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PP-60N universal drill grinding machine is suitable for grinding all kinds of straight blade cutters with different angles. It is suitable for a variety of different types of cutters in furniture making, printing, textile, and other industries, it also can be used for oblique opening processing of high-speed tool steel and so on, being preferred equipment of related manufacturing enterprises.

PP-60N universal drill grinding machine is composed by the main body, working flat, straight orbit, the motor, and the grinding head. Every part is compact and logical.

Use of PP-60N universal drill grinding machine

1-  Used for many kinds of steel blades/ knives

2-  With space sensor can automatic go-return sharping

3-  Water special clamp for different knives and can adjust the gradient of the blades/ knives

Specifications of PP-60N universal drill grinding machine

Suitable for grinding various circular blades. 

FEATURES of PP-60N universal drill grinding machine

Main shaft by A.C motor 1/4 HP control 

Blade surface grinding by A.C motor 3/4 HP control, the size of the grinding wheel is 125mm*13mm*31.75mm 

Cooling system by A.C motor 1/8 HP control, the size of the grinding wheel is 100mm*13mm*31.75mm 

Blade holding plate changeable from 100mm / 150mm / 175mm / 200mm / 250mm / 275mm / 300mmΦ for various sizes of circular blades.

All of the mechanical and electrical parts are compliant to the CE regulation, which makes operation safe. 


Manual PCD tool grinder is necessary equipment for computer engraving machine and Engraving Milling machine and CNC center, it is specially designed for sharpening various diameters, angles of carving knives, straight shank cutter, engraving cutter and so on, it is with good precision, competitive price, no skill request.

Product features of Manual PCD tool grinder

Manual PCD tool grinder is necessary equipment for computer engraving machine and Engraving Milling machine and CNC center;

it is specially designed for sharpening various diameters, shapes, angles of carving knives, round knives, straight shank cutter, end mill, drill, lathe tool, engraving cutter and so on;

it is with good precision,competitive price, on skill request.

For grinding HSS and carbide engraving cutter as well as a single lip or multiple lip cutters of various shapes such as radiused cutters or negative taper angle of cutters. The universal index head is provided at 24 positions so that any particular angle or shape can be obtained, free 360 or 100 rotation is allowed for grinding End Mills.Manual PCD tool grinder, only replace the attachment to the index head without any complex setup.


Micra-10 sharpening machine design for sharpen plastic crusher blades which edge is easy blunt. It’s one of the accessory products which can enhance the working efficiency of crusher, meanwhile, it also can grind woodworking machine tool or another straight blade.

Micra-10 sharpening machine for the blade

1.specially designed for crusher blade.

2.sharpen blades quickly and automatically; 

3.easily control and maintain.

Advantage OF Micra-10 sharpening machine

This unit is designed for the plastic crusher blades which are very easy to damage or abrasion, 

it can increase the working efficiency. It can also be used for the other straight-edge blade.

Usage OF Micra-10 sharpening machine

This machine is designed for the plastic crusher blades. It can increase the working efficiency, it can also be used for the other straight edge blades.

This machine is composed by the airframe, working table, straight orbit, reducer, motor, and electric parts.

Micra-10 sharpening machine is designed according to plastic crusher bits easy to lose which is specially used in sharpening the crusher bits. It has compact structure, comfortable outlook, high efficiency, easy control,  is suitable for sharpening and processing each kind of straight edge cutting tool. It is composed of machine frame, operating platform, slide carriage, reduction motor, grinding head, electrical equipment. It is suited for our PP/PE/PET crusher.


Product Application of Manual PCD tool grinder

Our Manual PCD tool grinder is a very high precision but an economic grinding machine which is developed for the domestic and international customers' requirements, ensuring machine rigidity and precision, and highlighting the convenience and flexibility for the operator, with a great reputation in the domestic and international market. 

Manual PCD tool grinder which incorporates the necessary features required for the economical manufacturing and regrinding of a wide range of PCD, PCBN, Carbide, and HSS cutting tools.

Design Features of Manual PCD tool grinder

1) Extremely rigid construction with heavy duty cast iron body, more than 18 months natural aging, stable and durable.

2) Swing mechanism utilizing ball-screw by a servo motor, smoother, more stable and durable.

3) The frequency converter is JAPAN FUJI brand

4) The whole pneumatic system uses JAPAN SMC products to get rapid feed and infeed with adjustable grinding

5) Manual PCD tool grinder a CCD camera with an LCD monitor and precision scale for easy setup and inspection in grinding

6) Monitor scope with zoom system for adjustable from 7-45 magnification even 0.05 radius can grinded and inspected.


PP-50 universal end mill sharpener,  with development of the carved industry, precisely designed by engineers. It is made up by main unit, wheel, spindle, drives, micro-feed, and the grinding wheel dresser, knife the composition, structure, novel, modeling beautiful, high precision, good performance, easy to use, easy maintenance, applicable: computer engraving machine, machine engraving machine, engraving machine, and high-speed rotary die knife cone head, edge grinding, and milling cutter blade cutting edge, grinding angles accurately. Universal Grinder is equipped with a more advanced type of sharpener, my company is quality first, service-oriented for the purpose, sincerely for the majority of mold engraving machine, computer engraving User Services.

Product Description ofPP-50 universal end mill sharpener

1. Easy to operate, unskilled workers can learn to sharpen the end mill quickly. 

2.Economical price, grinding fast and high accuracy. Diamond grinding wheel. 

3.PP-50 universal end mill sharpener low maintenance, good grinding result. The motor is electronic and powerful, frequency stable, extra motor life.

4. Quickly sharpen standard end mill  into high-performance, self-centering split point mill

5. The outstanding value will pay for itself in just a few months


Features of PP-60N universal drill grinding machine

1. There are two types of grinding wheels (5A & 12A) on the wheel head of PP-60N. The end & chisel edge can be ground without changing the grinding wheel.

2. For dressing grinding wheel, set the diamond dresser on the chuck and adjust the wheel head angle. The wheel motor can be adjusted 165mm vertically and rotate 180°. It can increase the function of machinery.

3. Adopts the precision awl type chuck. It can clip stably. At the same time, it can grind the cutting edge and web thickness of drills in one set-up. Both sides of the drill angle and the edge length are equal. It could keep the accuracy of the center of drill without offset.

4. Easy operation, grind fast and precisely.

The types of PP-60N universal drill grinding machine to be ground: Drill, step drill, center drill, spotting drill, countersink cutter, tap, chamfer cutter, the edge of end mill, engraving tool, sheet metal drill, round bar, etc.。

5. There are two types of wheel head: single or double.

6. Adopt high precision cross roller guide on the table. The table is stable and can be operated smoothly.

7. Adopt FC25 cast iron with high toughness. It can keep the precision of the machine in the long term.

8. The types of tools to be ground include: Drills, taps, end mills, lathe tools, radius lathe tools, radius end mills, chamfer cutter, side cutter, reamer, hob, gun drill, hole saw, slitting cutter, punch, round bar, etc.

PP-60N universal drill grinding machine removing stuck bolts- punch drill grinding, 28 Aug 2015, Drill into the fastener, open the hole as much as possible and punch the , a brand new Allen wrench with valve grinding compound and twistEngineering Tools - AdendorffGrinders (22) , This machine is ideal for milling, drilling and tapping The headstock , 22mm; THICKNESS OF PLATE 8mm; PUNCH LONG HOLE 17 x 40mm


Specifications OF PP-60N universal drill grinding machine

Longitudinal travel of table: 250mm

Cross travel of saddle: 180mm

Vertical adjustment of wheel head: 165mm

The rotary angle of wheel head: 360°

Clearance angle: 0° ~ 18°

Point angle: 40° ~ 180°

Size of wheel:

180 x 32 x 31.75mm

180 x 19 x 31.75mm

Speed of wheel: 3,600 RPM


60N: 1/2 HP, 220V / 380V

N.W. / G.W.:

60N: 270 / 320 KG

Size of packing (L x W x H):

60N: 95 x 100 x 154 CM

Features OF PP-60N universal drill grinding machine

Adopt the precise self-centering chuck,  clipping one time then can grind the blade of drills and do the paring of drills abdomen.

The angle of drills and the length of the blade are the same after grinding. It can keep the drill center without an off center.

The motor main spindle can install with two wheels. The blade and the center of a drill can be ground one time. It can save time for replacing the grinding wheel.

 The motor can be adjusted 160mm up & down, it can increase the control of machinery.

Dual Cams

Grinding fast and high accuracy

1. Can grinding sword: bit, center drill, level of NC drill, drill, tap, front end chamfering knives, cutter, cutting tools such as round rod;

2. PP-60N universal drill grinding machine use of special precision 6 jaw chuck, a clamping, the two sides can grinding diamond blade and diamond belly thin peel, both sides after grinding blade Angle and the length is the same, not eccentric, and center to ensure the accuracy.

3. Grinding accuracy, fast, simple operation.


Performance Overview of  3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester

product performance and high efficiency. Mainly used for harvesting potato, garlic, sweet potatoes, peanuts and other crops, underground stem. With a harvest of high efficiency, low breakage, running light and no vibration, no blocking grass, earth leakage fast, simple structure, long service life. The equipment has been approved by the State Patent Office, utility model and design patents.

 Structure of  3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester

Potato Harvest machine is mounted on tractors equipped with three-point linkage and PTO.

Usage of  3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester

The potato harvester we manufactured has the characteristics of good function, high efficiency, mainly used for the reaping potato, sweet potato, peanut, onions, garlic, Chinese yam, taro, and other underground rhizome crops. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low breakage, fast to leak the soil, long service life.

Features of  3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester

Agriculture Equipment 3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester for sale

Optionally completing the excavation, transport separation, in addition to the seedlings

The combination of mining institutions ensures the mining depth

The floating cutter is designed more effectively to cut weeds, reduce digging resistance

Key components adopt international advanced technology, to improve the whole life

Farm use tractor driven potato harvester

Agriculture Equipment 3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester for sale is the machine that harvest potatoes. It works by lifting the potatoes from the bed using a share. Soil and crop are transferred onto a series of webs where the loose soil is sieved out.

Then the potatoes are moved towards the back of the harvester on to a separation unit and then (on manned machines) to a picking table where a people pick out by hand the stones, clod, haulm and reject clod. The potatoes then go on to a side elevator and into a trailer or a potato box.

This machine is mainly used for the harvest of potato, garlic, Pachyrhizus, peanut and other subterranean rootstalk crops with the advantages including high-working efficiency, lower breakage rate,light&quick running without vibration,

no jamming and simple structure as well as long useful life.


The China Peanut Planter Equipment is mainly used for the planting of peanuts, the machine needs to be equipped with a tractor, which saves time and labor and greatly improves planting efficiency.

The Peanut Planter with Fertilizer Machine has introduced the advanced technology from the world, matched with small four-wheeled tractors and it can combine ditching, fertilization, sowing, spraying, casing soil, scraping at the same time. The working depth, row spacing, and planting distance can be adjusted according to different planting requirement of different areas.

According to the needs of farmers, our factory has developed hands push wheeled corn planter after years of experience. 

2 This planter has become a successful product after two years' practice.

3 It is prolonged and durable. Sowing accurately

4 Sowing unanimously and buds come out unanimously

5 The efficiency is two times higher than a portable planter

6 This product is a qualified one after verified by State Bureau of Technical.

Notice of China Peanut Planter Equipment

1. When using with a coating of seeds, fossils must be mixed with 0.5% or 0.2% lead oxide powder coating agents do a good job in the post and then into the seed box.

2. Soil wet or rain to pay special attention if a foreign body within the nozzle son.

3. Matching species should seriously by seed round.

4. Non- running, pull down, push down

5.Seeding rate must be controlled, the proposed 35-40 meters per minute.

6. The seeder is strictly prohibited as such as children toys free push and touch the gear to avoid damage and injury.

7. Peanut Planter with Fertilizer Machine Seed grain tank capacity of not less than one third.

8. Please strictly running in the direction of the arrow seeder seed box side when in use.

9. When they find significantly reduced the use of seed per acre amount, please check for obstructions or another failure, so as not to cause you loss.


This Tractor With Multi-function Peanut Harvester can do digging, pulling out the peanut plant, shaking off the earth, holding and conveying, picking fruits, riddling, gathering and handling seedlings in one operation. Next Tractor With Multi-function Peanut Harvester manufacturer

 gives you a brief introduction.

Product Description of Tractor With Multi-function Peanut Harvester

This China Tractor With Multi-function Peanut Harvester can do the digging, pulling out the peanut plant, shaking off the earth, holding and conveying, picking fruits, riddling, gathering and handling seedlings in one operation.

Special features of Multi-function Peanut Harvester

1. With high efficiency, high fruit picking rate and low loss rate;

2. Able to reduce human labor need and production cost;

3. Two rows can be harvested at one time, and two laborers will be needed;

4. Row Spacing: 30cm; Plant Spacing: no limit; minimum plant height: 25cm.

Aike is a professional Tractor With Multi-function Peanut Harvester manufacturer, welcome everyone to consult.


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Bitcoin forecast to 2029

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