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BT-560 tool analyzer is the world's ultra-small and won the Nobel Prize in Medicine winner effort to recommend the automatic biochemical analyzer.

Feature of BT-560 tool analyzer

1 Small: Size 500mm * 440mm * 470mm, less than 0.1 m3 weight: less than 40KG, a person can easily move the location, small footprint

2 Multi: 22-bit samples, three samples sample rack can be added at any time, this property is a great industry. 50 reagent positions, up to 50 projects simultaneously test

3 the fastest: the result is less than 10 minutes; 100 tests per hour constant rate

4 State: Minimum reaction volume 180ul; minimum sample size 3ul; great save testing costs.

5 BT-560 tool analyzer manufacturer: Demina.

Brief Introduction of BT-560 tool analyzer 

BT-560 tool analyzer fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer mainly use for testing various chemical composition in human serum, testing the liver function, kidney function, myocardial enzymes, blood sugar, blood fat, ions and so on.


The series PP-50 universal end mill sharpener are especially suitable for sharpening tools in HSS, tungsten carbide and other materials, also for cylindrical, surface, slot and profile grinding work.

By using an additional attachment, you greatly extend the range of application of there machines and can solve individual machining problems, such as grinding of various hobs, for tools, spherical cutters, twist drills, and steep taper reamers, etc.

The seriesPP-50 universal end mill sharpener with the two-dimensional setting(except TGA25B), workheand stock swivels with double dir. And supplied with ISO-50 taper hole.

The worktable is supported in preloaded ball guide and can be driven by hand or by infinitely changing rate hydraulic.

Features of PP-50 universal end mill sharpener

1.Touch-screen operation, Simple, direct, easy to use. Support to a different language.

2.User-friendly operation and interface, no need to understand the blade-parameters.

3.A universal fixture which is suitable for all kinds of CNC punch press tools, thick turret toolings, trumpet tools, multi-tools, Murratec punch tools, thin turret toolings, Salgvanini punch tools, etc.

4. PP-50 universal end mill sharpener adjustable fixture system, that can grind non-flat punch blades (such as monoclinic, the roof type, etc.)

5. Demina supplies different color choice based on a production environment or customer preferences.

Demina Experienced service engineers are available at any time to provide all-around technical support services before and after sale, as well as provide efficient and cost-effective equipment set up schemes and systematic solutions for processing technology, fixture, tools, and plant planning, etc., the training center will provide training of operation, programming and daily maintenance for the machining centers to related customers, also provide the CNC machine tool training service combining theories with practices.


Features of Semi-auto tool sharpening machine

1.Available with grinding lengths ranging from 100 mm to 1000 mm, or longer for special grinding purposes.

2. It features a heavy-duty reinforced machine base which gives the maximum stability. 

3. Semi-auto tool sharpening machine controls the carriage movement during the various stages of the working cycle.

4.Suitable for a broad range of industrial serrated toothed knives grinding, such as packing machine knife blade, package machine knife blade, tissue machine cutting knife blade, paper cutter knife blade, leather, cloth cutting knife blade which the straight knife blade with the serrated tooth.

5.Grinding motor 2.2kW (3HP)

6.Variable carriage speed from 1 to 30 m/min with carriage run adjustment 

7. Semi-auto tool sharpening machine down feed.

8.Programmable work cycles: roughing, finishing, spark-out; 

9. Separate coolant collection tank fitted with 90W motor pump

10. High suction magnetic table. 

Operating OF Semi-auto tool sharpening machine

1. Semi-auto sharpening machine.

2. Sharpening 2 sides of the blades at the right side, then push the blades to the left side to sharpen the narrow side.

3. The operator only needs to push the blades from the right side to left.

4.  Better cost performance.


Product Description of BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder  

1.BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder, easy to use, parameters can be modified according to the customer's requirements.

2. Independent developed four-axis linkage operation system.

3. Customer-made software functions for a specific tool, meet different needs

4. Software upgrades are simple, easily enjoy free upgrade service through USB.

5. Cooperate with the slot machine, this machine can produce milling cutter and drills which can reduce the equipment investment.

BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder uses 45 degrees of inclined type layout with a one-piece hollow tubular bed, which greatly improves the flexural rigidity and torsional stiffness of machine when working. At the same time after two aging treatment, it has improved the stability, high rigidity, and stability of the machine, which ensures high accuracy of the whole machine. The X and Z axis control the half closed-loop CNC lathe by a direct-connected servo.

Component composition of BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder 

 All the BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder two-axis are the sliding (hard) rail. The structure and dimension of the axis are compact and reasonable. The spindle is gear transmission and variable- frequency variable-speed driven by variable frequency motor through the belt which can clamp various plate, shaft, and component all at once. It can complete the processing of vehicles, groove, inner (outer) hole, spherical, R cone angle, curved shape, cone shape, face shape, male thread single head, thread single head, and multiple thread processing. BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder is applicable for multi and mass production and can meet the processing demands for complex and high precision parts.


BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine for end mill cutter, molding cutter tools. For example, grooving cutter, molding cutter, router bit, carbide saw and planer knife. It’s a multi-function universal tool grinder.

It has a different corresponding cutter head device Heavy and stable construction makes it durable & accurate. Castings for greater rigidity and extra stability in operation, thereby increasing use-life.

BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine can grind carbide router bits by router bit chuck. Adopt high precise V-type delicate guide rail for feeding in/outboard and work table travel, moved lightly and flexibly.

High precise scale rings are installed in all adjustable sections to ensure accuracy parallelism of work table +/-0.01mm and with good durability.

Product Description of BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine

Sharpening scope: In the hole, outer annulus, column, trench, taper, end mill, disc cutter, lathe tool, square shape, and diamond cutting tool, gear cutting tool and so on. 

The working table uses the dovetail guide rail, good rigidity, steady bed platform, dexterous operation.

The motor can rotate 360° in the horizontal plane, the grinding wheel can be clockwise and anticlockwise rapidly. When grinding different kinds of material's cutter, you can turn the grinding wheel, which can add the safety and reduce the time of replacing and dressing the grinding wheel, adding controllability of cutter grinding.

The standard accessory can grind slot miller, face and side cutters, lathe tool, hobbing cutter, reamer bit, etc.

BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine specially designed for sharpening various diameters, shapes, angles of carving knives, round knives, straight shank cutter, end mill, drill, lathe tool, engraving cutter and so on;

it is with good precision,competive price, on skill request.

Focus on precision and detail of BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine

The working table uses two high precision straight line roiling guide rails, good back and forth movement, high stability, steady bed platform, dexterous operation.


Product Description of APE-40 UP- sharpening machine 

1. For grinding HSS and carbide engraving cutter as well as a single lip or multiple lip cutters of various shapes such as radiuses cutters or negative taper angle of cutters.

2. The universal index head is provided at 24 positions so that any particular angle of shape can be obtained, free 360 or 100 rotation is allowed for grinding End Mills, Twist Drill, Lathe Tools, only replace the attachment to the index head without any complex setup.

It is specially designed for sharpening various diameters, shapes, angles of carving knives, round knives, straight shank cutter, end mill, drill, lathe tool, engraving cutter and so on.

Now Demina APE-40 UP- sharpening machine for sale, welcome users who need it to buy.

Features of APE-40 UP- sharpening machine 

APE-40 UP- sharpening machine is necessary equipment for computer engraving machine and Engraving Milling machine and CNC center;

it is specially designed for sharpening various diameters, shapes, angles of carving knives, round knives, straight shank cutter, end mill, drill, lathe tool, engraving cutter and so on; it is with good precision, competitive price, on skill request.

APE-40 UP- sharpening machine for grinding HSS and carbide engraving cutter as well as a single lip or multiple lip cutters of various shapes such as radiused cutters or negative taper angle of cutters. The universal index head is provided at 24 positions so that any particular angle or shape can be obtained, free 360 or 100 rotation is allowed for grinding End Mills. Lathe Tools, only replace the attachment to the index head without any complex setup.


BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine spring end grinding machine is mainly used for grinding the double surfaces of the compression springs(including cylindrical springs, conical springs, and double conical springs). 

The BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine use 2 upright grinding wheels, the springs are set on the feeding plate. Feeding speed of the upper grinding wheel is adjustable, in continuous and stepping feeding, allows the spring to reach a preset height, obtain a maxi grinding capacity according to the pressure used. This machine has the function of self-compensation, self-reset, alarm. Using man-machine interaction, we can make programming via the screen which makes it easy to use and increase productivity.

BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine vertical shaft rotary table grinders grind the workpiece with the end-face of the emery wheel. It is an efficient, precision and stable machine tool. This series of machine tool improved greatly in the rigidity of the bed and grinder head. Using three-point adjustment .need to choose proper fine grit grinding wheel when treat work-pieces that need highly polished and precision.specially for metallurgical industry, saw the web, automobile, tools and bearing industry.

It's one kind of circular electromagnetic workbench, vertical grinding head use grinding wheel end surface to surface grinding.

Performance: need to choose proper fine grit grinding wheel when treating work-pieces that need highly polished and precision.

Product Feature of BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine

The grinding wheel can be adjusted the angle by the three supports on the upright. Grinding wheel and work-table are driven by separate electromotor.

Magnet workbench is speed promise, cooling adopts independent water tank, electric using independent switch box.

BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine equipped with an automatic feeding device and hand wheel safely and quickly release device. Upright, grinding head and guide rail using steeled rail and chuck.

Main precision: the roughness of the surface is over 0.8u, and depth of parallelism is within 0.02/1000mm.

Equipped with the impeccable lubricating device and efficiency cooling liquid separating apparatus, adopted half-enclosed fitting.

Can be customized according to the client’s requirements.


Applications of PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine is a very versatile machine model. The wide abrasive belt head is capable of sanding down and removing the bigger burrs on the parts or using it for the whole surface finishing purpose such as No.4 finishing. The planetary abrasive barrel station that consists of 4 abrasive barrels (2 in clockwise rotation, and 2 in counter-clockwise rotation) will further rounds the edges and the contours. It is suitable for parts from laser cutting, punching, shearing, and etc, generally with small/medium burrs and sharp edges. It produces a much more consistent result of deburring and edge rounding in significantly higher efficiency than using manual tools. There will be no more metal dust just dispersing into the air, which will be efficiently extracted from the machine.

Machine characteristic overview of PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

1.Dry operation

2.Wide abrasive belt head for sanding out the burrs or surface finishing

3.PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine type abrasive barrel station for further edge rounding, 4 abrasive barrels, and planetary rotation

4.Vacuum conveyor table to accommodate small parts, smallest parts available 30x30mm

5. Planetary abrasive barrel station will only focus on the edges and contours of the parts, minimum effect on the whole surface

6.Capable of processing minor formed/profiled parts

7.The long life span of consumables

8. Straight forward and user-friendly operation

9.Auxiliary LED lighting inside the machine

Ideal parts of PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

1.Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and etc.

2.Parts with protective vinyl film (the machine will not damage the film, therefore protect the surface underneath)

3.Working thickness range from 0.5mm-100mm

4.Carbon steel parts that require a large radius on the edges

Optional configuration of PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

1. Additional wide abrasive belt head(s) on the front for sanding down heavier burrs or for high hardness alloy material is available, for example, 2 wide abrasive belt heads.

2. Additional wide abrasive belt head(s) on the back for straight-line surface finishing is available, for example, 1 wide abrasive belt head after the planetary abrasive barrel station.

3. For carbon steel parts that require large radius (for example 2 mm radius) on the edges, optional two units 4 abrasive barrel station in a row is available.  


Product Application of Manual PCD tool grinder

Manual PCD tool grinder is a precision tools' grinding machine which incorporates the necessary features required for the economical manufacturing and regrinding of a wide range of PCD, PCBN, Carbide, and HSS cutting tools.

Design Features of Manual PCD tool grinder

1) Extremely rigid construction with heavy duty cast iron body, more than 18 months natural aging, stable and durable.

2) Swing mechanism utilizing ball-screw by a servo motor, smoother, more stable and durable.

3) The frequency converter is JAPAN FUJI brand

4) The whole pneumatic system uses JAPAN SMC products to get rapid feed and infeed with adjustable grinding

5) Manual PCD tool grinder with an LCD monitor and precision scale for easy setup and inspection in grinding

6) Monitor scope with zoom system for adjustable from 7-45 magnification even 0.05 radius can grinded and inspected


1. Drill resharpening machine the back of the drill bit and the cross-blade can be installed once; the grinding of the tap cutting cone and the tap groove can also be completed at one time, eliminating the time for the grinding wheel to be replaced.

2. PP-60N universal drill grinding machine the working head of the machine tool adopts a precision six-jaw chuck. The two sides of the shovel can be repaired by one-time loading. The shape, angle, and length of the two shovels after grinding are exactly the same, which ensures the accuracy of the drill bit.

3. PP-60N Drill Sharpener can grind drill the wheel dresser is directly mounted on the machine and can be used for the online dressing of the wheel. In addition, the machine is equipped with a water cooling device to cool the drill bit in the grinding process to ensure that the drill bit does not anneal after grinding. It is equipped with an automatic grinding motor device to achieve automatic grinding, saving labor and improving production efficiency.

Longitudinal table moving distance: 160mm

Horizontal table moving distance: 180mm

The vertical adjustment range of grinding wheel shaft: 160mm

Grinding wheel head rotation angle: 360°

Drill bit angle: 40°-180°

Grinding wheel speed: 3,600 rpm

Motor: 1/2 HP, 110V/220V/380V

Net weight / gross weight: 280 kg / 300 kg

Packing volume (length × width × height): 1000 mm × 950 mm × 1530 mm


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Bitcoin forecast to 2029

Time model tends to forecast lower bound to prices. Stock-to-Flow model is a better model, click chart above to see details. It incorporates the halvings and better represents the monetary policy of Bitcoin. Hype cycles are expected around each halving as investors anticipate the price appreciation. Bitcoin has a fixed supply (maximum 21 million Bitcoins), therefore it cannot be devalued by central bank money printing (so called Quantitative Easing, QE). Bitcoin is also decentralised, meaning no single authority can control it. It has existed on the Internet for 10 years from 2009. It will be the money of the machines and Internet. Also described as digital gold due to its scarcity and high value.

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Dynamic stock and flow diagram, click for explanation on Wikipedia

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