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The first outdoor event in the summer started! My sister, my sister, Bo Niang, Er Bo and my grandfather laughed and laughed Cigarettes Cheaper. Our destination is Xiangjiang Safari Park. Let me be a small tour guide, let me introduce it! Xiangjiang Wildlife Park, also known as Xiangjiang Wildlife World, is located in Dashi Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou. It is characterized by large-scale wildlife stocking and self-driving, and is regarded as China's largest comprehensive, Asia's largest, most international standard and benefit. The best national wildlife worldrst stop is the self-driving tour area, where there are many kinds of animals, including lions and tigers with superb strength, king cheetahs with speed, and auspicious Asian elephants and giant pandas! Very cute! After reading these, my sister and sister couldn��t help but cry! Looking at the pandas happy to eat bamboo, I really do not understand, why do some people have the heart to kill our national treasure panda? There is a big question mark in my hd stop we are going to the Jurassic Forest and the Golden Snake in the pedestrian zone. The dinosaurs in the Jurassic Forest are very realistic! It's like a living dinosaur in front of you, plus a dub, more like it, it will spray water! In a room Marlboro Gold, two big dinosaurs are here, as if they are quarreling, one is Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the other is a spiny dragon. The Tyrannosaurus Rex has been looking at the crowd, as if to ask: "What are you?" Then we I went to the golden snake mystery. All kinds of snakes hovered in front of you Newport Cigarettes Price. I curiously walked through the window of each snake. There are big and small, I want to see what kind of snakes are there. I speeded up my pace, and I ran away without knowing it. I looked back again. My sister, I found out that I was lost. In a hurry, I asked the waiter in the restaurant to borrow the phone, what! ? Didn't even get through? An enthusiastic waiter took me and went back. Haha, I finally found it. I didn't have time to thank the kind person, she left! It��s true that the world has its own trueed the giraffe. I found several characteristics of the giraffe. First, its tongue is purple in front. Second, when he was eating, in order to use force, he had to stretch out his long tongue, and it was easy to get a roll of food! Third, all the food that he has the opportunity to grab will never give up easily! He will try his best to grab it! I pulled the branches in his mouth with Erbo Newport Cigarettes Website, and as a result, a finger was scratched, and use the small train inside is faster, you can't see it clearly, and you can't stop, sometimes it will be blocked by self-driving car. . You can drive slowly, the deer will poke the head into the car from the window, the peacock will smash your car door, the zebra will walk in front of you in a big swing... It is very interesting to be in close contact with the animals. Also remind everyone, when feeding the ostrich, don't feed it directly, because he will lick your hand, my grandfather will eat this loss, and the hand is still painful! The best way is to put a book on it, put the food on it, and let him eat! Finally Cheap Cigarettes, I wish you all a good time! Play science! Play safely! 
As night falls, a bright moon rises slowly. It is also a Mid-Autumn Night, and it is a sleepless night. A family tastes a cake and appreciates the moon. This is the case, but why, looking at the moon like a jade plate, the idea of ??eating a cake is gone. Just looking up at the bright moon, looking down at the soft moonlight, there are many feelings in my heands of words are all taken up by the moon, and thousands of thoughts are also drawn out by the moon Parliament Cigarettes. What do you want to think? very many. The hometown that I have never returned in six years, I want to go back and see what it looks like today. It must be beautiful. There is no factory, no pollution, a place that is both ordinary and beautiful. What a fresh air, what a beautiful thing, still remembers so far. When I was young, my little friends who were playing at the creek didn��t know what they were doing. Was it a good moon with me or played with other fought of my grandparents, who are old enough Online Cigarettes, but they are still farming in the fields to feed pigs to raise silkworms. I remember when I was a child, my grandfather often took my young and delicate hands and took me to catch cockroaches. Hey, let me pick melons and vegetables. Grandma also hurts me, but she will not take me to catch insects and pick fruits like my grandfather Marlboro Cigarettes Price. Grandma's cooking is very good and often gives me a good meal Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. I will hold me in my arms until the evening Wholesale Cigarettes, tell me the story, sleep with me. When I fell asleep, I took me to the bed and covered the quilt. Thinking of this, my heart is a bit sour and st of the silkworm of the big family. Whenever I am a little troubled to the big family, the silkworms of the big family don't want to live, because the naughty I used the silkworm as a gs getting colder and colder. My mother told me to go home. I didn't think about it because my eyes didn't stay on the moon, but I was stuck in the past and thoughts by the moon. Really, I really want to go back to my hometown. That is full of memories, the place where the child is not lost. Mid-Autumn Festival, I can't sleep, still pondering the good things in my hometown. I thought about it, I thought I had been close to my hometown, and I looked at my hometown and friends who had not seen for many years, as well as my grandfather and grandmother. I cried. But when I woke up, everything was not taken for granted, it was a dream. Put on a piece of clothing, I went to the yard again, looking at the bright moon, the thoughts in my heart are mo
In the morning wind, staring at the blood-stained flag, fluttering in the wind. Five-star red flag, the most beautiful picture in the world, you once danced at the top of Mount Everest, swaying in the ice and snow, the South Pole, rising in the vast space... But who knows, you have some sadness, and it has been bit by bit Cigarettes Online. Humiliation, it is the tens of thousands ofn's unyielding soul! Unforgettable national shame, have you seen it? The three-day and three-night raging fire in Yuanmingyuan! Did you hear it? The humiliation of the humiliated person! The tigers in the dragon plate of Nanjing, the lives of 300,000 innocent people, all killed, none of them survived, the knife pointed out, the mountains and riversf the motherland. Recalling the past, the Opium War, the descendants of the Yellow Emperor used the "successful life and death of the country, and the shackles of the evils and the sorrows of the sorrows and sorrows" to shun the enemy outside the customs; Independent copper wall; anti-US aid and the DPRK, the Chinese children use the spirit of death and death to erect the majestic monument of Baojia Weiguo; seeing the present, we use the thick voibeen eager to enter a new era, but do friends still have the national defense in your heart? This complex is the story of life to the sun after the smoke has been exhausted. It is an alarm that hangs in the ear of peace and is an auspicious wind flowing in the Chinese terreart was tidal, and I returned to the quiet and mournful afternoon five years ago. It was May of 2008. The 8th-level strong earthquake struck, the earth shivered, the mountains and rivers shifted, the eyes were devastated, and the life was dead... , state-owned! The lives of tens of millions of people are in danger of being swallowed up by the earth at any time, and the innocent ruins devour a living life. How to do? Earthquake Relief. Who will do it? - The People's Liberation Army! The children under the slate Cigarette Online, the crying mother, the people in the disaster area who are looking forward to the disaster, they are waiting together for the smear of military green, they came, and 100,000 armed police officers and men drove to the disaster area. Countless soldiers walked into Wenchuan on foot, and thousands of soldiers jumped into the ruins from a height of five kilometers. Where is the disaster, they aree ruins, uses his shoulders to carry a weak life Newport 100S, and uses his legs to step through a rugged road. After the game with the god of death, the most solid embrace has become the cra territorial conflicts continue, local wars are on the rise, pirates are ravagedky, the sails are far away from the clouds, with my love for the motherland, the sect of the 9.6 million countries Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, we use youth to defend the border line of the motherland Marlboro Red. We use the blood to build a solid wall of national defense. We are always ready to go to the battlefield. The defense line of the motherland is indestructible and unbreakable!
During the summer vacation, I read a book called "I don't want to grow up." This book focuses on the boy scallops raised many small animals, and these small animals have left him because of growing up: big frogs sent back to the pond; birds flying far away; unfortunately black and white (blacker) And white is two rabbits). When the scallop heart is broken into powder, the mother of the garlic buys a mini pig to comfort the scallop. He calls the pig a poached egg. Since then, the scallops have revived. He thought that the poached egg would never grow up again, and would not leave him, but any creature would grow up. Finally, not growing up? This question should be answered by yourself. Some people think that when they grow up, they will lose a lot. Some people think that when they grow up, they grow up and do their best to survive. After reading this book, I understand that growing up is a great effort for small animals to live: big frogs always have to go back to the pond; birds grow up and go far and go back to nature; rabbits always face up being Abandonment and timid disasters; the mini pigs will grow up. So as long as you try your best to grow up, don't you have to be afraid of anything? The scallops finally understood that they were afraid to grow up because they were afraid of losing poached eggs Wholesale Cigarettes. In Mr. Poluk��s animal ark, poached eggs can grow up freely, and scallops are no longer afraid to grow up. Even in the end, he also imagined that the poached egg would turn into a white and fat star. Growing up is actually a very happy thing. When you grow up, you will often experience a lot. You can make yourself more mature Online Cigarettes, you can also cultivate your own sentiments. Tto grow up anymore, because growing up is something everyone must experience Marlboro Cigarettes Price. If you don't grow up, you will only become more self-willed, like an Oscar that can shatter any window without growing up, and one that can be in chocolate. The boy who was free to invent and free to play in the factory, Wangka. They think they are very free, people are obedient to them, but they have never walked into the real life of people, and never know what freedom is, only order, how terrible this is! The scallop is just like us. He is also a timid, animal-loving student. His animals are gone Marlboro Gold, but he can still face it. I have had a similar experience Marlboro Cigarettes. The little white rabbit that grew up grew up. I was slaughtered and eaten. I was very sad, but I quickly relieved. After reading this book, I thought: My rabbit will also become a white and fat star? Suddenly a voice suddenly came out of my heart: "Yes, it will bng up? There is only one answer to this question, that is: grow up! Because growing up is to do our best to live, and we should all live like small animals, so as long as we do our best, we can face up and grow up. Yes, whether you are smart or clumsy, as long as you do your best in life, it is good! 

Bitcoin economics has not changed

YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY A WHOLE BTC BITCOIN! Each bitcoin is equal to 100 million Satoshis, making a Satoshi the smallest unit of bitcoin currently recorded on the blockchain. Think of the Satoshi as the “cents” part of bitcoin. But unlike a penny that represents 0.01 USD, Satoshi represents roughly 0.00000001 BTC — or bitcoin to its eighth decimal.

Bitcoin forecast to 2029

Time model tends to forecast lower bound to prices. Stock-to-Flow model is a better model, click chart above to see details. It incorporates the halvings and better represents the monetary policy of Bitcoin. Hype cycles are expected around each halving as investors anticipate the price appreciation. Bitcoin has a fixed supply (maximum 21 million Bitcoins), therefore it cannot be devalued by central bank money printing (so called Quantitative Easing, QE). Bitcoin is also decentralised, meaning no single authority can control it. It has existed on the Internet for 10 years from 2009. It will be the money of the machines and Internet. Also described as digital gold due to its scarcity and high value.

This is a good short article that explains, why Bitcoin? Why Bitcoin?

The Stock-to-Flow Bitcoin charts above are referenced from https://twitter.com/100trillionUSD

Dynamic stock and flow diagram, click for explanation on Wikipedia

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Be Your Own Bank
Bitcoin (BTC) is the people's money, owned by the people for the people. Not by a bank or country. What are you waiting for?

It gives you control of your money (individual sovereignty). Preserve your savings; they will increase in value over time. Easily send money anywhere. Government's can't take it! What are you waiting for? Get a free Bitcoin wallet today or, run your own full node.

If you do not know where to start, install a Mycelium or, Electrum wallet.

Jameson Lopp video explaining advantages of running your own Bitcoin Full Node, click here

Jimmy Song video explaining advantages of running your own Bitcoin Full Node, click here

Run your own Full Node and help the Bitcoin (BTC) network. Be Your Own Bank! There are currently (May 2018) about 138,000 full nodes globally. About 10,000 of these are listening for outside connections on the P2P network.

As people suddenly realise they don’t own their data on Facebook, how will they react when they realise they don't own the money in their bank accounts either?

The good news is government can't take your Bitcoin in your own full node. Not by legalised theft (inflation), nor by government bail ins. Realise that fiat money, $, €, ¥, £, yuan, Venezuelan Bolívar, Argentine Peso, Zimbabwean Dollar, etc. is crashing! In the last 100 years, all fiat currencies have lost 97-99% of their purchasing power, reducing your standard of living.


What is a Full Node?

Download Bitcoin Core

Instructions for running your Full Node of Bitcoin Core

Instructions for running your Bitcoin Full Node under Tor for anonymity, privacy and security of your money in your own bank.

With a Full Node behind the Tor network, your Full Node is difficult to trace.

You also can use a VPN for encryption of your Bitcoin transactions (can be used with or without Tor).

For VPN, the PCMAG Editor's Choice is NordVPN, click here.NordVPN

With a Bitcoin Full Node protected by VPN and / or Tor, you have complete control of your own private electronic bank. Anonymous like cash, but electronic, instant, unlimited by space time and appreciating in value.

Live map showing reachable nodes in listening mode on the Bitcoin network. Add yours to the map!

Video explaining The Halving (Litecoin/Bitcoin). Another reason why Bitcoin and Litecoin prices will increase significantly!
Keybase chat crypto for everyone download now
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Bitcoin transactions in real time, live from the blockchain:

For an imaginative audio visualisation of the Bitcoin blockchain from www.bitlisten.com, see bottom of Mysittingbourne home page here. The base sound announces the creation of another block. A block is like a page in a book or ledger. Unlike a database that can be altered, it is a permanent, incorruptible record of value transactions on the blockchain. Pure mathematical truth!

Bitcoin digital gold

As more and more people are turning to physical gold, so they are turning to Bitcoin digital gold.

Bitcoin is trustless and decentralised. Like gold, it has limited supply. It can never be over-printed and devalued by a government. You can transfer funds anywhere, almost instantaneously and at much lower cost than bank transfer.

Don't have a bank account? Want to spend your Bitcoin anywhere that accepts bank cards? Want to use an ATM to access your Bitcoin in local currencies? No problem! Spend your Bitcoin with a Visa debit card accepted almost anywhere.
Click here and sign up for your Bitcoin Visa debit card from SpectroCoin.

The SpectroCoin debit card is recommended by WeUseCoins. Click here to see their comparison of Bitcoin debit cards.

If you do not know about Bitcoin, a good place to start is by getting a free wallet from Coinbase.com,
Blockchain.info, or Copay.io.

bitcoin price chart

Physical Gold


Protect yourself and family from central bank currency debasement and inflation in asset prices, housing, food. There are rising levels of financial, economic and geopolitical risk in the world. In the last 100 years, all currencies have lost 97-99% of their purchasing power. Some believe that the final move to zero will take place in the next few years.

Currency debasement through money printing is the destruction of fiat money purchasing power - $, €, ¥, £, yuan, Venezuelan Bolívar, Argentine Peso, Zimbabwean Dollar...

True inflation and cost of living is currently 8% higher than the government reports. Real wages are falling rapidly and most people are taking out more and more debt to make ends meet. Only the wealthy minority and banks benefit from the current system.

Protect yourself. Buy physical, allocated gold, silver, platinum online and store it in safe vaults outside your jurisdiction (Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada and Singapore) or, at home. Physical gold has limited supply. Buy before the panic!

Look what happened in Cyprus (2013), Greece (2015) and Spain (Catalonia 2017). The lesson is that the money in your bank account is not really yours. It can be taken or frozen by the government just when you need it. Maybe it is not a good idea to keep too much money in the bank, especially when the next financial crisis comes!


BullionVault is the world's largest online investment gold service taking care of $2 billion for more than 65,000 users. Even small amounts of metal can be bought and they have the lowest costs.

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