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The West Lake, where the rain and rain are washed, is as clean as jade. Liu'an Huadi, with the clear back of the ancients; pavilions and waters, collecting the scenery that will not be forgotten yesterday. In the rainy season in the south of the Yangtze River Marlboro Cigarettes, many people are looking for the old dreams of prosperity. I don't know how many people will remember that in this lonely mountain of the West Lake, there was a hidden person who planted a plum of a tree and a tree, and wrote a clear and profound, lonely and lonely life of the heavens and the earth. The landscape may be forgotten. The vows that once stood together; in the time of tenderness, the years may be old and the face that will not change. However, no matter how the world changes, the West Lake will still remember. There was a landscape poet who once planted a plum, raised a crane, and exiled a deep, sea-like dream. He is called Lin Biao. It is said that Mr. and Mr. Jing are the poets of mountains and rivers who are known as "the wife of the wife and the wife Newport Cigarettes Coupons." Born in Qiantang, he lived in the West Lake, and he was married to a lonely mountain. He lived a life of seclusion that many people dreamed of. He was so hard to learn at a young age, and he knew through the history of hundreds of people. Many people thought that he would enter the official career and exchange his talents for a past. However, he is so self-satisfied, likes to be bleak, does not become glory, prefers to be with the mountains and rivers, to live together for a lifetime, and is not willing to step into the court, not to be clear in life. After he was an adult Cheap Cigarettes, he once roamed the Jianghuai area Newport 100S, and later retired to the West Lake in Hangzhou. He often traveled through the small boats to visit the temples of the West Lake, and went back to Gaochun poetry friends. In Gushan, he was a life-long, he was married to Mei, and he was a child. He was accompanied by Hushan. For the rest of his life, he would rather go to the ground and guard a pot of landscape, and he would not be a rich man and a gentleman. Perhaps in the Lonely Mountain, only plum blossoms can understand his inner joys and sorrows. Perhaps he is a plum, a deadly independent plum, blooming in the snow and ice, in the high branches, all things, no one in the world knows him. The joy of the heart, only the plum, is his confidant, willing to accompany him, the world. He put down the glory of the future, rich and glory, as long as the cloth is clear, the rough tea. In his heart, a seesaw on the court is not necessarily comparable to a plum on the side of the West Lake Bridge. The praises of the Son of Heaven are not necessarily comparable to the sound of a few birds on the lonely mountain. "Zhongfang swayed alone, taking advantage of the customs to the small garden. The shadows are shallow and the water is shallow, and the dark fragrance floats at dusk. The frosty birds want to steal the eyes first, and the pink butterflies are like the souls. Hey, there is no need for a total amount of sandalwood." Mr. He loves Mei, so his plum has a different style. Plum blossoms are in full bloom in the cold wind, sparse shadows, slanting in the shallow water, quiet The fragrance floats under the moonlight at dusk, and the cold bird can't help but peek at the plum blossoms, and the butterfly is lost. There is only this plum blossom between heaven and earth. Although it is high and clean, it is not arrogant; although it is self-respecting, it is full and quiet. I think, there was an afternoon, and Mr. Jing took a cup of tea and a piano to the plum tree. On that day, the cool breeze blew the petals of the ground and blew his hair. He gently shakes the strings in his hands, not thinking about the tea Cigarettes For Sale, when can he drink the tasteless, not to control, when the geese of Nanfei will return home, he only knows that the plum blossoms are still raining. In the fall - "the island's cranes and remains of the wild, the shoreside flowers and shadows of the spring branches." And Mr. Jing has the "Mei wife crane", naturally also loves the crane. According to legend, in the Lonely Mountain, every time the guest arrives, the door boy is flying, and Mr. Jing sees the crane and returns. The crane symbolizes longevity and symbolizes loneliness, loneliness, nobleness, elegance, and extraordinaryness. The ancients often use the white cranes that have the gentleman's style. They are like the noble men of noble morality. For "Heming people". The loneliness and loneliness of the crane, and Jing Jing know; the elegance and extraordinaryness of the crane is the embodiment of Hejing, so he raises the crane and, together with the crane, understands the loneliness of the world. There is no nostalgia for the prosperous world, no disappointment for prosperity, only the search for mountains and rivers and the love for plum blossoms. Thousands of years later, we can still find the plum blossoms, the backs of the cranes: the winter season, the occasional leisure, folding a plum, visit the old friends in the snow night, the disciples let the friends tell the visit, they immediately return to visit The cold snowy night, not cold, his heart, the snow of the sky, will not cover his elegant footsteps, he is in this plum blossom, a time when a crane is flying, calmly through the vicissitudes of the four seasons In the world, there are a few people who will not be lost because of fame and fortune; there are several people who will not go all out because of the future; such as the dawn of dreams, how many people are willing to throw a few flowers, a few plums and easily throw . How many people, because they are afraid of being alone, do not dare to go their own way, because they are afraid of the world and have lost the most pure dreams. But no matter how far tomorrow, we should remember that there is a poet named Lin Hejing. He does not love three thousand prosperous, only loves the green water and breeze; he does not want gold and jade grain, as long as the coarse tea is light; he is full of economics, only high, but Don't be rich and glory, just eager to clothe. In the world where no one is accompanying, he adheres to his own path; in the earthly life of the hustle and bustle, his days, there is no ups and downs, but there is peace and prosperity, sometimes, plain, is the real happiness. . Life does not need to be famous, Jinyi Huafu, only the inner peace of the party for the real stability "Autumn mountains are not exhaustive, autumn thoughts are also innocent. Bixi flow red leaves, Qinglin point white clouds. Cool Yin a bird, falling crystals. This night, the banana rain, who is on the pillow. "When the leisure time, the gentleman will write poetry, his poems are wonderful hands, no matter how to sculpt, the words flow between the lines flowing and dust, do not provoke the breath of dust. What is puzzling is that his poems will be discarded after they are written, and they will never be deliberately passed on to future generations. He once said: "We have traced Lin Biao, and I don't want to use the poem name for a while, but the future world!" How many poets, writing poetry collections, hope that the world will spread, the ancients flow, only the gentleman, not tired by fame and fortune, even write After the ages, I don��t want to use it to exchange fame, the ambition of the gentleman, the mountain of the mountain for six years, and the death of Mr. Jing, who finished his life with Mei as the wife and the life of the crane. Mr. He Jing was buried in the side of the Gushan Mountain. After he died, the crane did not leave, but stayed at his tomb until the end of his life. He still kept away from the gentleman; Two plum blossoms have also been grown, and the flowers have blossomed and fallen. In the spring and autumn, plum blossoms will always be in the agreed season. Zhang Wei said in the "West Lake Dream Search" that after the Southern Song Dynasty was destroyed, a tomb thief dug the tomb of Lin Biao, only Find a scorpion and a jade. I think that Mr. and Mr. Jing may not be a human being. He did not leave, but in the other side of the mountain, he continued his deep dreams of deep water. And you and me, will follow a river called fate, wading through the water, and Mr. He Jing, meet in the poem, know each other in the dream, in the corner of the water, gently salvage the dream that the world will never forget .
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Perhaps we are all people who believe in the cause, so even in the midst of prosperity, we will never forget to look for those old times. The face is old and the old is changing, only to know that the wind is rolling, the glory of the world, the years do not know how many times to steal the face, only the ancient town of Jiangnan as always kept the vows, never changed the original appearance. The green wall garden, the long lanes, the old trees, the dream bridges and the mottled stage are buried in the long river in the years, but they still guard the unforgettable feelings in the dream. Pushing open the door of the faint Twilight, those old things that have been sealed are still safe and sound, and compassion and simplicity are like a dream, a dream of spring blossoms. She is poetic, ancient, simple, quiet, once forgotten by the world, and now is pursued by the world. No matter how the world changes, Jiangnan is still clear and clear. In the time of Tang Yue Song Feng, the literati poetry's wonderful pen makes the Jiangnan poetic like poetry; in the age of the chariot, in the face of the admirable pursuit of the world, the endless commercial development of the money slave Newport Cigarettes, Jiangnan can still be in the glitz The place is not shocked, light and calm. Once again and again, Jiangnan always washes lead. I only want to leave my heart. I always think that people who really walk into Jiangnan are some people who can��t let go of the past, because every scene and every character here can be Interrupt your soft sausage easily. In the quiet scenery of Jiangnan, you can make a long dream, and there will be some unsuccessful moments when you wake up. I heard that the dream of Jiangnan was as light as a flower, and it drifted gently on the lake in May. Once upon a time, in each of my dreams, in the guise of my dreams, I was the shadow of Jiangnan. If I can, I would like to devote myself to the good water in Jiangnan, and smash my soul into the floating algae. After that, I will not return to the people. It is not a passer-by, but only a duckweed in the Jiangnan water town. Anything in water, make a heavy dream in the arms of Jiangnan. Quiet time, rippling in the microwaves of the paddles. The blue wall and the small bridge are flowing, so that you can see the long history of Jiangnan at a glance. In fact, no matter whether it is a deep and heavy history or a ruthless figure, it is not important. What is important is that in the past millennium, Jiangnan has stood in the sacred posture in the long river of the years. There is no stormy wave, just calm and stable. Even if the world is warm and cold, and the sky is high, she is still calmly changing through the four seasons. She calmly accepts the clutches of life and accepts the passing passengers and the different feelings they bring. Jiangnan Water Township has a gentle showgirl, they will hold a paper umbrella, squatting on the stone road on the bluestone pavilion, not looking for anything, nor deliberately forgetting anything. Sometimes they will sit under the old wooden window, cook a cup of world-boiled tea, in the time of a cup of tea, calmly grow old. I often think that my past life may be a kite woman living in Jiangnan, a plain cheongsam, a friend of the blue light, a companion of the ancient Buddha, and a string of unsolvable sounds every day. One day, year after year, the town of Jiangnan is calm and calm, and it seems that it has been haunting the mist like water. It seems that only this way can reflect the charm of the Jiangnan water town. Such as the dream of Xitang, Danqing Wuyuan, Shuimo Huizhou, and all sentient beings, are using their own unique words to explain the different Jiangnan. The flowing water is low, the paddles sing, and the classical residents on both sides of the strait are the original and true images of the town. The wheel of history is rolling forward. For thousands of years, the world has changed, people come and go, and the town still does not change the color of the green. The quaint buildings and the trembling old people are waiting here year after year. How many springs come to the autumn, they witnessed the rise and fall of Jiangnan, and Jiangnan witnessed their life and death in the south of the Yangtze River. The street is everywhere. Walking up the corridor Cigarettes Online, as if you are in a fantasy, you can reach the past and present. In the middle of it, let the breeze blow the story of the faint heart, you can temporarily forget the cold and warmth of life and the coolness of life, give the mind and body a small squat, and then gently open your eyes, you will find that some wounds in the bottom of the heart are no longer so painful, or Concerned about feelings, or about the world, the past that could not be relieved, the story without ending will be in a breeze Marlboro Red, a round of silence, someone told me that there are some beautiful stories in the long and short corridors, but I don��t want to know These stories, because the street in Linshui itself is the best story. The ancient bridge in Jiangnan has memories. She can clearly remember the past and the past. The Buddha's disciple, Ananda, had incarnateed himself as a stone bridge before he got the road. He experienced five hundred years of wind blowing, five hundred years of sunshine, five hundred years of rain, just for the girl who had missed him. Walked over the stone bridge. I think that the ancient bridge here has been surrounded by the shackles and persistence for many years mokingusacigarettes.com, and it is also waiting for the people to walk through the mountains and rivers to find her. In the middle of it, I seem to have seen someone standing at the bridgehead, quietly staring at the microwave in the water at dusk where the setting sun will fall. Ancient bridges can always be there, but people cannot hold on to an eternal promise Parliament Cigarettes. The gardens in the south of the Yangtze River seem to have been immersed in nostalgic time. One flower and one grass, one stone and one stone, seem to tell the story of past lives. How many times have changed, how many times in winter and summer, they can still be prosperous and not vain, falling into the dust and not being so sophisticated. The gardens in the south of the Yangtze River always maintain a simple atmosphere, collecting stories in a flower and a leaf, and savoring the world. Buddha language cloud ��one flower and one world, one leaf and one bodhi. The south of the Yangtze River is swaying with the flowers of the ancients. In the garden, the wooden windows are covered with traces of time, but they have never given up. No matter how many things she experienced, she always kept her heart open. In the pond, the lonely lotus is open year after year. Perhaps, they have no stories, only pure faith and constant waiting. And those rocks, like a piece of old jade that has been dyed with spring flowers and autumn months, are used by people who come and go to cherish them with their hearts. She can let eternity collect in an instant, and since then, the situation has changed, she only insists on an unchanging story. The story of Jiangnan is soft, she can turn the blunt world into a warm dream; Jiangnan time is long-lasting, she can set the distant memory into a moment, whether it is the vicissitudes of the past, or the prosperous past, will be in the years The Yangtze River is precipitated into a thick memory; the grasses in the south of the Yangtze River are spiritual, and the years are like water, but they will always be glory in the agreed season; the birds and beasts in the south of the Yangtze River understand compassion, fish and lotus leaves, butterflies and flowers... Here, everything follows the laws of nature and grows calmly in the south of the Yangtze River. You should find a teahouse with water, no vain, no noise, and a mountain stream in the early morning of a bird's beak or in the afternoon of a pillow. Boil a pot of green plum tea, so that the time of the four seasons can easily cross the vicissitudes of my life. In my dream, Jiangnan is a gentle woman, wearing a plain white coat, Kun is a melody, and is a string. There is a string that no one can solve. When the time is like water, she always waits, just for the end of the world, the peace of the world. The red dust smashed into the air, the heavens and the earth were Taiwan, and the time was a play. The monks here always staged a scene that would not end. Before I met Jiangnan, I was just an accidental passer-by, but the ropes that I didn��t know had already dragged us together. I have asked my father many times why my name is Jiangnan. My father always said that because I was born in Jiangnan, I always felt that there was some fate between me and Jiangnan. I believe that my name is not a coincidence. I and Jiangnan are friends who have known each other in the past. The encounter in this life is just an appointment to go to a predecessor. Although I am only wishful thinking, I can feel this feeling. I have a lot of involuntary attachments to Jiangnan. I am willing to meet Jiangnan for a while. I am going there for a predecessor. Convention. Wear a coarse cloth and eat light tea. Keeping a time in the ferry crossing, cook a pot of world-cooked tea, waiting for the fate of the people to stay until one day, the world is old, the scenery is still in the dust, the scenery is still, the old dreams are speechless, I can cook a Zen Tea, with a tired boat to go back, together with the people who have been treating each other, wait and see the sea and the sea.
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The older the time, the lighter the heart. People who have said that they are good and dead, and who are together, do not go to each other in the end. Years are thieves, always inadvertently stealing many, beautiful faces, true emotions, happy life. Maybe we can't turn a blind eye, but we don't have to go to the rain, the snow flutters, wrap a few layers of cotton jackets, step into the warm eaves, and feel the beauty brought by this season. There are a group of people on the promenade outside the house. In the snow geography, playful, playful, innocent and beautiful, no sorrow, no trouble, no trace of mourning, and some are Zhang, bright and innocent smile. If happiness can be so simple forever, what a beautiful picture it should be, but unfortunately, the world is impermanent, beautiful Cheap Cigarettes, always in the pace of time, quietly passing the catkins can not keep the pace of time, life can not keep the good times, people When I was passing by on a strange road, I met each other on a strange road, and I held hands and made promises that never changed. In the end, I became a one-man show. The play was long and long Wholesale Cigarettes, and I knew that everything was just one. The human drama is an empty joyful rain with no ending, pattering, snow, soft and floating, but unfortunately there are no old people to accompany you to enjoy, only to drink a cup of light tea alone. Give the next and the first, the poems of mourning, show yourself how much loneliness, how many lonely, in this world of flowers, stay alone Marlboro Cigarettes, after the end of the bustling, looming, if every encounter, you can end up beautifully, How can it be? Some people will never see each other after they leave. As the modern people's concept of time has increased, the efficiency of work has also increased, social competitiveness has increased, and the pressure of life has followed. Therefore, "urgent" has also become "reasonable." At a time when the pace of life is very fast, there are more and more "emergency tempers". The "chronic son" seems to be "pull the legs" at home. The housewife hastily rushed to clean up. After that, he quickly went to play mahjong, three missing one! The child rushed to eat, arrived, and was late! Penalty station, .... On the road, the owners of the revolutionary wines drove in a hurry, and the buddies urged them, "Wait for you Marlboro Gold, you will be one!" In the unit, the leader reminded, "I want to do this, is this thing still not finished?" Of course, the leader is not willing to let you rush, just watching you do not work when you play, he is also anxious to make mistakes in his heart. People who have a squabble with others, and those who have nothing to do with them on the street make things that make passers-by angry...etc., all of them may make people angry and angry. This has become a common phenomenon Carton Of Cigarettes. Therefore, many people think that they are slow and shameless, and can't keep up with the trend of the times. I want to say that these people must regard "slow" and "drag" as a word. There is a meaning of "station" in the middle of "drag and pull". Isn't there a saying? "I am afraid of standing without fear of slowness!" It has the meaning of playing while doing it, just like the children at home doing homework while doing small tricks, not to nail the nails or to paint a little person, in fact, not writing slowly, I hope she can write slowly. Slow is not shameful. Slow has nothing to do with stupidity. Although sometimes saying "stupid" is also said to be "reactive", it is a humble statement or euphemistic usage. Isn't there a saying? "Slow work out!" "Chewing slowly, slowing down, ..." Although many people now regard them as derogatory words, abandoning the meaning of someone to do things, but these are good for health, not to mention the physical things, even if the temper is impetuous It is also easy to get sick. It��s too urgent to talk, people can��t hear, repeat, two times, and use the same time to speak slowly, or even save time, which makes people feel comfortable and save time. for? Eating too fast, not easy to burn or squatting, and finally may eat out. If the students take the exam questions, if they are anxious, they will not hear the mistakes. They will often hear such voices: "Don��t worry, kidding." "What are you in a hurry, the children are still small?" "Don't worry, I am here. There is not much activity, you have to clean up and come back, slow down on the road." Comforting others will also say, "Don't worry, take your time." Drive slowly on your way to your loved ones. This shows that people also know that "slow" is still beneficial to people, but why can't you "don't worry, slow down" if time permits, slow, is an elegant, a temperament.
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There is such a popular saying on the Internet: I bring my story, you bring your wine, we are drunk to dawn! In fact, I have never known where the source of this sentence is. Today I just checked it and found out that I have a story from the Japanese writer Kanto Noguchi. Do you have a story? I have to admit that this society is always a society with talented people! Yesterday, I used a 2,000-word article to record the growth of my university graduation for more than two years. Finally, I also summarized this sentence in the text: After two or three years of graduation, I gradually became a storyteller! Just today Online Cigarettes, on the public platform of Teacher Zhang Ailing, she also found that she actually updated such an article. "The people with stories are the most attractive. I naturally don��t have the experience of Teacher Zhang. Plus, her writing skills for many years are naturally better than I want to be too strong Cigarettes Online, but as a self, I can't help but ask, what kind of talent is counted as a storyteller, what kind of talent will I think everyone wants to be a storyteller For example, there is an unforgettable love, an entrepreneurial experience worth sharing, and even a life story that is difficult to talk about. This is a storyteller, but now many people have no stories to say. Living a life of the same, studying for the exam, exams for college, work for college, work for work, earn money after work, earn money, buy a house, buy a house, etc., I don��t think there is such a story. I want to hear, then I want to explain first, what is a story story that is generally understood as fictional, unrealistic, fabricated by the air, It��s a story, of course, it��s limited to the understanding of our people. The stories we know today are mostly celebrity stories, such as people like Ma Yun, such as Yu Hongmin, such as Jay Chou, no matter what kind of People, but they have created more or less deeds, even miracles, but we are all ordinary people, ordinary people must have their own stories, of course, if you are in the company most of the year Going to work, after work, I am going to play games at home to visit Taobao. At most, I will gather with friends. It��s a pity that you are definitely not a storyteller. Life is an experience. After the experience, there will be a story, just like Zhang Ailing��s article. People are the most attractive, and these charms are not to say how good you are, how happy you are, they are more tossing and rushing, then encounter one bottle after another mokingusacigarettes.com, and finally break through these bottlenecks, and finally In exchange for a sentence, my life is worthwhile. In fact, we can also understand that whether a person��s life is worthwhile depends on whether he has There are stories worthy of respect Newport 100S, stories that are worthy of people to hear, and not stories that deliberately show off. We have two choices for life. One is to choose dullness, the other is to choose to run, 80%. People will want to have a story and then choose to run around. Twenty percent of people will hope that they don��t want to be too happy to be dull, but on the contrary, in the end, there are people who have no stories, but those who have stories Cigarettes For Sale. If you are poor, can you be a storyteller, it depends entirely on whether your life is too dull, and whether your experience is worth mentioning! We still try to be a storyteller, at least after a few years, when your descendants ask you, "Dad" have you done anything earth-shattering, it is hard to say that you "dad" me Have you ever been a teacher?
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Bitcoin economics has not changed

YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY A WHOLE BTC BITCOIN! Each bitcoin is equal to 100 million Satoshis, making a Satoshi the smallest unit of bitcoin currently recorded on the blockchain. Think of the Satoshi as the “cents” part of bitcoin. But unlike a penny that represents 0.01 USD, Satoshi represents roughly 0.00000001 BTC — or bitcoin to its eighth decimal.

Bitcoin forecast to 2029

Time model tends to forecast lower bound to prices. Stock-to-Flow model is a better model, click chart above to see details. It incorporates the halvings and better represents the monetary policy of Bitcoin. Hype cycles are expected around each halving as investors anticipate the price appreciation. Bitcoin has a fixed supply (maximum 21 million Bitcoins), therefore it cannot be devalued by central bank money printing (so called Quantitative Easing, QE). Bitcoin is also decentralised, meaning no single authority can control it. It has existed on the Internet for 10 years from 2009. It will be the money of the machines and Internet. Also described as digital gold due to its scarcity and high value.

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Dynamic stock and flow diagram, click for explanation on Wikipedia

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