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chenyan94 Aug 12 '19

highlights the Steelers cuts to reach the 53-man roster The Pittsburgh Steelers Heath Miller Jersey , like all other 32 NFL teams, have reached the league’s 53-man mandated roster. Meaning, there are nearly 40 players who are now unemployed. Take a look at the complete list of Steelers roster cuts:Follow the link to the complete list:P Matt WileRB Fitzgerald ToussaintTE Pharoah McKeverTE Christian Scotland-WilliamsonCB Brian AllenOLB Keion AdamsDT Joshua FrazierDT Lavon HooksWR Marcus TuckerWR Quadree HendersonWR Trey GriffeyWR Tevin JonesWR Damoun PattersonOL Larson GrahamOL Oni OmoileOL Patrick MorrisOL R.J. PrinceRB James SummerRB Jarvion FranklinDT Casey SaylesDT Parker CothrenDE Greg GilmoreDE Kendal VickersOLB Farrington HugueninILB Matt GalambosILB Keith KelseyCB Jamar SummersS Malik GoldenCB Malik ReavesCB Dashaun PhilipsWaived Injured - Joseph CheekPUP WR Eli RogersAlthough the Steelers have their roster to 53 players, it doesn’t mean they will be heading into Week 1 with this roster. The team can pick up any player who has been released from another team, once they clear waivers. At the same time Louis Lipps Jersey , the organization will be looking to add players to their 10-man practice squad. They will start to put the practice squad players together in the near future, and stay with BTSC for the latest information on additions to the Steelers’ organization.If you want more information on the rules and regulations for a team with the practice squad and waiver wire, click HERE. Steelers tight end Jesse James admitted what seemed obvious from the outside 鈥?the constant drip of off-field drama took its toll on the team this year.Via Jacob Klinger of, James alluded to the Le'Veon Bell situation, in which their franchise-tagged running back didn’t report to the team all season Heath Miller Jersey , costing them one of their best players and $14.5 million which could have been spent on reinforcements as the beginnings of a bad culture.鈥淎h man, we are 鈥?Kardashians. We have, I mean, we鈥檙e something,鈥?James said. “It鈥檚 Le鈥橵eon Bell issues John Stallworth Jersey , you have more stuff popping up weekly, [ESPN’s] Jeremy Fowler鈥檚 reporting stuff about Le鈥橵eon every other week. There鈥檚 just people calling people out.鈥淲e were in the front of the ticker on ESPN too much for just reasons that weren鈥檛 related to football and not for us playing great ball. It was more distractions.”Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger also cited the D-word earlier this week. Yet strangely, he didn’t mention players calling out other players since that’s kind of his move.鈥淥bviously there was many things,” James said when asked if he was referring to the quarterback. “I鈥檓 not gonna point out individually each one, but there was a lot of things that went on that didn鈥檛 need to.鈥滲ut for as much as they want to point to the Bell situation in hindsight (and it didn’t help) Jack Butler Jersey , they started 7-2-1 when that story was fresh.鈥淥h, we messed it up bad,” James said of their collapse. “We lost a lot of games we should鈥檝e won. I think there鈥檚 changes that鈥檒l be made at some point this offseason. There鈥檚 things we got to account for and look at in a hard way.“And we make adjustments to what we鈥檝e been doing, because had a lot of distractions outside of the locker room this year that we need to handle better going forward.鈥滷ixing those issues remains Mike Tomlin’s biggest challenge, and this week’s Antonio Brown drama only makes it more important.


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