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Some users will not install the equipment after purchasing the corn sheller for the first time. Today, the Mini Corn Threshing/Maize Sheller Machine for sale manufacturers  are available for you to introduce.

Installation and commissioning of corn thresher

First, the placement of the corn thresher

At a distance of 4 to 8 meters from the ear of corn, choose a flat, hard ground, and place the corn thresher in the direction of the feeding hopper in the feeding conveyor. After the machine is stably placed, the four strings of the random attachment are inserted into the four corners of the base iron of the frame.

Second, the installation of the power machine and transmission belt.

The TY-4.5 corn thresher can be used with a 7 kW motor or an 8 to 10 hp diesel engine. The drum shaft of the corn thresher rotates counterclockwise, and the rotation speed is 750~850 rpm. Therefore, the steering and rotation speed of the fine machine should be the same as that of the thresher. The distance between the power shaft of the power machine and the thresher should not exceed 5 meters. The loose belt of the open transmission belt should be on the top, and the middle of the two pulleys should be on a vertical plane. Otherwise, the belt will slip and the belt will be exposed. The tightness of the belt should be appropriate. After the belt is adjusted, the safety cover should be installed. After the position of the power machine is properly installed, the wedge iron is also used to fix the power machine firmly.

Third, the use and replacement of the threshing drum.

When the nail of the barrel is ground to 1/2 or more, the threshing performance is lowered, and the roll can be reversibly installed. After the second wear, it is necessary to replace the new product.

4. Trial operation of TY-4.5 corn thresher

Before turning on the machine, apply a hand to turn the roller pulley several times to check whether there are any leftover tools, bricks, and other debris in the threshing assembly, or whether the machine has scratches. Then use the power machine to drive for 3 to 5 minutes, listen to the sound of the thresher, check whether the components are loose and whether the bearings are hot. After confirming that they are all normal, put them into formal operation.


After the Mini Corn Threshing/Maize Sheller Machine for sale to the user, how can the user use the device safely? Next, let's introduce the safety protection measures of the device. Users should pay attention to the following protective measures when using: 1. Do not start the machine until the safety guard is not in good condition. 2. When checking the machine, the power must be extinguished. 3. The work site should be spacious, to ensure ventilation and fire prevention, the operator should be neatly dressed, long hair tied and fixed, the power switch should be close to the operator, in order to break the power as soon as possible in the event of a fault. Do not allow hard objects to enter the machine to avoid damage to the human machine. 4. Check whether the components are damaged, and replace and repair them in time. 5. Check that the circuit is safe and reliable to ensure the safety of the operator. 6. During the operation, attention should be paid to observing, inspecting and fastening the bolts of each transmission component to ensure the safe operation of the machine. https://www.taakthreshermachine.com/corn-threshing-maize-sheller-machine/

Peanut/Peanut Thresher and Dedusting Sheller For the users of peanut crops, the extensive use of this equipment has brought great convenience to users, which not only improves production efficiency but also brings higher production to users. Benefits, the equipment is now very popular among users in agricultural production. Today, the Peanut/Groundnut Thresher with Dust Removal Sheller Factory will tell you how the equipment works, so that everyone can use the equipment better.

The Peanut/Groundnut Thresher is manually fed and first falls into the thick text grid. Due to the force between the rotation of the plate and the concave plate of the fixed grid, the peanut kernel and the shell are separated and separated by the grid and then passed through the grid. The wind tunnel passes the wind to blow most of the peanut shell outside the machine, while the peanut kernel and a part of the peanut fruit that has not been stripped together fall into the specific gravity sorting sieve. After pre-screening, the peanut kernel is separated from the sieve surface and flows through the material inlet. The sacks, but not yet peeled off the peanuts, descend from the screen surface, flow into the hoist through the discharge channel, and they are sent to the fine grid by the hoist to carry out secondary shelling, and then through the specific gravity branch screening, all the stripping can be achieved.

The above is for everyone to talk about some of the working principles of the device, I hope to help you better use the device.


Cold-rolled steel coils are an indispensable product for many industries, and many users look at the price of the products when they buy them. Then you can understand the impact of the cold rolled steel coil factory price. let me introduce you today.

The steel coil is a flat steel material which is poured with molten steel and pressed and cooled. The steel plate is flat and rectangular and can be rolled directly or cut from a wide steel strip. The steel plate is divided by thickness,

Thin steel plate <4 mm, thick steel plate 4~60 mm, extra thick steel plate 60~115 mm. The steel sheet is divided into hot rolling and cold rolling. Cold rolling is a hot-rolled coil as a raw material and is rolled at a normal temperature below a recrystallization temperature. A cold rolled steel sheet is a steel sheet produced by a cold rolling process and is referred to as a cold plate. The thickness of the cold-rolled sheet is generally between 0.1 and 8.0 mm. The thickness of the cold-rolled steel sheet produced by most factories is 4.5 mm or less. The thickness and width of the cold-rolled sheet are determined according to the equipment capacity and market demand of each factory. Cold rolling is a steel sheet which is further rolled to a target thickness at room temperature under a recrystallization temperature. Compared with hot-rolled steel sheets, cold-rolled steel sheets are thicker and have a smooth and beautiful surface.


The Thresher has many advantages over traditional threshing methods, especially at the working rate. So what can extend the useful life of Multi-Functional Corn, Sorghum, Soybean, Grain Thresher/Sheller? Let's take a look at it together and hope to help everyone. 1. Add lubricant to the peanut thresher equipment system on time, which can effectively reduce the degree of machine wear. 2. Operate the peanut thresher according to the instructions for use. Do not operate at will to avoid damage to the components. 3. Regularly inspect the various components of the peanut thresher and replace the parts that are naturally worn out in the peanut thresher, so that various safety hazards of the machine can be eliminated in time. As long as the above points are used during use, the service life of the peanut thresher can be effectively extended.


After more than ten years of development, Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher have experienced small to medium-sized, large-scale, wet to dry, and wet and dry, from the beginning to reduce labor intensity, and gradually embarked on agricultural and sideline products. The use of the display shows the mechanical requirements of agricultural development. So how do you choose different types of thresher users on the market? Today, Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher supplierishere to give you an analysis of how to choose.

From the current farming habits, most of the rice and wheat corn are dried in the ground after harvesting, and then small tractors, small wheels, and other small transport tools are pulled to the threshing machine for threshing. operation. And because the transportation of peanuts can only stand one person, it can stand up to two people. Therefore, as long as two people can feed the thresher at the same time, and the thresher is not blocked, a thresher of this size is suitable. Based on years of practical experience, the current mainstream models can meet such requirements. It's like buying a car, buying a car is just right, you can only buy a CMB.

From the structure of the machine, those larger than the mainstream models, mostly to meet some people, think that the big will be a quick psychological and sudden development of the product. When the machine is large, the resistance of each part of the movement will increase accordingly, and the motor load will increase accordingly. The thickness of the shaft, the size of the bearing, and the strength of the frame will also be higher, and if there is not enough theory and The basis of practice will inevitably lead to a decline in reliability, which will bring unexpected problems to the use, so choose carefully.


Low-cost Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper are well-understood for the users. They are an important device for harvesting crops and a mechanical device for harvesting peanuts. The harvester plays a very important role in the farmland. Some farmers may not know how to operate after having a multi-purpose harvester, or what to pay attention to during operation, which may cause some problems to be solved and often fail. The following will explain some of the things about you. Basic information about the device, such as its role and operation. At present, the Multi-function Reaper has two functions. The earlier function is to pick up the wet fruit. The second function is to pick up the dried fruit. However, picking wet fruit can easily cause the fresh pod to break. When the situation permits, the fruit should be picked after drying, but it is not suitable. Too dry to prevent the pods from breaking. The picking rate requires a picking rate of over 98%, a breaking rate of no more than 3%, and cleanliness of over 98%. The early step of the multi-function harvester operating in the work operation needs to pay attention to the installation power of the small four-wheel tractor or 7.5 kW motor. Then it is necessary to explain the roller gap adjustment. Wet peanuts require a large gap, dry peanuts require a small gap, can be adjusted according to the instructions. Of course, you should also pay attention to the adjustment of the fruit board and the fruit board. Change the upper and lower position of the fruit board, reduce the blowing of the peanut fruit, adjust the position of the fruit board, so that the peanut fruit does not jump out. Here are some key points to note. The discharge port should be in the direction of the wind. It is forbidden to feed the hand to the entrance. The feed should be uniform. Do not feed the stone, wire, rope, etc. into the machine. In short, in the operation of the large peanut picker, it will inevitably encounter such problems. As long as you look at this knowledge, I believe that it will be handy when it runs. https://www.taakthreshermachine.com/multi-function-reaper-binder/

The use of multi-purpose harvesters for walking tractors has greatly helped the development of agriculture and has brought a lot of convenience and improved results. Therefore, the equipment has been welcomed by users since its launch, and the market demand is also large. However, with the advancement of society, the user's requirements for the harvester are also constantly improving. In order to meet the needs of users, the multi-purpose harvester is also constantly innovating and improving. Then today, the manufacturer of Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper for sale come to give everyone a summary of the use of the device.

1. Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper is suitable for the separation of alfalfa and fruit from peanuts harvested and harvested two days after excavation.

2. After picking the fruit, the peanuts are clean and free of impurities. After drying, they can be directly packed and stored.

3. Easy to operate, reliable performance, clean fruit, high efficiency, less broken, small power matching.

4. Dry and wet peanut picking machine and tractor are suitable for fixed and mobile operations. The peanuts are fed into the fruit picking system by the feeding workbench, or fed into the fruit picking system by semi-automatic transport, and beaten by the drum teeth to make the peanut fruit and the broken stem and the leaf-shaped curved grid leak; The wind-selected area is air-selected, the leaves are blown out of the machine, the fruit and heavier stalks fall on the sorting sieve, and the long stalks are sorted out of the screen and the stalks and soil are shorter. After the sieve bottom slab falls to the ground, the fruit and a small number of stalks, the mud lumps are sorted and sieved out of the fruit.



Low-cost Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaperthat use machinery to complete the harvesting of agricultural crops according to agronomic requirements when the crops are mature or near maturity. It is a new type of agricultural machinery researched and developed for the development of new energy sources and the reduction of the labor intensity of farmers. It is agricultural machinery that is cheap and suitable for the popularization of small four-wheels in rural areas and can harvest crops. It shortens the labor cycle of farmers' friends and frees people from heavy physical labor.

The multifunctional harvester mainly comprises a cutting rod device, a conveying device, and a hydraulic lifting device. During the operation, the machine advances along the direction of the crop ridge, the cutter cuts the crop straw, and the straw is output through the upper, middle and lower conveyor chains in the right direction, and is naturally placed to complete the harvest. The separation of power is the hydraulic lifting system of the driver operating the tractor. After the main engine is lifted up to the position where it stays, the two B-type V-belts will stop rotating, cut off the power input of the diesel engine, realize the separation of the power, the cutter, and The conveyor belt will stop rotating. Otherwise, it will be in a working rotation state.

The machine is mainly used to harvest rice, alfalfa, buckwheat, rapeseed, wheat, pasture, medicinal materials and other crops with a plant height of 0.4-1.2 m, with a cutting width of 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5 m. The transmission adopts a chain and a sprocket. It is connected to the front of the 3WG-7 garden management machine during harvesting. It has the advantages of compact structure, light and flexible, reliable use, simple operation, strong working performance, and convenient maintenance. Can be customized according to the level of harvested crops.


In recent years, the state's subsidies for agricultural institutions have increased. Following the national policy, the number of users purchasing China Tractor With Multi-function Potato Garlic Peanut Harvester has increased. The number of Chinese tractor multi-purpose potato and garlic peanut harvesters is increasing. However, in the process of use. Due to the initial contact of many operators and improper use, the performance of the peanut picker has not been fully exerted, thereby reducing productivity. The following is the proper use of the peanut picker.

First, check and install and debug before use.

1. Before you work, read the instructions carefully and prepare for the installation.

2. Select a flat installation ground to fix the peanut picker

3. Adjust all parts

4. Adjust the roller according to the stem condition

5. After the installation is completed, check whether the protective measures are perfect and whether the parts are tight.

2. After the empty running time arrives, you can invest in a small number of materials for trial operation. If there is any problem, stop the inspection.

Third, fill the peanuts into the material mouth, keep the right amount, continuous, and continuously invest. If the humidity is too high, the feed should be reduced.

4. In the operation, if the cleaning is not clean, you can increase the number of winds or lower the windshield.

5. If the drum is clogged during the process, you should look for problems, such as whether the input is too large, the tightness of the V-belt and the power supply voltage, constantly thinking about the problem and solving the problem.

Above, can it help you solve the problem well? If the above method is used properly, the life of the peanut picker can be increased, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced.


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