safe or not. Because of the popularity of hacks, scammers can easily use them. A dangerous website can be identified by being vigilant. There are hacks which ask for your contact information. In that case, you should make sure that the hack won't share such information to a different person or entity.


Opt for a recently updated hack tool


Games get updates every so often to deal with bugs and fix broken features. Ensure the hack tool you'll download wasn't created months ago. The hack should work on the game’s most recent version. It will be better if a hack can update itself automatically so all your progress would be saved even if the app has a newer version.





Today, we could access mobile games anywhere. Players are given the opportunity to spend on coins and jewels in the game. Unfortunately that not all players are able to pay for a game online. Some of those who don't like to waste money on gaming select the hack solution. With hacks, players can simply upgrade features while keeping the challenges. When a few feature take too long to use, gamers might find the game too difficult and the satisfaction may get lost.


Hacking takes some time and proper following of directions. Apart from finding an effective tool, you also have to prevent security risks. Monster Legends Hack is one of the different hack tools on the internet. Be it a war game, casual game, puzzle game, or any other forms of games- a hack tool is available for it. Do not forget to look for the most dependable source of hack.


The instructions and process you'll follow when making use of the Monster Legends Hack may differ from one operating system to another. As a result, you could expect hack tools which originally runs on iOS to work on Android devices. Continue reading to find out more about this matter.


Learn More About Hacking


Just before clicking on any website you find, find out about hacking first. The term hacking could mean different among players. There are hacks that make the game too easy to be a challenge. Search for a website offering updated hacking tools because you could download an old tool that may not work anymore. You could search further about the ways a hacking tool could become a threat to your device.


Read Forums About Hacking Games


For more sites and hacking tools info, there are forums and articles which you could read. Apart from reading threads, watching online videos is also advised. Through this approach, you'll know what gamers are saying about the hack. You may visit online forums and chat rooms to ask inquiries from those who have used the tool to cheat Monster Legends. The internet is the greatest source of feedback on hacking tools if you don't have family or friends to ask from.


Find A Secure Website


Start looking up a safe site as source for your hack tool. Read online feedback and make use of this as guideline for your search. Just before you download a hack tool, be sure that your device is protected by a security software. Try inquiring what Monster Legends Hack expert gamers are utilizing as well. Ask advice from these professionals regarding the best use of the hacks or when playing the game.


Go by the Step-by-Step Procedure


When you have the file, the next step would be to install it. Hack can either be installed or not. The procedure of installation and usage are straightforward and common sense may be used for it. Nevertheless, there is no room for mistakes particularly because some games have high detection for hacks and cheats. Follow the processes given by the source of the file. Finally, check if the hack worked by refreshing the game.






These days, looking for a game you could enjoy for a long time is easy. A lot of mobile games could be seen in app stores. Be it puzzles, war games, children’s games, or any game you like- there are a few for your android and ios devices. Games even differ in challenges. For individuals who just play casually, several games may be too complex. Gathering gold or coins can take a lot of effort, which might eventually turn to disinterest.


There are in-app purchases which enable players to get game currencies making use of real money. Some individuals don't have enough funds to make such purchases, which is why hack tools exist. The Mobile Legends cheat is simply one of the many hack tools available online. There are hacks that quicken your progress in the game by unlocking a few premium features. Some hacks are programmed to boost the number of coins and gold significantly.


Game hacks could be viewed as rooted or non-rooted. You must be using a rooted device if you think of utilizing rooted hacks. This means that your device’s operating system should have modified codes before installing Mobile Legends Hack. In this manner, you will be sure that the hack will work well on your gadget or PC right after installation. You have to apply jailbreaking to your iOS device to make the hack function. If you don't want to follow additional procedures which exist in the rooted version, you may opt for unrooted hacks instead. You can access them readily after a successful installation.


Hacking is not a simple procedure, but instructions come with the best hacking tools. Installation follows after you find a great hack tool. There have been times when the hack did not work because of mistakes in the process. Different gamers have different alternatives of hacking tool forms, but there are general guidelines in selecting the most outstanding hacks.


Read reviews and choose the Mobile Legends Hack with good feedback. Visit forums or chat rooms where gamers can communicate with the other person. Simply by reading users’ posts and reviews about certain hacks, you'll be able to find out which one will work effectively.


The site must be secure


After confirming that a Mobile Legends Hack actually works, the next part is finding a dependable site that provides it. If you are searching for one, watch out for websites which are only there to scam people while making use of this hack as bait. Having said that, always check the reliability of a site just before downloading anything from it. Be mindful in your search so you could screen out bogus websites. Also see if the site could take care of your personal data or not based on its conditions and terms.


The hack tool should be updated


Games tend to get buggy over time so developer update them regularly. Ensure that the version of the hack tool is not outdated. Find the latest working hack which is suitable for the updated version of the game. Select a hack that automatically updates, so your coins or the upgrades do not get lost when the app gets updated.





Hay Day is one of the popular interactive farming applications now. It is exiting to play this game and it’s simple. The game is all about making a farm better. At the beginning, the farm only has a few animals and other basic resources. These simple resources will help the player make the farm much better. Every time the player upgrades, the items become more costly, as well. Getting new structures later on may become more challenging as you progress in the game.


The important points you need for the game comes in the form of gold or diamonds. There are items that only cost coins, but others cost diamonds. Remember that diamonds aren't simple to earn. To make diamonds easily available, the Hay Day cheats was made. You can get free diamonds through this hack.


If you want a quicker farming procedure, utilize the Hay Day Hack. Most hack tools also include cheats. Using these cheats will allows you to acquire more diamonds and coins, and make your farm grow faster. Players can purchase these collectibles from the application. Many wouldn't like spending money on a game. When you hack hay day, you don't have to spend money because this is free.


To start with, you will need a website or a provider of the hack hay day diamonds tool. Make sure you are coping with a reputable website. Read the feedbacks and reviews concerning the website before downloading from it. To find the right hack tool, these good reviews will help you search for the best and most secure download site. After installation, some individuals got malware activity in their devices because they picked a wrong website. If you are downloading from a secure source, then that must be much of a concern.


There are hay day diamonds online hack packages which give you unlimited coins and diamonds. First, choose the device where you're playing the game. This ensures the version of the game is compatible with your device. Next, fill out the needed info and choose which package you would like to download. Distinct websites may offer different hack packages. Afterwards, you could install it and check the app if it had worked.


To ensure the Hay Day Hack will work without failure, be sure you check that it's versatile and could be used in any device or platform. With this, you could transfer to another device without losing your progress. There are also other ways to acquire diamonds and one is through earning gift vouchers. Some hacks need users to do a set of activities just before earning their unlimited diamond. You can't think about the tool a scam and you'll certainly chose a working hack without charge over the latter.


In terms of creative games, Roblox is among the best games, which elicit creativity from players. This game is loved by both casual and hardcore players. Numerous interactive games influenced Roblox, that also has its various set of challenges. There are lots of features in the games, which is why it keeps players interested. Your character gets increase in abilities and the tools become better with each and every level. This game is enjoyed by a lot of gamers out there and the number keeps growing.


There are challenges in each and every game. Although challenges are normal, they could make the game too hard to play for players to feel fun. This is the case with Roblox, where you need to gain enough Robux to quickly finish levels. Robux is a currency in the game, which is used to get items and upgrade fast. Depending on the amount of Robux you've got, completing the tasks can be more likely. If you'd like to level up easily, you have to get more Robux. Having said that, Robux is difficult to collect, which makes the upgrade a little difficult.


Participant can make the game significantly better for them by utilizing the Roblox Hack. Obtaining unlimited Robux is feasible with the Roblox Hack. There are also effective roblox cheats for protecting your character in the process of completing the tasks. Even though these hacks can be found almost anywhere, you can’t anticipate all of them to be authentic and helpful. You must know the kinds of roblox hack.


Just before downloading the free robux generator hacks, some sites will ask you to answer surveys or execute a couple of tasks. Unfortunately for many people, several sites don't stay true to their word and you end up doing all the work for nothing. Even hack sites can be copied by fake websites, so you must be more mindful. Follow your instincts when accessing these sites, because you can be right about opening a harmful file. Just in case you do not feel at ease about the unlimited robux offers, search for another website.


The unlimited roblox free hack can be bought. Several players go this far just for the pleasure of playing the game. This one-time payment for unlimited robux is an opportunity that avid roblox players would like to grab. Nonetheless, a few roblox players can't afford to spend their hard-earned money on robux hack. There are still dangers to choosing websites offering free robux without any catch.


While there are websites that offer robux free hacks, you should not be too confident. The website you decide on must be reputable. For a guaranteed security while accessing the site, read reviews from real people. Credible websites ensure no personal information or your profile details in the game will be exposed.


If you want to find honest feedbacks from real individuals, visit official sites of roblox cheats and search names that lots of people trust. You can also begin looking for videos about these hacks. Follow the advice of these players that you know and trust.




8 Ball Pool is a game a lot of pool players have tried. Players find its features really engaging. To upgrade to another level, ball pool coins should be gained.  This is why several players cannot move on the next stage or use certain features of the game. Players of the 8 Ball Pool can buy coins from the game, too. Many people cannot afford purchasing the coins though.


Using the correct 8 Ball Pool Hack is your way to keep the same issue out of your way. Search the net for 8 ball pool online hack, which could let you earn more coins. Upon searching on the internet, there will lots of results but it is important that you check the credibility of the website first. Be sure that the hacks coming from them work and do not include malware. Right after selecting the best website, it is now possible to get more coins. The site can help you get a lot of coins. If you're lucky, you can also acquire unlimited coins.


If you do not wish to have a bottomless source of coins, find the best cheat 8 ball pool that features auto-update capacity. Pick a flexible tool that will allow you to use it on different gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, or PC or laptop. The game is always updated so old hacks might not work with them. When the hack tool could be updated, do so whenever possible. When you see that the game is updated, expected the 8 ball pool cheats to be updated already too. Developers do this so that the game will not be able to detect the hack and jeopardize advancements made in the game because of the cheats.


Purchasing items is a lot easier if you have the best 8 Ball Pool Hack that offers you free cash and chips. Those people who are new to the game would have the cue guide hack as an advantage. The unique factor to watch out for in the ideal 8 ball pool hack tool is the anti-ban since the most of the available hacks have all the other features. When the game detects a cheat or hack, it bans you from playing forever but the most of the distinguished hack tools have a resolution to this problem. To make sure your account is secured from the chance of being banned since you are using hacks, you'll need a professional hack tool.


Visit only the reputable websites if you want to cheat 8 Ball. You may have to download the hack and have it set up on the device you are using. You may need to provide your email address to other sites. To ensure compatibility, you need to identify the kind of device you've got. Next, determine which hack package you want.


Some packages will offer free 8 ball pool coins, cheats, unlimited coins, or all of them. The final thing you should do is to refresh your game if you're using it on the PC. The hacks and cheats could be applied only once the game is closed and opened again.


The game Clash of Clans  revolves around attacking clans and defending your clan from others. This game is loved by numerous gamers. For many gamers, it is extremely important to have a lot of gems to update rapidly, level up easily, and purchase top quality products anytime. Collecting the gems is one of the harder part of the game, despite its several functions. Nonetheless, if you have the hack clash of clans tool, that would not be a problem.


The hack tool will help you to get coc gems for free. For a quicker and simpler finishing of game tasks, it would be wise to utilize this tool. Since the gems are the most crucial accessories in the game, each player is given only a few rare opportunities to get them. The gems are useful for upgrading your kingdom’s resources and ensuring your next battle will win. Earning a gem needs a successful attack and defense.


Despite the convenience of the gems, it is hard to collect, which is why some players have a hard time playing. The excitement could go away quickly when some parts of the game take some time coming. Due to this problem, some individuals have created the hack tool. Plenty of players search the internet for the perfect Clash of Clans Hack. Because there are plenty of clash of clans online hack websites, looking for the right one may take some time. If you’re fortunate enough, you can even find free hack tools that actually work. In this way, you will get your free gems coc.


Cheats may also be included together with the free hacks. The tools are also upgraded to be synced with the regular updates of the developers of the game. Not just gems but also free gold and free elixir are provided by the clash of clans free gems hack. Buildings for defense and also the clan itself has now become much easier to upgrade and develop. Defeating other clans has not been this simple. 


With the number of coc hacks on the internet, choosing has become harder. Pick prudently because you need a hack tool that won't put your account at risk of getting banned. Several players are frightened to use these hack tools simply because they're scared of getting banned from the game. Make use of this potential threat as a guideline in choosing the best Clash of Clans Hack you need to have. Search for a website that has already found a solution to this problem. You could easily find the website that has done so by reading reviews from other users.


If the clash of clans cheats hack has simple user interface, this means it would be a convenient tool for gamers. Various devices may be compatible with the hack tool if it was developed to be versatile. Choose the right service provider which will keep you away from malware risks and attack losses.



Bitcoin economics has not changed

YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY A WHOLE BTC BITCOIN! Each bitcoin is equal to 100 million Satoshis, making a Satoshi the smallest unit of bitcoin currently recorded on the blockchain. Think of the Satoshi as the “cents” part of bitcoin. But unlike a penny that represents 0.01 USD, Satoshi represents roughly 0.00000001 BTC — or bitcoin to its eighth decimal.

Bitcoin forecast to 2029

Time model tends to forecast lower bound to prices. Stock-to-Flow model is a better model, click chart above to see details. It incorporates the halvings and better represents the monetary policy of Bitcoin. Hype cycles are expected around each halving as investors anticipate the price appreciation. Bitcoin has a fixed supply (maximum 21 million Bitcoins), therefore it cannot be devalued by central bank money printing (so called Quantitative Easing, QE). Bitcoin is also decentralised, meaning no single authority can control it. It has existed on the Internet for 10 years from 2009. It will be the money of the machines and Internet. Also described as digital gold due to its scarcity and high value.

This is a good short article that explains, why Bitcoin? Why Bitcoin?

The Stock-to-Flow Bitcoin charts above are referenced from

Dynamic stock and flow diagram, click for explanation on Wikipedia

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Be Your Own Bank
Bitcoin (BTC) is the people's money, owned by the people for the people. Not by a bank or country. What are you waiting for?

It gives you control of your money (individual sovereignty). Preserve your savings; they will increase in value over time. Easily send money anywhere. Government's can't take it! What are you waiting for? Get a free Bitcoin wallet today or, run your own full node.

If you do not know where to start, install a Mycelium or, Electrum wallet.

Jameson Lopp video explaining advantages of running your own Bitcoin Full Node, click here

Jimmy Song video explaining advantages of running your own Bitcoin Full Node, click here

Run your own Full Node and help the Bitcoin (BTC) network. Be Your Own Bank! There are currently (May 2018) about 138,000 full nodes globally. About 10,000 of these are listening for outside connections on the P2P network.

As people suddenly realise they don’t own their data on Facebook, how will they react when they realise they don't own the money in their bank accounts either?

The good news is government can't take your Bitcoin in your own full node. Not by legalised theft (inflation), nor by government bail ins. Realise that fiat money, $, €, ¥, £, yuan, Venezuelan Bolívar, Argentine Peso, Zimbabwean Dollar, etc. is crashing! In the last 100 years, all fiat currencies have lost 97-99% of their purchasing power, reducing your standard of living.


What is a Full Node?

Download Bitcoin Core

Instructions for running your Full Node of Bitcoin Core

Instructions for running your Bitcoin Full Node under Tor for anonymity, privacy and security of your money in your own bank.

With a Full Node behind the Tor network, your Full Node is difficult to trace.

You also can use a VPN for encryption of your Bitcoin transactions (can be used with or without Tor).

For VPN, the PCMAG Editor's Choice is NordVPN, click here.NordVPN

With a Bitcoin Full Node protected by VPN and / or Tor, you have complete control of your own private electronic bank. Anonymous like cash, but electronic, instant, unlimited by space time and appreciating in value.

Live map showing reachable nodes in listening mode on the Bitcoin network. Add yours to the map!

Video explaining The Halving (Litecoin/Bitcoin). Another reason why Bitcoin and Litecoin prices will increase significantly!
Keybase chat crypto for everyone download now
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Bitcoin transactions in real time, live from the blockchain:

For an imaginative audio visualisation of the Bitcoin blockchain from, see bottom of Mysittingbourne home page here. The base sound announces the creation of another block. A block is like a page in a book or ledger. Unlike a database that can be altered, it is a permanent, incorruptible record of value transactions on the blockchain. Pure mathematical truth!

Bitcoin digital gold

As more and more people are turning to physical gold, so they are turning to Bitcoin digital gold.

Bitcoin is trustless and decentralised. Like gold, it has limited supply. It can never be over-printed and devalued by a government. You can transfer funds anywhere, almost instantaneously and at much lower cost than bank transfer.

Don't have a bank account? Want to spend your Bitcoin anywhere that accepts bank cards? Want to use an ATM to access your Bitcoin in local currencies? No problem! Spend your Bitcoin with a Visa debit card accepted almost anywhere.
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If you do not know about Bitcoin, a good place to start is by getting a free wallet from,, or

bitcoin price chart

Physical Gold


Protect yourself and family from central bank currency debasement and inflation in asset prices, housing, food. There are rising levels of financial, economic and geopolitical risk in the world. In the last 100 years, all currencies have lost 97-99% of their purchasing power. Some believe that the final move to zero will take place in the next few years.

Currency debasement through money printing is the destruction of fiat money purchasing power - $, €, ¥, £, yuan, Venezuelan Bolívar, Argentine Peso, Zimbabwean Dollar...

True inflation and cost of living is currently 8% higher than the government reports. Real wages are falling rapidly and most people are taking out more and more debt to make ends meet. Only the wealthy minority and banks benefit from the current system.

Protect yourself. Buy physical, allocated gold, silver, platinum online and store it in safe vaults outside your jurisdiction (Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada and Singapore) or, at home. Physical gold has limited supply. Buy before the panic!

Look what happened in Cyprus (2013), Greece (2015) and Spain (Catalonia 2017). The lesson is that the money in your bank account is not really yours. It can be taken or frozen by the government just when you need it. Maybe it is not a good idea to keep too much money in the bank, especially when the next financial crisis comes!


BullionVault is the world's largest online investment gold service taking care of $2 billion for more than 65,000 users. Even small amounts of metal can be bought and they have the lowest costs.

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