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The sunflower blossoms open, and the yellow flower disk follows the sun from east to west every day. The face of the flower is like a smile, and when you see it, the mood is inexplicable. Even more without the catkins, the sunflowers are leaning toward the sun. Gradually, as the grain is full, the waist is slowly and slowly bent, and the bend is very low, bending into a beautiful arc. I am really worried that the heavy disk will bend the sunflower. When I couldn��t help but blur my worries out of my own time, my son said to me: Mom, you are a little bit worried, there are multiple flower plates, there are many thick sunflowers, and everything in the world exists. Reasonable, the word "person" is not supported by "��". Oops, I told you this way, you didn't see my old lady's waist bent like that, a sense of imbalance Marlboro Gold, and I haven't seen her fall. You see, sometimes I am not even as good as a teenager, my child��s father is ninety years old. I didn't even notice when her waist was bent into a bow. Some are like the extension of the spine in the Japanese-style Japanese style, except that this style requires a collapse of the hips, but at the beginning of the practice, the waist is not collapsed, bent like a bow. The waist of the dragonfly is like this, like an arch bridge. From this head to the other end, the past and the present are connected, from a young girl to a young man. Once again, I tried to bend my waist and bend down like a squat, looking for the center of gravity that supports the body, and the center of gravity is on both legs. Fortunately, it is a pair of big feet, or else, how can I pull my mother and two cockroaches in the famine years after my grandfather died. I have a cane. I bought it when I went to Taishan more than 10 years ago. At that time, I didn��t need it. I remember that when I bought it, my mother said that I had a meal. Until now, it is not necessary, so I have been leaning on her bed, moving from the big family to the small family, and then moving from the small family to the big family. I think, using a cane to support the unbalanced body can not relieve some pressure on the legs? But why not? Don't use it, don't use it, have her own thoughts. When I encounter something that I don't understand, I have always used this kind of thinking to get rid of "there is an old family, such as a treasure." This is a saying that an old woman in our village often hangs on her lips. This woman is called her mother-in-law and said: This is the treasure of the town house Newport Cigarettes. Indeed, she also protected this "treasure of the town house" to the extreme Wholesale Cigarettes. The single is the face of the person called "������-----��." Presumably the old lady will listen to the whole body Shutai, such as drinking alcohol, body and mind refreshing, all diseases are removed. Not to mention that "treasure" runs east and west over the rubbish, getting such exercise, so the body is very tough. For the safety of "bao", do not let "bao" cook with liquefied gas stove, the wood made by burning wood is green and healthy, and the firewood used for burning is also "treasure" when rubbish, when it is rubbish, it is also exercise. Let's go. Do not let "bao" use all electrical appliances, including electric lights, so "bao" went to bed early, and also followed the concept of health care for getting up early and getting up early, and put an end to all accidents. In order to better adapt to the change of the four seasons in the "treasure", the summer is determined not to use air-conditioning, and the furnace is not used in the winter. And this old woman spent most of her winter and summer in the home of her son in the provincial capital. In this way, under the correct planning of the "Bao" daughter-in-law, the "treasure" of the her, she has to think for a while, often saying it is wrong. Age is just a symbol for her. Every day, her hands and feet keep cooking for the sons, sometimes they can't do it, and they have to blink. She didn't care about all of this. She occasionally talked about her daughter. Her daughter enlightened her and said: You are old, don't provoke people, talk less, and when people are in a bad mood, don't wander under the eyes of others. People don't eat for you, you don't want to see it, you come to my house, want to eat, I will do it for you. At this time, he became a three-year-old child, hehe smiled, should turn, turned around, bowed and turned away. I often think that our generation lives well and comforts, but often they have negative thoughts, but these old people are very satisfied with life, and they still live tenaciously in the next year, without giving them troubles. They are like full-bodied sunflowers, experiencing greenness, bloom, maturity, waiting for the final harvest. Every blooming sunflower is a beautiful smile. Quietly growing alone, until the mature low bowed, even bent down, not arrogant, not to be completely forgiving for each grain. It is said that many seeds and more blessings should be planted before the court. This is a paragraph of a brother who respects the sunflowers that I respect, as the end!
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The brick wall outside the house is like a hand-in-hand loyal guard, and the home is surrounded by an iron bucket. The wall of the cement smeared was smooth and hard, and I wondered when a grass grew from the crack, one year old and one ran away. The grass grows best when the ruler comes high, the green stem, the leaves of the wormwood Newport Cigarettes, the disease is not sick, not Xu, not swearing, not sloppy, not expensive, not sly, calmly and calmly, it is lovely, the tender green The color is sacrificed, and the people in the past are eager to see it, and they marvel at the tenacity of their vitality. In the heat of the summer, the sun roasts like a steamer, and the grass on the lonely wall is soaked in the noon at the noon, and it is a bit listless. When the grass absorbs the night air, the morning leaves are adorned with bright dewdrops, and the fresh and lively anger is restored. Not to mention the vitality after the rain Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The wind came, the grass moved in the wind, the roots grasped the wall and did not move Marlboro Gold, and the wind stopped to return to the standard state. The wind and the wind know the grass, showing the other side of its steel and toughness. Whether it sings or not, only the wind knows, the heart of the earth knows. As for the sneer and the wind on the wall, the wind is blowing on both sides, and the top of the head is shallow and shallow. These cold words are cold and early, and there is no need for subversive comments. Question: In the harsh and strong environment, what kind of survival wisdom should be held? In fact, the grass on the wall can give life green enough, and the word great may not be with it.
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The afternoon sun was not so strong, I skipped home and went home. Squeeze the bus, enter the long-distance station, and get it all at once. If it is a weekday, it will wait in the waiting room to wait for the crowd to dissipate. There was no crowding and noisy on weekdays, I was in a hurry to get on the bus. I just want to find a seat by the window, so that I can see the scenery that has passed away along the way. The carriage was narrow, the seats were tight and worn, and my eyes swept away from the head. When the sea sound came, I swept the source. I did not expect that we would meet again in this way, I have forgotten where I met you last time. A thick pair of glasses is stuck on your nose, and there is still an unflattened pox on the face. Wearing a light-colored top, the hair is shiny because of the oil. I slowly walked forward, you smiled. Said that it would be so clever, I also smiled and responded just not as free and easy. I sat on the side of the aisle and gave the seat of the window to a young man who came Cigarettes For Sale. I only found a girl next to you, laughing and greeting me. I don't know how to call the girl, so I can smile and nod. There isn't much change in your appearance. It still raises the corner of one side of the mouth to a curve. It is neither exaggerated nor euphemistic. I have been sitting for a long time and I have never been able to find any open topic. I think you are the same, or you want corn, come to a corn, sweet, do you want to come, don't let me talk to me when you turn your head and I shake my head. The sun shines through the glass Marlboro Lights, just on your hair, face. Looking at you, I have some strangers. I am not surprised by our coincidence. I am surprised by the fact that the teenager who flew in the sunset in the past has become like this. Maybe you are not like me, because I heard you telling her: "This is what I told you, my brother who was admitted to Hubei University of Technology." She leaned over and gave me a smile. Just block the sunshine that I am taking. I asked what kind of major I learned, the situation of study, and the arrangement of free time on weekdays. I answered very mechanically, and the machinery felt boring. You started to preach, and writing can only be used as a pastime for free time. Professionals must spend several times to learn. I have also become hypocritical. I cater to a little bit, and I have less strength to argue and correct. You tell me that you are studying at XX University. Every month, the school has money, and even your tutors are paying you. I didn't know how to pick up at the moment, because I didn't know where you were before, what we did, we were brothers, but not like brothers. Remember that you transferred from the city to your hometown that year, I blocked you from entering the door at the door of the old house red lacquered wood. It is my own to argue with your grandmother. After school, carrying a school bag for you, you go to the ditch to catch the shrimp, watching you throw one by one. And when you are excited, you will hold my habits and bite my earlobe until I yell. Time is long, annihilating everything, you and I did not go up to the sky, the cashier of the car told the traffic jam ahead, and each person had to pay two yuan for the detour. I took out the extra coin that I bought the ticket. You have already handed in a new banknote, and I don��t have to pay back. How like two friends who haven't seen each other for a long time, for a cup of tea money, I am always fascinated by the enthusiasm (the dialects of my grandfather in the southern part of the country Marlboro Cigarettes, mostly words), always tears in my glasses when I think of him. I��m going to go around, especially on the train to Dongguan this summer.�� You didn��t look at your face. It��s like thinking, and the face is laughing with a cold smile. It broke another silence. I��m not talking for a long time, I��ve been away for a year. In the past few years, few people have mentioned it in front of me. I forgot to answer it. There is no sunshine outside the window, and I��m almost unable to see the signs on the roadside. I was like this last year. In the days of the day, I rushed home, but I ran so fast, but I still didn��t see it. I had time to go down and look at the milk on the last side. (The dialects of the grandmothers in some parts of the South are mostly single words!) I turned my face. Some people on the roadside lit up the dark yellow and dark yellow lights. I brought my headphones, listened to a few old songs, and closed my eyes. The car has been going for a long time, I feel that it is longer than usual. I didn't open my eyes until the songs in the list had been looped several times. The guy around me was very anxious. I kept asking me when I could arrive. I laughed and said that I should not worry. You are holding a mobile phone, a mobile phone that you say buys with your own money is playing my unknown game, and she laughs and talks. The window was dark enough to be invisible, but I knew it was coming, I smelled it, a taste that I spent five years familiar with. I carried my backpack and pulled the zipper of the clothes. The outside was dark and I didn't know if the milk was cleaned in the yard. Going into the aisle, looking back and seeing that you are looking at me, I don't know if I should say goodbye, or will I go to see you, or any other polite discourse. After the car stopped, I nodded to her and smiled at you. "I have time, go down and watch the milk. I stand at the intersection. I see the car stopping again in the distance, and the lights in the car are lit again.
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Yesterday, I moved my heart for a long time and went to the Guanlan print base for a long time. I gave myself a cultural trip. During this time, I often think about what I want to do, what to do, or what can I do? I always make myself look like a cultural person. What kind of foundation do you have in the cultural field? What kind of expectations can you achieve? It has become the deepest thought for me to leave this cultural trip. Art is always connected, so as a person who wants to find a dream in writing literature: As long as it is beautiful, I feel good, that is art. As long as it is art, it is a fusion. For this reason, I have a passion for life. The persistence of art has opened up my cultural journey. It is not accidental, but it has become a long-cherished wish for me to work here for so long: I think it can give me the inspiration of culture and the yearning for life. The print base used to know from the various channels I know that the bus that is close to my place for more than half a minute carries me looking for inspiration and pursuit of art. It falls on the base of the print, and there is a gate security guard at the entrance. I thought that visitors like me who didn't have any preparations were not allowed to enter. I watched a tourist in front of this quiet and beautiful place rushing across the fence without any care, I am a heart-to-heart culture. It��s calm, and it seems that it��s not enough level. Why do you want to use it as a park without any jealousy? It��s also true that the overall planning of the base is a bit like a park, but there are more cultural influences and more artists with artistic achievements in this life creation work print base information, which is international, so when you It is not surprising to watch foreign artists open studios or display works. The predecessor of the base is a Hakka family with more than 300 years of history; it has a simple and beautiful scenery, an elegant and quiet ancient well lotus pond, and a white-walled gray-waisted corner building with a unique southern characteristic; although it is slightly complicated However, the overall plan is more integrated. Every ancient building here now regards it as the artist's studio; the ancient Hakka building in the front row of the base entrance has now become a restaurant and small shop for the merchants to receive, next to the bank, another one It is the printmaking trading center. This design is also considered to be convenient for our tourists and want to buy paintings and some other artworks here. As for the tickets, there is no charge. I don��t know if the exhibitions are important or international. Then I didn't ask. Through the first row of quaint buildings at the entrance, along the steps we can lead to the inner layer of the old houses with rows or rows, and the artists' studios in the houses. There are some small ditch beside the foot of the old wall. There are many fish in the clear water that I don't know. In the quiet environment, they are very happy. People who live here are lost with ham or biscuits. In the water, it is a kind of pity for life. The water in the middle is a little pond. There is a plant like lotus in the middle of the pond. It floats on the water. This quiet pool adds a little life and painting. If the old house appears loose, now the small slate channel is planted with grass, with eucalyptus or eucalyptus planted, and some small ornamentals are planted near the fence in front of the house. Bamboo and green trees, where there are gazebos and small stools, you can sit down and squat for a while. Some old houses sometimes have several bonsai trees. I think it should be the place of this culture Newport Cigarettes Coupons. If there is some opening in the middle of the lawn. Flower chrysanthemum or other flower plants I think that must be added to the small world of this quaint world. I have to look through the scenes and then enter the studio inside the house to watch the master paintings. I am a bit of a quality and Cultural people, so they will be light, comfortable, patience and curiosity to appreciate the beauty of the painting and the meaning of the author outside the work. Every time I see some tourists with the meaning of play and shooting to disturb some artists to paint and I appreciate I feel that I may respect culture and art more than they do. This kind of sincerity and advocacy is self-evident, and I have been disturbed by batch after another. My elegant sex seems to be less secure, so I walked through an arched Yunheyuan after seeing one by one outside the studio: Yes, there are green hedges and bonsais from time to time. There is a spacious courtyard in front of the local courtyard of the Zongtang Lobby. The floor is covered with blue bricks. It is quite a nostalgic place for the former residents to have a meal after dinner or a clan event and various activities. When artists come here to live and write more, they will often gather together to talk about the experience and exchanges of the forum, so there is a research institute behind, and the older houses with larger ones are also used as meeting rooms, small showrooms, and opposites of the institute. I built a modern factory. At first I thought it might be the big exhibition hall. I crossed the path and looked through the large glass windows to see how many print printing machines were parked. Later I thought about it in this art. In the land, should the mechanical prints be the most desirable for young people like me? Unfortunately, I don't have this opportunity now. Next to the modern factory building, there is a shed on the wall with the prints of the cultural master Lu Xun and the Chen Yanqiao painter at the youth work meeting in Guanlan Newport 100S, and the pictures in the past record and show the former and current national leaders. I came to the large-scale grand stage in front of the printmaking village, and I often heard the old man talking about the ancient village. There is a stage, I think it symbolizes that. A kind of cultural entertainment in the period is a kind of cultural form that the farmers have rich and self-entertainment after the farmer's work. The stage is relatively spacious. The wooden structure in ancient times Cheap Cigarettes, the steps on both sides of the stage are now blocked by fences, and there are security guards. I think today. Visitors like me can only be far away from playing, and the wide space in front of the stage may be the activity center of the entire ancient village! Looking down the stage, there is a large old well pond. The pond is full of lotus flowers and the path along the pond. On the other side is a very wide vegetable green and strawberry garden. There is a small stream along the pond. The stream is open. Purple, red or yellow flowers of various water-based plants, there is a Wangchi Pavilion at the end of the hundred-meter-long stream. There are many red, yellow and other mixed fish in the pool under the pavilion. Underwater drama likes to eat, people on the pavilion throw a biscuit will make a lot of big fish to eat, the little creatures seem to get used to feeding, not shy, cute, you Of course, I can't bear to drive it away, and you can't catch them. There are security guards watching the green waters on the side of the pavilion. I am afraid that your uncivilized behavior will destroy the pure land of this person. Standing at the pavilion, you don��t have to look far to see the Tunbao Building built by the Gubinnan Hakka family: the square is four or five stories high, which may be used by the ancients to observe the terrain or the enemy��s situation and attack the invasion. There are small windows on all sides, and the top floor has a shooting hole like a beacon. I wanted to go inside and explore the door that could be locked, and it was a great regret for my cultural trip. The old collared south residence has given the most authentic and authentic local body experiences of artists from all over the world. It also brings visitors memories of the past. The earthy place here makes us more convinced of the motherland��s embarrassment. Hey and deep love, if you really want to ask artists from all over the world, what is the gift here, and what is the creation itself?
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Bitcoin forecast to 2029

Time model tends to forecast lower bound to prices. Stock-to-Flow model is a better model, click chart above to see details. It incorporates the halvings and better represents the monetary policy of Bitcoin. Hype cycles are expected around each halving as investors anticipate the price appreciation. Bitcoin has a fixed supply (maximum 21 million Bitcoins), therefore it cannot be devalued by central bank money printing (so called Quantitative Easing, QE). Bitcoin is also decentralised, meaning no single authority can control it. It has existed on the Internet for 10 years from 2009. It will be the money of the machines and Internet. Also described as digital gold due to its scarcity and high value.

This is a good short article that explains, why Bitcoin? Why Bitcoin?

The Stock-to-Flow Bitcoin charts above are referenced from https://twitter.com/100trillionUSD

Dynamic stock and flow diagram, click for explanation on Wikipedia

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